Jayland Walker – Say His Name

Jayland Walker is dead.  More than 60 rounds were shot into his 25-year-old body by police after he exited his car, possibly having fired a gun, fleeing a traffic stop.  Need I tell you that Jayland Walker was Black?

It happened in Akron, Ohio, where police fired more than 90 rounds at Mr. Walker, with over 60 penetrating his body.  Imagine if he had been white … police would have given chase on foot, put out an APB (All Points Bulletin), impounded the car, and never fired a single round, or they would have fired over his head simply as a warning.

The eight officers who collectively shot at and killed Jayland Walker have been placed on paid administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation.  Rather like a vacation with pay … as a reward for abusing their position to murder yet another Black man.

A lone young man … More than 60 rounds of ammunition … Jayland Walker … SAY HIS NAME!

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  1. Based on MANY pictures, the “law enforcement” folks are far from being physically fit nowadays … so to simply run after this guy and possibly! find it necessary to shoot once or twice to incapacitate him is simply no longer one of the options. Instead EIGHT officers most likely ran out of breath and had to … well, you know the rest.

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    • Agreed … I watched the video they released of Jayland Walker’s murder and yes, a couple of the cops were pudgsters, and they all acted like cowards. Shoot first, ask questions later. They even kept shooting after he was lying on the ground, helpless and in pain! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


    • I will give details when I have them, but right now there are conflicting stories and most of the details have not been released. He “may” have fired one shot from within his car before he fled the car, but even that is in dispute. All we know for sure is that 8 police officers fired over 90 rounds and kept firing, even after he was on the ground, helplessly writhing in pain and on the brink of death. And that he was Black. Sigh.


  2. Little doubt that these fine officers who swore to serve and protect FEARED for their life, so they shot and killed this man to save themselves — better to shoot first and ask questions later, you know. Shall we begin the betting that this will be found as justified? That they broke NO LAW and followed every procedure properly? That it will be found to be the victim’s fault — the person who will soon be described as a thug, whose record will be pulled out as a defense for why these fine officers unleashed a volley on this individual and killed him.

    Maybe not, right? Yeah, it’s Ohio. Not in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2022.Yeah, he fired once. He had a gun. He ran. He was black.

    Hugs, M

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    • Oh yes … I can see why 8 fully armed cops would be afraid of one young man and have to fire until their guns were empty … EVEN AFTER he had fallen to the ground and was writing in pain, they kept shooting. Cowards every one. And I hope every one loses his job, his pension, and is charged with a felony, convicted and sentenced to prison as Derek Chauvin was. But alas, you are probably right … they will skate because, as one article I read said, “You have to put yourself in their shoes”. Sorry, but their shoes don’t fit me … their shoes are racist and mine are not. Hugs ‘n cheers Michael!

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    M;gawd!! This says it ALL — “Jayland Walker is dead. More than 60 rounds were shot into his 25-year-old body by police after he exited his car, possibly having fired a gun, fleeing a traffic stop. Need I tell you that Jayland Walker was Black?”

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