A Chilling Tweet

There are probably no more than five Republicans sitting in Congress today who are deserving of the honour of representing We the People, and of the new ones currently seeking a seat in Congress, not a single one is qualified.  And yet, their lies and wild conspiracy theories have gained them a following and there is a possibility that Republicans will gain a majority in one or possibly both chambers of Congress next year.  That, in and of itself should make intelligent people of good conscience more determined than ever to overcome the barriers and get out to vote, take their neighbors to the polls, volunteer as a poll worker … whatever it takes to keep Republicans out of Congress.  I have never been a member of either party, have always been an Independent, but I’ve never felt as affiliated, even if unofficially, with a party as I do the Democrats today.

This morning, the following text by Kevin McCarthy sent a distinct chill down my spine …

And the first thought that came to my mind was … they plan to impeach President Biden!

For what?  For nothing.

The article he refers to in the New York Post was written by none other than McCarthy himself and the ignoble Jim (Gym) Jordan, neither of which are known for being truthful or men of good conscience.

Let’s be clear here … I neither know nor particularly care what Hunter Biden did or didn’t do when he worked for Burisma Holdings.  Hunter Biden is not the president of the U.S.  Hunter Biden does have a drug problem, but that does not make him a criminal, and frankly I think we all … each and every one of us … have a family member with a drug or alcohol problem … I know I do.  But more to the point, we don’t blame people for the sins of their family members … if we did, nobody could ever be elected to any public office.  If we did, Justice Clarence Thomas would have been ousted from the Supreme Court already.

In fact, McCarthy himself does not have a clean nose.  He dropped out of the race for Speaker of the House in 2015 after his affair with a congresswoman from North Carolina was made public, and … his brother-in-law owns a construction company that has suspiciously received more than $7.6 million in federal contracts since 2000.  All of which is irrelevant, but points to the old saying that “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

Think about this one for a minute … if the Republicans gain a majority in the House and Senate, and if the Republicans are stupid enough to vote for McCarthy to be the Speaker of the House following November’s election, then they could indeed begin investigations and could indeed dig up or make up something about some member of the President’s family, could embellish it to the point of making it sound like a smoking gun, and vote to impeach.  See, here’s the thing … the Republican Party of today is one without values, without integrity, without a conscience.  The Constitution no longer means anything to them … We the People no longer mean anything, except to be manipulated and used as a tool for their own benefit. It is a party that is in the fearsome grip of a madman who hopes to become the dictator of this nation two years hence.  So, even without any viable or legitimate evidence, there is no doubt that the Republicans in both chambers of Congress would fall in line, be in lockstep with McCarthy’s plot.

So, what if they impeach Biden?  Kamala Harris would be the only thing standing in the way of a “President Kevin McCarthy”.  Are you chilled yet?  And we can bet money that a “President McCarthy” would be a puppet of the evil ‘man’ currently residing at Mar-a-Lago.

We the People have the power to stop this plan in its tracks, but WE MUST ALL VOTE!!!  That is, literally, the ONLY way to preserve what is left of the democratic foundations of this country.  VOTE McCarthy OUT, for Pete’s Sake!  Vote them all out!!!  The Republican Party is no longer one of decency, of conscience, of integrity or values.  Their only goal is power … absolute power … and they will lie, cheat, and steal to obtain that goal.  And that, my friends, should scare the hell out of you.

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  1. There are at least 895,670+ reasons to vote Democratic (an exaggeration for effect, though I’m sure I could come up with the issues if pressed), but if there’s anything that shows the distinction more starkly, it’s the choice of public hearings. The Republicans grilled Hillary Clinton over Benghazi, looking for non-existent dirt. They demanded an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate Jan. 6. The Democrats agreed, terms were mutually arrived at–MCarthy bailed. Pelosi insisted; McCarthy demanded his five choices include pro-Big Lie folks, including probable Insurrectionist and constant screaming obstructionist Jim Jordan. Pelosi refused to allow them, so McCarthy withdrew completely. Trump, who urged him to do so, now has second thoughts…

    The result is that we have the finest bipartisan investigative committee ever–in the eyes of most unbiased observers and growing numbers of the public.

    But the Republican’s response is to promise to destroy any potential for governing over the next two years by drowning the Biden administration and Democratic leadership in subpoenas and hearings.

    A commenter on my most recent post wrote: “I think it is incumbent on everyone to engage at this point by voting, marching, donating, ENGAGING.” A very good mantra, I believe.

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    • Thank you so much, Nan! Where did I learn to do it? The writing, as well as the angst that drives it, comes naturally, the formatting and such is a result of years of trial and error. That image of the Capitol building being washed away by flood waters … I’ve had that for years … probably got it by googling something like “Capitol storm”! Feel free to use it if you wish! Best to you, also, my friend. These are tough times, but our blogging family helps keep us sane, yes?


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      • As always, you’re very welcome!! We are on the same page … I’m so concerned!! After breathing easy after election results in 2016 — I’m back to the state of dread during TFG.
        I must say that I’m disappointed in the results of B/H admin and the DEMs lack of ‘force & action’. I understand all they were left with still is a mess but I don’t see any ‘winning points’ on our side. I don’t see any urgency, drive or even anger!!

