Ahhhhh … The Snarky Snippets Keep On Rolling

Sometimes I am focused on one particular topic or news story, but many times snippets of news draw my attention in many different directions.  Today is one of those days …


Yesterday I signed up to follow a blogger I was only recently introduced to.  Why?  Not because I find any beauty or humour in his writing, and not because I find his words to be particularly intelligent or witty.  I disagree strongly with most of what he says and find myself growling by the time I’ve gotten halfway through one of his very wordy posts (4,000 words).  So … why did I sign up to follow him?  Is it because I went looking for an argument?  Do I not have enough angst in my life?  Or is it something more?  Is it that of late I seem to only read those opinions that are in sync with my own?  Do I read this man’s words seeking to find some common ground, a shred of humanity, or am I simply spoiling for a fight.  In truth, I do not know.

A ‘platform’ made from rotten wood

Every now and then, when they want to prove to the world just how stupid their political leaders are, the state of Texas threatens to ‘secede from the United States’.  The Republican Party currently has no platform, no set of goals and ideologies, but the Texas GOP settled on a ‘platform’ at the state party convention over the weekend.  Their platform is essentially, from all I can decipher, nothing more or less than the former guy’s Big Lie.  I plan to write more about this later, but the basis seems to be that they declare Biden did not win the 2020 election and they even refer to him as the “acting President”.  Their platform also includes statements about abortion (they intend to teach schoolchildren about “about the Humanity of the Preborn Child”), and the LGBTQ community (referring to homosexuality as “an abnormal lifestyle choice.”)

Senator John Cornyn, who had worked on the milquetoast ‘bipartisan’ gun legislation that passed in the Senate last week, was actually booed and “rebuked” by the party for his work on that bill!  I told you in a post a few weeks ago that they “eat their own”! The platform, such as it is, dismisses all gun regulations as a violation of “God given rights.” Wait, I thought it was the Constitution that gave “a well-regulated militia” the “right to bear arms”???  Now, I haven’t read the bible, but … does it even mention guns?  As I said, I plan to write more on this later, but for today, suffice it to say that I agree with columnist Michael Gerson that the Republican Party is in decay!

A boycott is in order

After the January 6th attempted coup, some 249 companies promised not to fund the 147 senators and representatives who voted against any of the results.  It didn’t take some of them long to break that promise, and today more than half are now back to funding those who played a role in attempting to undermine the election that day.  Among those companies are Toyota, AT&T, UPS, FedEx, Visa, Home Depot, GM, and Exxonmobil.  I don’t know about you guys, but I will boycott these companies to whatever extent is possible.  Our lives, the very foundation of our democratic republic, were on the line that day, but for these companies, obviously their profit is more important than our lives.

A bright side

More than 5,000 flights were canceled this weekend.  GOOD!  That much less CO2 being put into the environment, killing trees, killing us.  No, I don’t feel one bit sorry for the couple who was planning a vacation trip to Italy.  Yes, I do feel sorry for the woman who missed her mother’s funeral due to a canceled flight.  But for the most part, I would like to see all air travel limited to ‘emergency’ use only for the foreseeable future.  Just because we can fly doesn’t necessarily mean we should, especially in this time of severe climate change that is having a negative effect on most of the world.  People complaining about the price of gasoline and lettuce … well, think how much gasoline and lettuce you can buy for the price of that airline ticket!!!

35 thoughts on “Ahhhhh … The Snarky Snippets Keep On Rolling

  1. I’m interested in the link ot that blog you started following just so I can read it myself.
    If you’re happy that airlines are canceling flights, then should you also not advocate for Biden not to fly to other countries or utilize airforce 1 for other trips? Just a question.

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    • Here’s a link to one of his posts … his blog is called “Seek the Truth”: https://seek-the-truth.com/2022/06/16/the-gun-control-argument-is-flawed/

      I would agree that unless it is truly something that cannot be reasonably dealt with over the phone, Biden should not be making overseas trips, for more reasons than one. Part is the environmental issue, but part is that I think with the turmoil and chaos in this country at the moment, we need him to stay here. And just so you know, I last filled my car up in November … it is down to 1/4 of a tank now, but I drive only 2 miles per week most weeks, so yes, I am trying to do my part.

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      • Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out. Cindy doesn’t really drive that much either since she’s worked from home for the last 20 years or so and for obvious reasons, she won’t let me use the car. We get groceries delivered so that’s one less thing she has to manage or drive to get and now that the solar panels are fixed, that should help more. something about the inverter went bad.
        Hope you’re having a good day my friend. hugs.

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        • Just out of curiosity, if you don’t mind, what was the price of buying and installing the solar panels. The Canadian gov’t is lsunching a program to help us install panels on our homes, but the prices seem a bit high. I need something to compare. Thanks.

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        • Yes, be sure to let me know what you think of his posts. I knew that Cindy was working from home, but I thought it was just during the pandemic … I had no idea she had worked at home for so long! Um … yes, I think she is wise not to let you use the car!!! Glad your solar panels are working again! Thanks, Scott … hugs to you!


    • Yep, I saw that earlier. Ah well, I only drink about one Diet Cherry Pepsi every couple of months, so it won’t much matter to me. Now … if I find out that the company that makes my favourite wine or favourite coffee is on the list, you’re going to hear my crying!!!


  2. Good toon. I agree airplanes should only be used when absolutely necessary. For a year under Covid the air “had a chance to breathe.” Now it is choking again.
    Texas is Taxes m8ssprlled. I wish someone would misspell A-bot, and Cruise, and other politicians’ names.
    I would love to take part in your boycotts, but most of those companies don’t do business in my small town in the boonies, or else they are the only choice. Boycotts are so much more doable when one lives in the city.

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    • Yes, I remember back in late 2020, early 2021 reading the good news about the AQI (air quality index) and thinking that at least something good came from Covid. People are so damn stupid … “Oh great, Covid’s gone, let’s make up for lost time, drive our big SUVs and may fly across country or to Europe!”

      I like your misspellings there … quite apt.

      I did hear that Pepsi is another such company, and I think some other food companies … I haven’t looked at the whole list yet. Some may be impossible, for like AT&T, they have monopolies or near-monopolies where there are no realistic alternatives, but … we do what we can.

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  3. I read yesterday about the Texas GOP platform, and I just couldn’t process it. I was shocked, enraged, and especially, embarrassed. These trump ass-kissers continue to make a laughingstock out of my state, and it infuriates me, and I will NOT let it go unchallenged.

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    • I can only imagine!!! I immediately thought of you, John H, and the Prof, my three foremost friends who live in Texas. One part of me wants to say, “Let Texas recede … who needs them?”, but then … NO … I have friends there!!! It surely seems to me that the GOP is determined to self-destruct, to destroy itself from within, or as I’ve said a few times lately, to “eat their own”. When I read a brief synopsis about their new ‘platform’ my jaw dropped and I thought that surely this must be a joke. You tell ’em, my friend! Don’t let your guard down and stand your ground! And if all else fails, you’re always welcome here.

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  4. “I seem to only read those opinions that are in sync with my own”

    It’s called an echo chamber, hun, and you’re carefully trying to avoid traipsing into one.

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