Another Highly UNqualified Candidate!

When, somewhere in the early years of my political/constitutional education, I learned that there are virtually no requirements to run for and hold most public offices, such as president, senator, representative, I was appalled!  What?  No requirement that they even studied Constitutional Law, or have any combination of education/experience relevant to the job they seek?  The only requirements are related to age, citizenship, and domicile, not to whether they have the necessary knowledge to do the job!

We have seen the results of this oversight lately in such congressional newbies as Margie Greene, and Lauren Boebert.  Greene has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and her only career experience prior to winning a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives was as a gym owner and trainer.  Boebert dropped out of high school and her career consists of working at McDonald’s and later owning a restaurant called Shooters, where the wait staff all carry guns.  These two do not belong in Congress, but there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that prevents it.  And now, we have on the horizon one who is equally unqualified and distasteful, a former athlete named Herschel Walker.

Herschel Walker did go to college, but it appears that his only goal was sports and to pursue a sports career, for he dropped out without graduating and went on to join the United States Football League, and later the NFL.  I gather he was a very good athlete, and I give him kudos for that, but … he has absolutely nothing that would qualify him for a seat in the United States Senate!  Yet that is exactly what he’s vying for, challenging the incumbent senator, Ralph Warnock, for his seat this November.  From everything I’ve read, Walker is an arrogant man, believing that playing football, having a black belt in taekwondo, and having competed in the Olympic bobsled competition somehow mean he should be voted into a senate seat.  This would be akin to me saying that I’m qualified to be the Queen of Poland because I can speak Spanish!  (For the record, they speak Polish, not Spanish, in Poland, and they don’t have a Queen)

Now, not only is Mr. Walker highly unqualified for the senate, but he should be disqualified for some of his antics.  He has been a staunch supporter of the Big Lie, even spreading numerous conspiracy theories about the election.  He also said of the January 6th attempted coup that it was a “well planned” distraction from election fraud.

But Mr. Walker does have one qualification that is requisite for today’s Republican Party, and that is that he is a consummate liar.  He falsely claimed that he had graduated from the University of Georgia, and in the top 1% of his class, when in fact he dropped out a year short of completion.  He has a history of exaggerating the number of people employed by his companies and the assets held by his companies, and the failure of several business enterprises led to creditors bringing lawsuits.  He has claimed that he was once a police officer for the Cobb County Police Department, and also that he was once an FBI agent.  Neither one is true.

He also seems to have a very short fuse.  In 2001, he took a gun to chase a man who was late delivering a car.  Also in 2001 his wife filed for divorce, claiming he had been “physically abusive and extremely threatening.”  She said that Walker pointed a pistol at her head and said, “I’m going to blow your f’ing brains out.” She also said he had used knives to threaten her.  In 2005, a restraining order was imposed on Walker regarding his wife, after her sister stated in an affidavit that Walker told her “unequivocally that he was going to shoot my sister Cindy and her boyfriend in the head.”

Now for the real kicker … Herschel Walker and Senator Ralph Warnock are tied neck-in-neck in the race for the U.S. Senate seat representing Georgia.  TIED!!!  Ralph Warnock is a good man by all accounts, an honest man, a man of integrity.  How can there be any question of who is best qualified?  But then, this is Georgia, the state that also sent us the QAnon supporter, conspiracy theorist Margie Greene.  🙄

C’mon, people … is this really the kind of crap you want sitting in our Senate, making the decisions that will affect the lives of every person in this country???  Surely even the Republicans cannot condone a person like this … can they?  Is this an example of the new Republican Party since they swore their oath of fealty to the former guy?  Conservative columnist Michael Gerson was spot on when he said that the GOP is a party in decay.  Herschel Walker is but one of the many examples that prove it.

