Uh-Oh … The Snark Meter Is High Tonight

It does seem that my snark-o-meter is registering on high these days!  Is yours?

Kevin McCarthy … what a guy

By noon yesterday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had tweeted twelve times.  Here is just one of his many tweets …

The rest of his tweets were all about putting down President Biden and House Speaker Pelosi, blaming them for everything from the price of fuel to the border “crisis” as he calls it.  Now, We the People pay Mr. McCarthy some $193,400 per year of our hard-earned tax dollars to work, to legislate, and not to waste half his day tweeting and the other half obstructing to ensure that no real laws come out of our Congress.

And coming back to that tweet … he’s patting himself on the back for introducing a bill that is intended to stop tech companies, such as Google, Facebook and others from marking GOP solicitation emails as “spam” … which, of course, is precisely what ANY solicitation email from a politician is, regardless of party.  In this, a time when we have a gun crisis that has already caused more than 21,000 deaths by guns, some 800 of them children.  In this time when innocent people are living under a dark cloud of violent threats for doing their jobs or expressing their opinions.  In this time when in many places it is hotter in early June than is normal in mid-August due to the effects of climate change as a result of our disregard for the environment.  In this time when our voting rights are being stripped away, women’s rights are becoming a thing of the past, and LGBTQ rights are being shoved out the window.  In this time when our schools are being told they cannot teach the legitimate, factual history of this nation, but must instead teach the fantasy white-washed version of the nation’s past!  In this, the time when wildfires in the west are sure to cause record-breaking damage, when water sources are endangered … and the ONLY thing Mr. McCarthy can be bothered to work on is … whether your email server marks a GOP donation request as ‘spam’ or not???  C’mon, people … fire this asshat in November and vote in somebody who actually understands the issues, understands what matters, is dedicated to his oath and willing to work to actually earn the money we pay him/her!!!

Oh … and just in case you’re wondering if McCarthy is going to step up to the plate on the gun legislation that will be on the docket in the House of Representatives … no.  He and his buddy Steve Scalise (himself a victim of gun crime) have made clear that they will vote against even this milquetoast legislation and will expect and demand that the other House Republicans do the same.  What a guy, eh?

And speaking of intelligence, or a lack thereof …

Herschel Walker, Senate candidate from Georgia, certainly is not on the path to winning any academic awards.  I’ve said before that there should be criteria, qualifications for a person running for public office, and after Walker’s latest, I think those requirements should include an IQ test with a passing score of at least 100, which is approximately the average in the United States.  Mr. Walker’s candidacy is filled with lies, as I pointed out in a previous post, but his latest faux pas takes the cake.

Apparently, Mr. Walker and Stacey Abrams, who is running for governor of Georgia hoping to unseat Brian Kemp, don’t … er … shall we say don’t get along famously, aren’t best buddies.  So, Ms. Abrams had been speaking about some of the problems in the state of Georgia that she hopes to address in the future, such as  mental health treatment, maternal mortality, incarceration rates and wages.  This is what candidates do … or at least ones who are serious about representing the people rather than their own interests … they talk about issues and how they think they can best solve problems.  But … apparently Walker doesn’t understand this and he took umbrage, telling Ms. Abrams to … wait for it …

“If you don’t believe in the country, leave and go somewhere else. If it’s the worst state, why are you here? Why don’t you leave ― go to another? There’s, what, 51 more other states that you can go to?”

This is a man who is running for a seat in the United States Senate and he doesn’t know how many states comprise the United States.  For the record, just in case any Republicans are reading this, there are 50 states.  This would be funny if it weren’t for the fact that this man could well be one of the 100 members of the highest legislative body in the nation, in charge of making decisions that will affect all our lives!

19 thoughts on “Uh-Oh … The Snark Meter Is High Tonight

  1. Roger is leaving the building, stepping outside and will be watching rom-com for a few hours.
    He wants everyone to know this is not because he has given up on you. Not so, he is leaving ‘the floor’ to more restrained and morally constructive folk (Over to you Scottie, David, Keith….).
    He will calm down…in a while.

