Jolly HOT July Monday!!!

Good {yawn} Monday morn, friends {yawn}.  Have I mentioned that I HATE holidays that involve fireworks?  People here in da hood apparently thought it would be great fun to put off fireworks Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday night until the wee hours of the morning {yawn}.  And I’m sure they’ll carry it over into tonight, as well.  Ah well … thus far I haven’t taken my wooden rolling pin and gone out threatening to bash any heads in, so I’m doing better than last year.  I hope you all had a quieter weekend than we did!  And now, we begin another week … the first full week of July.  So … to start the week and month out with a smile, Jolly, Joyful and I have dug up some fun things!  First, though, let’s see what Joyful has cooked up for us …

No cooking today, Gwammie … too HOT!  Just sammidges ‘n stuff, ‘k?

How ‘bout some cute critter pics  to start with …

And Joyful went in search of some funny signs …

An’ I found us a bunch o’ funny ‘toons and memes …

And it just wouldn’t be Jolly Monday without a cute animal video, now would it?  At 9 minutes, this one is a little longer than the usual, but watch as much or as little of it as you feel like … it’s guaranteed to make you smile!

We hope you enjoyed the snacks and that you’re leaving with a smile on your face today!  Remember to share those smiles with people who don’t have one of their own!  Have a safe and wonderful week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Joyful and Jolly!!!

💙 💜 💚 💛 🧡 ❤️

20 thoughts on “Jolly HOT July Monday!!!

  1. Wishing you a happy Monday and 4th of July! And agreed about fireworks in the suburbs. I do like fireworks in public spaces though. Just not in my backyard!

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    • Thanks, Ab! It was hot and far too noisy here in ‘da hood’, but thankfully it’s over now and peace is restored! Like you, I enjoy a fireworks display with colourful, pretty fireworks, but here they just go for the noisy firecrackers to jar people out of their skin!

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    • Heh. Heh. Heh. Up here, in far Noerthern Albeta, we don’t get to do Canada Day fireworks until November, because on Jily 1st the sun doesn’t set til around 1 AM and twilight lasts till dawn. Fireworks in dunlight just don’t have the same effect. 😎

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    • They started the fireworks again at 11:00 this morning and have only taken short breaks all day. I am just about stretched as thin as I can go before I go off on the whole lot of them! There is a lovely park 1/4 mile behind our housing development where they could take their fireworks, but nooooooo … gotta be right in our back yard! Glad you enjoyed the toons!!! Have a great rest-of-the-week!


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