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  2. Looking from outside, Americans are hardly ever given good candidates to vote for, and this is one reason so many voters stay away from the polls. You and I have had this discussion before, and we both disagree with each other, but maybe the Professor and others might join in this time.
    I will start by saying I have not voted for over 40 years now. You call it apathy; I call it doing my civic duty. I refuse to vote for the lesser of two, or in my case, 5 or 6 evils. Because even with that many candidates to choose from, not one of them is worth my vote. Not one! And while there may be a lot of apathetic people in America, I bet there are a whole hekkuva lot of potential voters who feel the same way I do. We do not “not vote” because of apathy, we do “not vote” because of responsibility. We do not want people representing us who will not be responsible to us.
    The present situation in the States, all these elected pseudo-officials who refuse to take part in government, all these assholes like McCarthy and McConnell who try to block anything any Democrat wants to do, this is all happening because of people like you (genetic and specific) who insist it is better to vote for a bad candidate than to not vote at all. For 50 years I gave been watching democracy get weaker and weaker, not because I refuse to vote, but because you (general and specific) insist on voting for incompetent candidates. Vote for garbage, you will eventually get total garbage, it is a SELF-FULFILLING prophecy. The ultimate culmination of not demanding worthy candidates was in getting Donald “Useless Turd” Trump elected, which helped get useless turds like DeSantis and Abbott and their ilk elected. Now they are destroying democracy as you want it because voters played the game when they should have been running for the hills.
    But then, as I have said so many times before, from the very beginning, had wise people taken a good in-depth look at the workings of democracy, they would have seen this situation coming. “First past the wire,” or “most votes wins” ttuly requires only one cast ballot to declare a winner. It makes no allowance for a certain number of voters in order to make a result official. One vote is all thst is needed to declare a winner. Whether it is the first ballot cast, or the millionth ballot cast, one vote, the vote that puts one candidate ahesd of another or others, that is the only important vote in an election. No one knows who will have that ballot, but someone will cast it. Whether one person votes, or 100% of voters vote, it all comes down to one ballot, the ballot that puts one candidate ahead of all the rest. And if you are voting for the lesser of any number of evils, you still come out with an evil winner!
    So, you (generic and specific) want a bigger turn out at the polls, give the voters someone worth voting for! That does not guarantee the best person for the position will win, but at least it gives the best person a fair chance at winning.
    Meanwhile, against all of my ideals, I am calling on all Ameticans to get out and vote in this election. It is the most important election ever held in the United Ststes of America! EVER! The stupidest resson to vote “for” someone is to vote “against” someone else. Fell free to quote me on this one. In this coming election, the smartest thing anyone can do is vote against their Republican candidate. The Rights of Women, minorities, gays, and progressive peoples everywhere could very well be hanging in the balance. The FUTURE of DEMOCRACY, even as bad as I think democracy is, is hanging in the balance. A Republican victory pretty much guarantees the loss of all freedoms for the vast majotity of Americans! Call me a doomsayer if you like, I don’t care. My eyes are open wide, and I see what I see. If everyone votes, and they still choose Republucan candidates as winners, then that is the will of the people. SOBEIT. BUT I think there are more progressives than regressives în the United States, and that it should be the will of the people to destruct the Republican Party right down to its roots. It us no longer a political party, it is a vanguard for a dictator, and future KING!


  3. Jill, please excuse the length of my comment, however, on such a critical topic “qualified, experienced, intelligent” public officials, I think it would be foolish (on my part) to not do the full justice that it clearly deserves in this now 21st-century. Bear with me please… 🙂

    …I learned that there are virtually no requirements to run for and hold most public offices, such as president, senator, representative…

    When engineering, drafting, and ratifying our U.S. and later to lesser extent our State Constitutions—many of which are near duplicates of the federal—over the decades following 1788, our six (6) Core Founding Fathers along with the vast majority of public fear and distasteful sentiment toward 18th-century European monarchies (governments)… the Fathers wanted to encourage ordinary American colonists to engage and be very active in their self-determination and legislation. That was good!

    To promote thriving democracy the authors of the U.S. Constitution, then later State Constitutions, set out to make active participation by citizens (ordinary or notable) wide-open and EQUAL opportunity for all. Why? Because their lessons in history then was far too many regular citizens had no say, no voice due to their socioeconomic statuses and often lack of quality educations. Hence, for earliest colonial America 1) merely an age requirement to run/campaign for public office and 2) be a resident of that state/nation for 5, 7, 10-years (whatever the case may be in specific offices), and that was it. Stop. Easy. Equal.

    What all six (6) Core Founding Fathers also wanted implicitly to encourage in those (rather) laxed qualifications was that INDIVIDUAL VOTERS in that time period was the freedom to do their own due-diligence, their own lengthy legwork and thorough homework of analysis on the running, campaigning candidates. After all, that was indeed the spirit of civil duties and virtues of the citizenry of a democratic Republic. It was John Adams and less so George Washington and Thomas Paine who voiced their fears of mob-rule by inexperienced, poorly educated, and malleably risky, naïve citizens within those mobs or “revolutionaries.” Their fears were indeed justified, especially after witnessing how many bloody revolutions France had gone through and was going through, to name one European nation.