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  3. aHello Jill. I never understood the right using the phrase love it or leave it or words to that effect. Patriotism is understanding your country has faults, could be better, and doing the hard work of making it better. Being willing to face reality and hardship to improve that which needs to be fixed. Patriotism is not denying your country has made mistakes or has problems and pretending it is the best at everything even as it falls further behind just to make the people feel good. So people like Stacy Abrams who are willing to do the hard work to make things better for everyone are an asset to the country in many ways.

    I often think of the right wing and the religious culture warriors who rather than leave has fought to push their religion and church doctrine on everyone else. They lost most of the rounds but stayed in the battle, doing the hard groundwork to take over the courts that were ruling against them. 40 years later they are winning with their own people in the places of power. Again they did not leave, they worked to create the country they wanted. We all need to understand what they did, how they did it, and now make sure we take that power back from them while making sure our country never backslides this way again. Hugs

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    • The word ‘patriotism’ in the eyes of Republicans is something entirely different than you or I would define it. To them, patriotism is wearing blinders to the flaws rather than attempting to rectify them, whitewashing that which is imperfect to make it appear perfect, and being blindly loyal. To me, patriotism is more about being willing to defend your country against its enemies, but today our enemies are coming from within … as Pogo used to say, “We have met the enemy … and it is us.”

      I love Stacey Abrams and think she would make a fine governor. Georgians … at least in urban areas … are less bigoted than in some of the other states in the deep south, so she may stand a chance. I hope so!

      You make some good points in your last paragraph. I’m growling this week about the Supreme Court decision in the case of Carson v Makin that completely trashes the Establishment Clause (16th Amendment) that calls for a wall of separation between church and state. Our tax dollars can now pay for bigots to send their brats to a religious school to learn to be bigots too! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Hugs


  4. Jill, outside of my own Senators and Congressman, all Republican, the incumbent who I have reached out the most is to Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Time and again, my conversations with staff or the messages I leave are a plea for him to be a leader of the Republican party that America needs him to be.

    For one brief moment after January 6, he made a speech on the floor of the House that we cannot tolerate an insurrection and the former president had some culpability. Then, he backtracked after speaking with the former president at a special invitation to Mar-o-lago.

    He re-hitched his wagon to the seditious and deceitful acting former president. As often is the case with the former president, Trump is now attacking McCarthy for his decision not to seat Republicans on the House select committee. It should be noted Trump AGAIN did not blame himself for betraying his country or further dividing the American people.

    Conservative pundit Michael Gerson said the “Republican party is in decay.” And, two of the reasons for such are named McCarthy and Trump. Keith

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    • Yes, he had that one moment where it seemed that perhaps he had found his conscience, but it didn’t last long at all … I think he must have borrowed someone else’s for an hour. The thing I most despise about him and certain other Republican legislators is twofold: first, they blame EVERYTHING on the President and Democrats, even things that are global issues, things that are entirely out of our control, out of Biden’s sphere of influence. And second that we are paying them to do a job that they aren’t even pretending to be bothered to do. Their time is spent pointing the finger of blame, and campaigning for the November election. I’m pretty sure that isn’t the job we elected them to do!

      Indeed, Gerson was 100% spot on and I don’t see how the GOP can hold together under the circumstances.


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  6. McCarthy is an idiot and his intransigence will cost him dear with luck.I hope Ms Abrams gets the posit she wants and can right some wrongs in Georgia .I’m sure the Senate will have to survive without Herschel.thanks to people like you making sure the Georgians are aware of more truths about him. Fox viewer are happily aware of truths they decide to ignore.

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    • That he is! And I hope you are right, that it will cost him dearly, but it seems that he has the rest of his ‘klan’ convinced that President Biden is evil incarnate and that every single thing Biden does is against the people, against democracy. Sigh. Herschel Walker, on the other hand, is a bad joke and I really don’t see him getting elected. Fingers crossed that I’m right on this one.


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