How the Mighty have Fallen

I thought I was finished for the day, but then I saw this moving post from our friend David. David lives in Wales, in the UK, and yet he quite often understands our situation here better than many of the people who call themselves ‘citizens’ and ‘patriots’. Thank you, David … fingers crossed that your hopes for this nation will soon be realized.


It’s been a week unlike any other in my lifetime(that I can recall).The House Select Committee on Jan 6th have been revealing some of the details of that fateful day and detailing some of the proofs they have of how events unfolded. What an ignoble enterprise it was with the collusion of American Senators and Representatives to bring down the lawful Government. What has sickened me apart from the inclusion of Racist groups as a deliberate act in the venture, so that those responsible can never disassociate themselves from the intent, is the lack of condemnation from much of the mainstream press. Do they really think the man on whose behalf this was done is such a Stalwart American Hero that his actions rate forgiveness?

They Don’t!!! A friend shared on her blog a letter she’s sent to her State representatives and Senators asking whether they meant the oath they…

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    • Yes, my friend, it IS all about money. Sigh. People don’t seem to realize that so many things mean more than money … friendship & family are the first two that come to mind, followed by home, food, freedom to be who we are irrespective of religion, skin colour, or gender identity. But, people aren’t always the brightest and someday they will learn, but meanwhile … how many must die? Sigh. Don’t mind me, I’m just in a mood tonight. xx


  1. Hello Jill. As most of the viewers of your great blog know, the last hope of elected officials paying attention to the voters died when the SCOTUS decided in Citizens United that businesses / corporations could provide unlimited dark money to politicians. With every SCOTUS decision favoring corporations and legalizing bribing elected officials the people had less and less say. If money is speech the wealthy have a mega speaker system while the people are trying to be heard over the road traffic. The only way that the public can again make politicians do as the majority of the public wants is to take the money out of politics, make the politicians live on their salaries instead of all the perks from big money donors, and to make the small money donations the only ones they get. History has shown this. But it will take a lot of work to get many more justice Democrats into elected office, and to get SCOTUS changed to one that respects people instead of supporting everything that corporations want. I couldn’t leave this on David’s blog but please thank him for me for posting a grand post. Hugs

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    • Thank you so much, Scottie … I don’t think anybody has ever referred to my blog as “great” before!

      Indeed, I have long said that Citizens United was the single worst decision the U.S. Supreme Court has ever made and that it would lead to corruption at a level we had never before imagined. Seems I was right that time, eh? And the money grabbers and the rich corporate bastards all fail to realize or remember that … money actually has no value. That $30 billion someone has in his investment portfolio or sitting in a Swiss bank account will do him NO GOOD when the world is dark and the only thing that matters is food to eat, water to drink, a shelter to keep out the elements, and air to breathe. Will the rich man’s friends help him then? Will they share the carrots and lettuce they worked hard to grow with the rich man who has no idea how to grow food, how to carry water from the creek? Sigh. Sorry … I digress, but think that way is the one thing that makes me smile, when I think of Bezos, Musk, and all the rest trying to fend for themselves when they don’t even know how to make a sandwich!

      David is still having problems getting comments turned on with his blog, but I will definitely let him know you commented and I’m sure he’ll see it tomorrow. Hugs

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    • Hello Roger. The scariest thing is these people involved are not hiding but are proud of what they did / tried to do, and that also the public seems clueless that there has been an ongoing attempt to end democracy in the US. Our people seem to have blinders on that our democracy is unending and will just go on without their involvement or working for it. To me this is a horribly scary time. Hugs

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      • I understand that Scottie, watching it from this distance.
        Although alarms are being raised the general public do not seem to be mobilising against it.
        Various analogies with The Titanic spring to mind.
        Thinking of you guys.

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        • Hello Roger. The phrase moving the deck chairs as the ship sinks seems very appropriate.

          OT, if Jill will permit me a small side question, Roger I often quote articles from The Guardian from the UK. I was wondering how you view them as a source of information? Thank you. Hugs

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          • I tend to steer clear of newspapers. Jill will confirm I have a grumpy side to my nature which takes ‘odd’ turns – one being Newspapers Have Agendas- I tend to stick with the BBC as my go-to-source.
            That said I sympathise with most of the Guardian’s views and as a Newspaper would reckon it as better than most for a go-to. They do good research no doubt, it’s what they make of that research the very impartial reader should be wary of. THAT said, you will find it a good place for liberal and tolerant viewpoints (Though some its columnists can go a bit OTT on religion- there again, who doesn’t?)
            I used it as a source for a post of my own on the possibility of civil strife in the USA.
            So yeah. It’s OK.
            Sorry if that sounds a bit wordy but being deep in International Relations theories make simple statements near impossible 🙂

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  2. “David lives in Wales, in the UK, and yet he quite often understands our situation here better than many of the people who call themselves ‘citizens’ and ‘patriots’.”

    Not “yet” but BECAUSE OF! Outside look into the bubble is far more revealing than opinions from inside coz the people inside often don’t even know they’re living inside a bubble. And the last ones to fully understand are the patriots, coz there seems to be a happening a logical disconnection between their perceived reality and the real reality. And turning a blind eye to the politicians who’re telling you it’s not their inhumane policies but the Russians, the Chinese, those pesky Germans, the Mexican immigrants who’re stealing your money. Quite understandably you cannot see the scheme from a position inside the bubble.

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