    But that was the late 18th-century and early 19th-century America. Today, our 21st-century nation is NOTHING at all like it was over 230-years ago! And our Core Founding Fathers knew the (enormous?) changes of our nation were inevitable. Therefore, to accommodate these natural, evolutionary, and inevitable changes in our nation’s society and needs, they embedded two methods of amending our U.S. Constitution and two further sub-methods within those first two. Of course, in the history of our nation there have been only 27 successful Amendments. To prevent arbitrary flawed changes from occurring, the process for making amendments is quite onerous, near impossible today. But it is NOT impossible! In our current state of gridlock in both chambers of Congress stopping new amendments, the PEOPLE can get necessary amendments past a traditional blocking congressional chamber and into a vote. If two-thirds of the States request one by a Constitutional Convention called for that purpose, the Senate or House cannot stop it by that point. Now the harder part: the amendment must then be ratified by three-fourths of each State legislature, or three-fourths of state conventions called in each 50 States for ratification. This is the PEOPLES method of getting necessary laws in place for the safety and betterment of ALL Americans.

    Easier said than done, right? 🙄 Nevertheless, we the people do not have to have one or both chambers of Congress supporting the explicit purpose of a Constitutional Convention for amendments.

    All this said, for the last 230+ years our six (6) Core Founding Fathers left the future of our public candidates (good & bad), their elections (or not elected) and their election campaigns up to savvy individual voters to do their own due diligence, to examine them closely, thoroughly with microscopes and their exemplary qualifications, experience, track-record, etc, in governing or their horrendous lack of. Obviously, this antiquated trust in the general public is no longer working or effective. But it has reached this decayed, ineffective condition for at least three (3) massive, major reasons:

    • The 2010 decision on Campaign Finance by our SCOTUS in Citizens United vs. FEC which has opened the floodgates to millions upon billions of donation dollars flooding into the aforementioned election campaigns with Super PACS, i.e. wealthy oligarchs, their mega-wealthy corporations within incorporated umbrellas, and their various foundations, institutions, etc, et al.

    • Our antiquated Electoral College that now gives too much power, self-determination to America’s minority groups, primarily the interests of the upper 10% to 1% economically via the first bullet-point. Tiny states control too much of our U.S. Senate and by default America’s necessary evolution to modernize our laws.

    Civic education in our primary, secondary, and under-grad level curriculums is simply severely lacking. One major indicator of this detrimental deficit is how many Americans obtain just a bachelor’s degree from a quality, state-funded university. For quality Political Science education(?), the numbers/stats are much worse nationwide. And therefore, the average American voter today is simply incapable of deciphering so much data and propaganda overload because too many Americans are overly addicted to social-media platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.—for fast, convenient, instantaneous tell-me-what-to-think and feel within 10-minutes or less so I can get-on with my own life-in-a-bubble. After all, that’s the (trendy) full definition of individual freedom. Right Jill? 🙄🤦‍♂️

    This brings me to a good, fairly unbiased, but very informative article at called Why More Inexperienced Candidates Are Running — And Winning* by an elections analysist there Geoffrey Skelley. He does a good report on how and why so many UNqualified candidates for public office are winning, for BOTH political parties. But Jill, what Skelley correctly points out by this current growing trend in U.S. politics is this:

    …the dire condition we Americans are facing right now with our legislative processes/failures and putting too many wrong officials in office ULTIMATELY falls back upon all American voters and our lack of oversight on our governments, critical-thinking and analysis of candidates, and then our sheer addiction to and self-destruction by super fast social-media propaganda, disinformation, and by consequence… polarization without constructive dialogue.

    * – Source:

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    • Wow, Prof! You outdid yourself this time … your comment was even longer than my original post! And also very astute, so all joking aside, thank you very much for tackling this very serious subject.