        Please educate me!! 🥰

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        • Indeed, we are most always on the same page … that’s why we’re Soul Sisters! I, too, am very concerned. I breathed easily and even smiled more with President Biden at the helm, but it seems to have only made the Republicans more determined than ever to lie, cheat, and steal to have their will done.

          As for your disappointment … I understand it, but please don’t let it put you off of President Biden et al. Thing is that not only did he inherit a mess, but then came … Russia invading Ukraine, which led to a whole rat’s nest of other problems. Biden is in no way responsible for inflation, rising gas and grocery prices, or shortages due to supply chain issues. Yet, he is being forced to scramble to try to find solutions because those are the only things that half the nation seem to care about. They care more about not having a readily available stock of infant formula than the possibility of a future takeover by an evil autocrat. They bitch more about the price of fuel at the pump than about their own elected officials refusing to protect their right to vote. But all those problems are global … every single nation is fighting high prices and inflation and it’s largely due to two things: the war in Ukraine and climate change. And yet, do you see Congress acting aggressively on environmental issues? Or voting rights? Or gun regulation? Or women’s rights? Sigh.

          You are right, though, that one big problem right now is the lack of unity and drive among Democrats in the populace. They complain just as much as the Republicans and they blame President Biden just as the Republicans do. We need to educate the public … need to show them how critical it is that they look further out than their next tank of fuel or next head of lettuce. There ARE more pressing issues if they have any desire to preserve the democratic foundations of this country beyond 2024!

          And now, I shall step down off my soapbox … love you, dear friend!!! 💕

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          • In total agreement!! And loved your soap box!!
            I see all you see, I know all of that – that’s why I’m so concerned bc I don’t think he’s been able – rather allowed – to do what he sought to. Because of that, I’m worried ‘they’ll’ take over the House & Congress! Then … that’ll be it!!

            He’s too kind. GOPers are bullies & DEMs are ‘wimps’ … 😕

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            • Thanks, my friend … I seem to carry that soapbox with me wherever I go these days. Sigh.

              I would say that the GOP goes even beyond being bullies, but are evil … their ideology is founded on bigotry … racism, homophobia, misogyny and more … and they have infected half the voting public with their evil, have convinced the white males that they deserve to be dominant over all others. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. And the Dems better grow a pair SOON, else they will be complicit in the destruction of this nation and its people.

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  3. Look at him. He has the face someone evil. Notice how all of them are trying to sport the hair and goatee of a young Al Pacino in Angel Heart. That was the beginning of the ‘sexy devil” era in movies. What’s classically ironic is the Christian Right (formerly the Moral Majority) is their religious rhetoric flying in the face of their evil works. Christianity as a religion has worked more evil than any other, starting from the days of crucifixions. After I read A World Lit Only By Fire, I couldn’t stand that I had spent half of my young life being brought up in that religion.
    This sh&$ has to stop. I’m starting to want the end to come just so these people will be stopped. That so many Americans can joke, go on about there merry business or treat this like any old other political snafu makes me furious. What it amounts to is that as long as most people are comfy in their lives they refuse to think about the big picture.

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    • Um … I think you’re referring to the picture of Hunter Biden … the one directly to the left of the President? McCarthy’s picture is just the thumbprint-sized one next to his name at the top of the tweet. But to the point … yes, I would agree that the evangelical branch of Christianity at least is the most divisive, most bigoted I’ve ever heard of. I’m not a Christian, not religious at all, but I have friends who are devout Muslims and they are far more open-hearted, kind and compassionate than the evangelical Christians, those with the loud voices and bigoted opinions. I also have friends who are atheists as I am, and they have more ‘Christ-like’ ways about them than many of the Christians we see and hear today. As for doing something to stop it … we VOTE, and we use our VOICES to let our elected representatives, our friends, family and neighbors know that we will not accept what is happening. If we don’t use our voices now, we may not be able to before long. Sigh.


  4. Jill, truth be told, the party cannot trot out its old targets like Hillary Clinton, so they must focus on Hunter Biden. I guess they are tired of picking on Nancy Pelosi and AOC. As you note, Kevin McCarthy had a chance to be a leader and not only punted he punted it out of bounds. I have a dozen messages on voicemail and staff pleading with him to condemn the former president’s poor actions and lies. As for Jim Jordan, he remains a person of interest in the insurrection and had his own issues to deal with the Ohio State team physician (that was accused of sexual assault by athletes) whom his wrestlers told him about, but he did nothing and denied they told him. Keith

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    • Quite so. If the Republicans in Congress spent half as much time actually doing their jobs as they spend looking for things to nitpick about the Democrats, we might actually have a functional Congress. As it is, nothing of any relevance seems to be getting done except them running their mouths. I’m amazed by the number of tweets McCarthy puts out in a day’s time, and every last one of them is denigrating President Biden specifically, or the Democrats as a whole. Jordan is, in my book, the lowest scum of the earth for his role in the OSU scandal … we entrust our young people to the colleges and universities and when something like that happens … it is beyond unconscionable. And then … to LIE about even knowing? How did he even get elected to Congress after that?


    • When it seems that some 50% of our government is determined to turn this republic into a fascist dictatorship, and when some 30%-40% of the people are too ignorant to understand the end result, it gets harder and harder to have much hope, dear Michael. Sigh. I’ve almost … but not quite … quit trying. You have a good weekend too, my friend! Get some good rest, listen to some good music, and be happy. xx


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