♫ You Won’t See Me ♫

Oooooh-la-la-la … Oooooh-la-la-la … Ooo 💥  Oh … oh … here you are!  Sorry, I was wrapped up in the music, singing Oooooh-la-la-la … it grabs you, y’know?  Anyway, today’s song is an ‘oldie but goodie’ by none other than The Beatles from waaaayyyy back in 1965.

Paul McCartney wrote this about his tumultuous five-year relationship with the actress Jane Asher. He wrote it one night after she had walked out.  Up to this point, McCartney wrote lots of “silly love songs.” You Won’t See Me was a departure lyrically, as the song was more personal and mature, and also a little bitter, which reflects how he felt about his relationship with Jane Asher.

This was recorded in two takes. In their early years, The Beatles did so many live shows that they had no trouble recording quickly.  What I did not know was that the melody for the Chicago hit Saturday In The Park is based on this song.

You Won’t See Me
The Beatles

20 thoughts on “♫ You Won’t See Me ♫

  1. oh my, you really make me happy with (any) Beatles song – and what I really, really, really like is that you add the lyrics, which, for me as a foreigner, always adds more sense to ‘just great music’. One cannot but feel sorry for ‘his’ loss….. I was sadly never cool enough to just IGNORE the pleas of my former boyfriends. I would be NOW but I have no reason any longer to refuse any plea, not that I get any of ‘those’ 🙂

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    • I am thrilled that I made you happy with this one! I liked most of the Beatles work, but there were some that I was never able to get into. I’ll play another for you soon! Heh heh … I hear you, my friend! I don’t get any of ‘those’ either these days! ❤

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      • Well, and isn’t it funny that we don’t mind actually either… we live such ‘rich’ lives that the no longer ‘whistling from building sites’ is not missed at all. Anyway, with the PC rules nowadays, I wonder if whistling wd be considered 🤔 a harassment? Never gave this any thought…

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        • Nope, I don’t mind one bit! In fact, it’s rather a relief. I think whether the ol’ wolf whistle would be considered harassment here or not would depend a) on the context, and b) on the financial/political/social circumstances of each party. If you have money, you can do pretty much whatever you want and get by with it, even sue someone for “inappropriate whistling”. 😉


  2. And, in my eyes, this song was off the Beatles’ greatest album ever. The songs, the musicianship, the writing, all better than best. My top of the entire Beatles’ ouvre. It was worthy of a Nobrl Prize, just not sure which one.

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  3. Jill, great song that deserved more air play. The strength of The Beatles is not just the 27 number one hits, it is the vast inventory of very good songs. Keith

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    • I will grant you the greatest band ever, but best is relative. I love Eric Burdon’s voice and lyrics, and the way he can take any song, even a Beatles song, and make it his. Any band with Eric in it is “my best band” when I am listening to it. But for what the Beatles did, and how they did it, I will agree to saying they are the grestest band ever, and always will be. (Jimi Hendrix was pretty grest too, but he died yoo soon, too young. We will never know whst he could have accomplished.) Peace, man!

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