      You’re quite right about the Founders wanting to encourage ordinary citizens to engage and participate in the government, and I agree that it was both necessary and a good thing. And yes, they also hoped to encourage people to do their own research, to learn and understand the issues and where people stood on the issues and why. But, as you say, that was then and this is now. They also didn’t make any rules about wearing seat belts in cars or airline regulations, for obvious reasons. But, as you say, what they DID do was make the Constitution a flexible document. They were wise men and knew that the times would change in ways they couldn’t possibly foresee. But today, some of the so-called ‘greatest minds’ (Supreme Court Justices, for one) believe that the Constitution is set in stone, word for word, and must be followed to the letter without consideration for such things as automobiles, airplanes, and AR-15s.

      I fully agree with your three reasons that the trust in the general public has decayed. I’ve long said that Citizens United was the worst decision the Supreme Court ever made, and that the Electoral College has led to so much corruption in the form of gerrymandering and the windows it leaves open for such things are rejecting a slate of electors. Hillary Clinton won the election of 2016, but because of the Electoral College and gerrymandering, she did not get to be president. And your third reason is apt, as well … our education system is failing on so many fronts, including civic education. And, it’s about to get even worse. I would add a fourth reason … voter apathy. Perhaps this ties in with the lack of civic education, but when we applaud the fact that 60% of the eligible voters actually bothered to vote in 2020 as the highest voter turnout in many decades, there is something very wrong here. As I said in another comment, the phrase “Use it or lose it” comes to mind.

      Thank you for your very astute comment, Prof. I will check out the article in FiveThirtyEight that you referenced in a bit, once I finish tonight’s work!

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      • Yes, I must always endeavor to pare-down my appetite for precise detail and exhaustive support for main points. It is a flaw and curse I inherited and was taught by my mechanical engineer (from UT Austin) and former USMC Father I’m afraid—and most of his family served in our various branches of service. So I was doomed to be a bit pedantic BEFORE I was even born! 😉

        Ah yes, Voter Apathy. It is extremely bad here in Texas and has been for many decades. And of course the Republican controlled two chambers of Congress here, Governorship, Lt. Governorship, Atty General’s, Sec of State, Supreme Court Justices, and most all other minor subordinate offices under them… all coordinated together last September (2021) to make voter registration and actual voting—via mail, early voting, fewer polling-stations, etc.—even HARDER to cast their votes for those with disabilities, etc, than they’ve already been (suppressed) the last 15-years! 😡

        This past September the GOP here didn’t even hide the fact of specific voter-suppressions and what & why they did it. It was publicly audacious with obvious disregard for disadvantaged Texans to easily and legally vote. Jill, these last two years with my moves back-n-forth between Dallas and Kerrville for Mom (different precincts), even I found it incredibly difficult and super complicated! And I am a college grad (with post-grad work) and a full on WHITE MAN and legal voter the last 40+ years!!! Now god dayum riddle me that one! 🤬

        No wonder non-Republican Texas voters aren’t rallied up (inspired?) enough to vote. It was hard even for me!

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        • Well, I for one enjoy your pedantry, or “propensity for loquacity” as my friend Ellen refers to it, so just keep on doing what you do so well.

          Earlier today, I was looking at some of the voter-restrictive laws passed by various states, and found TX beside most all of them. One that particularly rubs me the wrong way is making it harder to receive assistance in returning a ballot! So … I guess they don’t want elderly people who don’t drive and have limited mobility to vote, eh? And more restrictive voter ID laws … many people don’t even have a driver’s license, but they work and pay taxes … but they cannot vote??? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. And all of it could so easily have been solved if the U.S. Senate had simply passed the two voting rights acts that came before them last year. Nothing new in the bills, and in fact one was simply a renewal. Nothing that would have created windows of opportunity for fraudulent voting. I really think we need a tax rebellion in this nation: Not gonna let me vote? Fine, then guess what … find your salaries elsewhere, ’cause I’m done paying taxes without a voice. Remember that expression about “Taxation without Representation”? Hmmmm … seems to me that led to some pretty chaotic times …

          I’ve got no answers as to why they made it so hard for even you to vote, my friend. Perhaps it’s the college degree and post-grad work, which would make you more likely to be astute, aware, educated, and vote Democratic. Luckily, my own state has not yet tightened voting restrictions and we can vote by mail every year.

          I don’t know the answer … but somehow, we’ve got to get people to the polls!!! Otherwise, by 2028, we may not have the right to vote at all. Sigh.

