♫ Stevie & Tom ♫ (Redux)

Tonight I need me some Stevie!  Digging around to see what I have or haven’t played recently, I came across this one by two of my favourite artists, Stevie Wonder and Tom Jones from Tom Jones’ television show in 1969 — way back when.  I listened … I found a strange sensation on my face … like something tugging at the corners of my mouth … pulling them upward.  Could it be … could this actually be … the beginnings of a smile?  And then, I played it a second time … and yeah, there’s a smile alright … damn but these two guys are goooooood … doesn’t matter what they sing … they’re solid gold all the way.  Okay, so I just played it in 2020, but … 2020 was a looonnnnngggg time ago, right?  And I do so need the smiles this one brings, so for tonight … just listen, relax, and … SMILE!  Humour an old woman.

23 thoughts on “♫ Stevie & Tom ♫ (Redux)

  1. I saw your title and immediately thought of Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty. Imagine my disappointment! I hated those cheesy tv shows like the one they gave Tom Jones, but then I wasn’t a fan of his either. This was a nice version of Stevie’s song though.

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    • Tsk tsk … you put the idea of Stevie Wonder in my head, and then you complain about my choice. 🙄 Joking aside, though … I’m not too often surprised when you say you liked or didn’t like a song or an artist, but this time I am, for I was almost certain you would have liked Tom Jones! Ah well … win some, lose some. 😊 I’ll have to come visit your place later today for some fresh ideas.

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