“I No Longer Recognize My Country…”

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times …” depending on your set of (or lack of) values, the colour of your skin, your religious beliefs (or non-beliefs), and your views of what a nation should be. Our friend Annie sums up our times with a clear-eyed view that is both realistic, but also gives us a bit of hope that perhaps we can overcome today’s chaos and come out a better country than before. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read her piece and give it some thought. And do the one thing we can ALL do — VOTE! Thank you, Annie!


I have increasingly come across the sad expression: “I no longer recognize my country.”

I not only understand that expression; I also share it. We are being buffeted by a series of events that are searing to live through. We used to be so proud to be Americans. How did things go so terribly wrong?

Then “I no longer recognize my country” evokes other thoughts. For one, I think of the incredible Ukrainians, who have been fighting an existential battle for their very existence since February and have lived with active war in parts of their country for years–and threats for most of their national life. They’ve also long fought valiantly against internal corruption.

They put their bodies on the line every day—fighting to keep their hard-won democracy and their autonomy against mammoth odds.

Structurally, they can no longer recognize their country because their country as they remember it no…

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12 thoughts on ““I No Longer Recognize My Country…”

  1. Jill, I posted this comment on Annie’s post. Keith


    Our history has been one of a very imperfect union, where occasionally we get it right as we move the ball forward. Those are the moments we should exalt, while we learn from the many mistakes we have made ranging from slavery to Jim Crow to the communist witch hunts to the delay in addressing women’s suffrage to Watergate to WMD to Trumpism to the Lavender Scare, et al.

    We have had to overcome a great deal and we should highlight those efforts. The Watergate Committee, Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts, and House Select Committee are when we get it right. We must applaud the courageous among us and share our concerns with the untruthful folks. And, we must vote, march, picket and use our economic power to share our concerns. One thing that gets people’s attention in is not spending money to make a statement.

    Finally, we must have dialogue with folks. Only then, can they listen to your points of view. I am reminded of Daryl Davis, a black man, who has talked over 200 KKK members into quitting that organization. He did it by asking them questions. He noted that people just want to be asked what they think. Ask people to tell us why they support what you and I would consider indefensible.

    I realize some of this may be Pollyannish, but the alternative to doing nothing, is accepting the outcome. We have learned that over time. Keith

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  2. It certainly is very dark times right now. I take solace in looking back at history which shows that everything comes in cycles. Society often through – and back and forth – from ultra progressive to ultra conservative and insular and back and forth.

    Given the economic Downtown and the pandemic, society is more insular and protectionist – which are the things that conservatism feeds on.

    We’ll get through this like we always do! It’ll be painful but I have hope we’ll get through it!

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    • It is so dark that at least two of my blogging buddies, guys who, like me, are fighters and full of fire, are suffering from fairly serious depression. I’m on the brink of it myself, but I keep bouncing back … I think I’m too stubborn to give in, but it’s scary.

      There is no middle ground here anymore, no moderate, no center … just the two very divided sides. From the view of the radical right, President Biden and the Democrats are responsible for everything that is wrong. If lightning were to hit a home, they would blame Biden. And the left … well, we are just stunned by the hatred, the vitriol, the violence. Tonight I read that one candidate for office is calling for the murder of those who oppose him.

      I hope you’re right, that we will, somehow get through this, but … of late I must admit to wondering what will happen in the interim. I think, in all honesty, that it must get worse before it can begin to get better. Sometimes I’m glad I’m old.

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      • It will definitely get worse before it gets better unfortunately. It’s best to unplug from some of the noise and chaos and surround yourself with loved ones. Hang in there, I know it ain’t easy!

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        • I do try … and having 5 kitties helps, too 😊 even if they are ornery ingrates half the time 😉 No, it’s not easy, but it’s the hand we’ve been dealt and I’m not one to fold and go bury my head in the sand!

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