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  4. Lauren Boebert’s last comment on Jesus Christ carrying a gun makes her a blaspheming heretic and if her local churches are not distancing themselves from her they are hypocrites.
    Because that remark was truly offensive to any honest Christian.

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    • I either did not know, or have forgotten about that comment by Ms. Boebert! I do, however, remember her Christmas card last year with a picture of all her children holding assault rifles and I found that the most disgusting thing. Frankly, if that is her view of Christianity, it would be a dead turn-off for me. It seems to me that her only desire is attention … I honestly believe that’s why she ran for a seat in Congress and why she does all the provocative crap she does. Sigh.

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    • I fully agree!!! The problem IS with voters who cannot be bothered to research issues and candidates, who are more likely to vote for someone just because they’ve heard their name before, which I think is a lot of what Walker has going for him — name recognition. We are failing to teach our children how to even be good citizens. And the other problem, I might add, is voter apathy. When we have typically under 60% voter turnout … that is pathetic! In 2020 it rose to a whopping 62%, in part because due to the pandemic, more states made it easier to vote, and in part, I believe, because there was a sense of urgency to get Trump out. But really … 60%??? The phrase “Use it or lose it” comes to mind.

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  5. Hello Jill. Some things stick out to me. First is the Republican voters at the lower ends seem to like trolls, those that will look down on others loudly even as they may be doing far worse things themselves. Also he threatened people with guns. He is a very large man and claims to have a lot of skill in the martial arts. OK so why the gun? Is he so scared of others that he needs a gun and why? But the biggest question I asked was why the Republican party picked Walker, especially as the party generally doesn’t support people of color. Could it be that the person holding the seat currently is a black man also? Could it be the reason the Democrats won was the people of color in the state came out in force to create the win. Senator Warnock is also a Reverend so Walker spouts moral platitudes it seems clear he himself doesn’t follow or believe to seem more on the same level as Senator Warnock. This is simply a cynical ploy by the Republican party to confuse the voters and to use celebrity to get a win while putting a pawn into office. The people will lose because Walker and the Republicans don’t plan to do anything for the people, only themselves. Walker won’t have any power or authority in the Republican party, he will be only a tool. Hugs

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    • Very astute observations, Scottie! You’re right on when you say the Republican voters seem to like trolls, like those who find something to criticize in others, probably because they themselves have been looked down on most of their lives. The gun thing puzzled me, too. I know that he was a superb athlete, and claims to be a Black Belt in taekwando, so why would he need a gun, but more to the point, why would he try to harm a man for making a late delivery, and why on earth would he threaten his wife if he were even a halfway decent human being? The only thing I would add to your analysis is about why the GOP picked Walker. I think you’re partly right, that Georgia is comprised of about 32% Blacks, and whites make only about 57%. In the big cities, like Atlanta, the Black people are the majority. But there’s another thing, too … name recognition. People who don’t bother to study candidates and issues, as most Republicans don’t, will see a name they recognize and … BINGO … that’s who they’ll be voting for. Most everyone knows of Herschel Walker, which I think is a big part of the reason he’s polling so well. I hope that enough people will be appalled by some of his latest lies, such as the sons he had with lovers who keep coming out of the woodwork, that his popularity as a candidate will wane by November. Hugs

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    • I would say the GOP picked him exactly because he is Black. That old racist thing, “I cannot be a racist. LOOK! I have a Black friend.” But they are also trying to sucker the people in by parading Walker as a man who will care about other Black people. A Black Trojan Horse, so to speak. All they really want to do is stop a Democrat, no matter his or her colour, from winning that seat. Star power (nsme recognition) can ho a long way to accomplushing that. You can bet, if Mr. Walker gets elected, he will not be allowed to vote his own mind, if he has one of his own. They will be on him like white rice on a black turd.

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  6. America was founded on the idea of self government; a government for the people and by the people. The idea that only experts or specialists can govern rightly is fundamentally elitist and therefore, tyrannical.

    The qualifications for an American office holder are his honesty and his policy positions.

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    • It is true that at the Founding, there were no restrictive qualifications such as education or experience put into the Constitution for good reason — very few were college educated and since it was a new nation, none had experience in our system of government. However, times have changed, the country has grown and changed, and the Constitution was designed to be flexible. I do not think that a man like Herschel Walker is in any way qualified to be a Senator. Even if he had a law degree, his lies and violence would, in my book, disqualify him.

