They just walked by without looking or seeming to care

Our friend Scottie had an experience earlier today that he shared, and I want to share with you, for it’s something we should all be aware of. As I said this morning on my ‘good people’ post … little things mean so much! Far too many people are so internally focused that they don’t even notice someone struggling right in front of them. Luckily, there are still some good people like our Scottie … thank you, Scottie, for being who you are. We love you!

Scottie's Playtime

Hello all great people.   It is 2 PM and I am finally getting to sit at the computer and share my thoughts and answer comments.    Let me start by saying to ended up having to go to bed really early yesterday afternoon and stayed there until 7 this morning.    So little got done yesterday. 

This morning after coffee and doing some online bill paying, we decided to go to a local store and get me new sneakers.    I have not had new ones in 3 or four 4 years and the sole on one of them was separating from the rest of the shoe like they were of two different political parties.   So we went, I found a pair of shoes I like, was stunned at the price of nearly $100 dollars and Ron found a new shirt he liked that was sunscreen rated.   Then on the…

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4 thoughts on “They just walked by without looking or seeming to care

    • It doesn’t seem normal to me, either, Scottie. It seems uncaring, self-focused. Rather like people who can pass by a horrendous accident only complaining about the extra time it’s taking them to get to their destination. Hugs

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