Good People Doing Good Things — Too Many To Count!

It started with the pandemic in 2020 and a young college student, Aidan Reilly who was depressed …

“There was so much bad news. Economic collapse, political protests, social protests. It felt like there was very little that you could do about it.”

Aidan Reilly

Reilly and his childhood friend James Kanoff were reading and watching news about food shortages when they came up with what started out as a simple plan to rescue some eggs from a farm that were about to be thrown away and get them to a food bank for distribution. But it evolved into a project – Farmlink Project – that has ended up involving hundreds of volunteers and providing more than 70 million pounds of food to food pantries and other distribution organizations.  The food they provide is food that would have otherwise been wasted … but instead it is providing nourishment for families in need.  I will let Aiden tell you the story himself, for he tells it so well, but be sure to check out the Farmlink Project (link above) for further details and to meet some of the volunteers who have made this work!

But it doesn’t end there …

While all of the volunteers at Farmlink Project are good people, one in particular stands out.  Charles McBryde was the Brand Director for the Farmlink Project, but earlier this year he resigned that position and traveled to Ukraine where he helped found Mission Kharkiv, an organization whose mission is twofold:

  • Organize a consistent supply of chronic, anticancer, and accompanying pharmaceuticals into Ukraine.
  • Coordinate the efficient extraction of Ukrainian patients for treatment at clinics in the EU, UK, and US.

As Mr. McBryde modestly claims …

“The Farmlink Project cut its teeth solving a supply chain issue during an unprecedented global crisis. I merely hoped to do the same thing in Ukraine, just with more bombs and the occasional minefield.”

You can read his story and also a bit more about Mission Kharkiv if you’re interested … so many good people volunteering time, resources, and in the case of Mission Kharkiv, risking life and limb.   

21 thoughts on “Good People Doing Good Things — Too Many To Count!

    • It is like a light at the end of the tunnel … it helps us to remember that the people we see on the news each evening, the people I usually write about, are NOT representative of humans, but that there are thousands of good people out there too busy helping others to pose for a news broadcast! xx

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  2. Good news is often overshadowed by bad news because they don’t sell as many papers or generate as many clicks. But we need more of these wonderful stories of good people doing good things. When I sometimes read the news and see all the bad things happening, I stop to remind myself of the many more good things happening that does not get reported on. And I feel calmer. 🙂

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    • You are so right, my friend! As the famous quote in the news business says, “If it bleeds, it leads.” And, the good people don’t go about tooting their horns and demanding attention, for they are too busy just doing things to help people, so what we hear about are the not-so-good people. I love it when I come upon a story like this one, though, or even just simple little things like a man helping a person cross a busy street. We all have it in us to be those people. I’m so glad you enjoyed this one!

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    • I know … isn’t it amazing that it started with just a seed of an idea, rather like a giant pumpkin started from a tiny seed! We all have it in us to be those good people, to put our ideas into action …


  3. As always some people are amazing in their dedication to help others., their innovations know no bounds. This should be something the Government should be able to organise easily, but don’t. No-one should be without food when there is access to food heading to waste .It’s great there are still people with such a passion to help others that they overcome obstacles as if they don’t exist. More power to them/


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    • Out of the devastation of the pandemic came an idea … and hundreds of people to implement the idea … that fed thousands. I love finding these ‘unsung’ heroes! Heck, the government would no doubt find a way to botch it and leave the food rotting in the hot sunlight somewhere, else the wealthy would find a way to waylay it and charge people for it!

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