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      • The Founders themselves were extremely well educated as were most people in the Colonies, as were most of the pioneers who opened the Western frontier. What has changed most is that the American Republic, designed for strong local and state governments has been subsumed by a leviathan federal government that is choking politics, industry and lately culture, with byzantine regulations deliberately created so that only experts are meant to understand them. Woodrow Wilson the first Progressive, called such a leviathan federal government, rule by experts. Rule by experts is not government for the people, by the people. It is tyranny.

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        • This is nonsense.

          If you want to go back to 18th century ways of living, then you need to stop using automobiles, airplanes, computers, television, and lots of other things.

          Yes, there are more regulations than there once were. But this is not due to some leftist scheme to impose tyranny. Rather, it is because the world has become more complex than it once was.

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          • I agree, Neil! The Constitution is a flexible document with ways to amend it as the times change, but there are those who would freeze time in the 18th century. Indeed, the world has grown smaller and become far more complex than the Founders ever imagined! We grew … and the foundation needs to grow with us.

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          • The human capacities for reasoning and learning are not dependent on technology, culture, creed, gender, education level or economic status. The ability to reason and learn are human nature which is fixed. There were smart, inventive and stupid people in ancient Egypt just as there are here in America today.


            • Some history for you:

              The American revolutionaries were liberals. The conservatives at that time were the royalists who opposed the revolution.

              As a conservative, you are an intellectual heir of those who opposed the American revolution. Yet you try to pretend that the conservatives are the real patriots.

              The early church, as described in the book of Acts, practiced Christian communism. Yet you pretend that you are Christian while opposing those ideals of the early church.

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        • Yes, that was in 1787. People had just broken free and established a new nation and they CARED. They were intelligent, engaged, and wanted to participate for the good of the nation. What has changed most is that people today are not particularly engaged (the highest percentage of voter turnout in more than a decade was 60% in 2020), are too lazy or ignorant to research issues and candidates, and … we are failing to educate our young people in such areas as civics. The other thing that has changed is money in politics. In 1787, people cared very much about making this a healthy, safe, strong nation. We may not need what you refer to as ‘experts’, but the people we elect to Congress and to the presidency should AT LEAST have read and understand the U.S. Constitution! Today, people care about padding their investment portfolios. Now, I have a question for you … do you believe Herschel Walker is qualified for a seat in the U.S. Senate?

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          • The nature of democratic government has not changed since ancient Athens and the nature of man has not changed since we came down out of the trees. The government designed and built by the Founders is true, beautiful, good and timeless because it takes those two facts into account.


              • Such profound and complete disagreement with the founding principles of the United State explains the great political divide here. But I think we both agree that free people get to choose those who represent them in government and that the law must be applied equally to all people, rich or poor.


                • No, I don’t disagree on the “founding principles” … they were right and good in 1787. This is 2022 and the world has changed.

                  You say that “free people get to choose those who represent them in government” … but what about all the voter repression laws being implemented by a majority of the states, laws that negatively affect mainly People of Colour, the poor, the young and very old, and working women?

                  And you say “the law must be applied equally to all people, rich or poor.” Oh, my friend … look around … notice that the wealthy pay a smaller percentage in taxes than the 99% of us do? There are many examples of how rich overrides poor in most areas, but I don’t have an hour to discuss it at the moment.


                  • The ability to develop technology, literacy and politics is human nature. When man develops his environment he does not change his human nature. Such thinking would hold that light, an effect of the sun, changes the nature of the sun. This is of course erroneous since stars develop over their lifetimes but the light they emit does not change the nature of the star. In fact, light is part of the nature of a star.


            • If you truly think the nature of all humans has not changed since humans descended from the trees (By the way, the bible mentions no such humans!) then you have not been paying attention. I will agree, there are still some less-than-Neanderthals walking this Earth, but most of them now belong to the Republican and such other populist parties and organizatons. Our tree-dwelling ancestors could not eben spell the word “Democracy,” let alone think it!

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              • Human nature is fixed. The American Republic was designed with human nature in mind and that is why America became the greatest, most prosperous, most just, most technically advanced nation in all of human history. Republics and societies in general only work if their people are virtuous. That is, their people pursue happiness by pursing moral excellence. This understanding was known by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Hebrews. All three peoples wrote copious volumes on the need for a virtuous people. Hebrew writings are encapsulated in the Bible. All of this literature proves that human nature is fixed and definable since the art of living a happy, fulfilled life is achieved in all times and places by living out the virtues: courage, fortitude, temperance, wisdom. Personal and social chaos occur when people pursue their appetites (vice) instead of virtue. This has been know for millennia because human nature is fixed and knowable.


                • Sorry, Jill, I hope this isn’t too demeaning, but you, Sir SoM, are delusional. Japan is way ahead of America technically. I have no idea which nation is most just, but when criminals like Donald Trump Jr. can walk around free after publicly admitting he has sexually assaulted teenage girls — not to mention his criminal role in the Jan. 6th insurrection, America is nowhere near the front of just nations! (We won’t even talk about the racism and genderism rampant in certain segments of American society.) When you say the most prosperous, you realize all that prosperity is enjoyed by less than 1% of the population, while 20% or more of the population cannot afford even basic health care, basic shelter, or healthy food to feed their children. And the greatest! Try talking to people who live outside of your “greatest nation on Earth.” America is the laughing stock of the world, on more than one level, in more than one way. I am glad you have such a high opinion of your nation, but then arrogance is the one thing America has in far greater quantity than any other nation in the world, along with more firearms than probably the rest of the world put together. You make me laugh, uproariously.

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                • I was so appalled by your claims about America, Sir SoM, that I forgot to address your ridiculous statement about human nature. If our nature has not changed, how do you account for the fact males are no longer dragging women around by the hair and raping them at will? How do you account for higher thought, including your assumption there is a supreme being in charge of the universe? How do you account for Woodstock, where some half-million people lived together in total peace for 3 entire days without any violence, but with massive amounts of help from people who did not agree with the way they lived their lives?
                  If human nature were fixed I would probably be beating you over the head with the bones of a giant sloth, instead of beating you with words which have no physical, mental, or spiritual effect on “you,” though some of those thing might happen to others.
                  f you want to claim your human nature has not changed in the past two million years, go for it. I will believe you. But you are not representative of most humans alive today, or even most humans who have lived in the last 500 years. You are being made obsolete.

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    • I would agree that he is a great football player, from all I’ve heard and read. But in my book, a good man does not threaten his wife with guns and knives, and does not tell incredible lies, so I’m afraid I don’t see him as a good man. Yes, people do need to dig deeper, but it seems that for many, name-recognition is enough. “Oh, I’ve heard of him — yeah, I’ll vote for him!” Sigh.

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  7. Go to court in some small town. The judge will be some person with no legal education whatsoever … they’re just someone who ran for the job … a farmer, a businessperson, the town vet. You don’t need any qualifications to judge the people coming up before you … just more votes than the other person running against you in the election. Think about that the next time you’re in court in a small town, be it for a traffic ticket or whatever it is.

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      • Andnow he has adnmitted he has 3 children out of wedlock we ehall see if his lies will hurt him. One can hope, but in Georgia most likely it would only hurt a woman if she lied about having 3 children with other men thwn her husband. I can see a new chant coming for Republicans: Way to go, Walker, way to go!

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        • Sadly, lies seem to encourage some voters … look how many lies the former guy told … something like 23 per day … and people still voted for him! Oh yes, there is indeed a double standard and a woman who lied about bearing children out of wedlock would be ostracized. But then, to the minds of about half the people in this country, we women should be seen and not heard, ‘objects’ for men to toy with and nothing more. I HOPE that not only his lies, but his abusive behaviour will doom his candidacy, but I’m not holding my breath.

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            • And now I hear that he says he never lied about having bastard children (Not saying the children are bastards, just saying he is a bastard who loves to spread his sperm around willy nilly, even while married!) If he “did not lie” it was only because either no one asked him the right question, or because he failed to give a direct answer when someone did ask the right question.
              I can just imagine his wife asking, “Oh by the way, honey, I know how many children I have. How many do you have?” If he gave a straight answer to that, as in 4 (that we know about so far), I would wonder that he would still be married.
              Meanwhile, I think we know 3 people who probably think their father is a resl bastard!

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              • I’m not sure if the man even knows how many children he has running around! If his wife has asked him that, he probably would have hurt her, or tried to.

                If his children — the illegitimate ones — even know he’s their father, then hopefully they do think he’s a bastard and don’t look up to him based solely on his athletic record.


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