Clay Jones lends his thoughts to the tragic assassination of former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe. Last year, Japan had one gun death … the U.S. had over 45,000. Pay particular attention to the 12 steps a Japanese citizen must go through in order to qualify to own a gun. Japan actually HAS requirements, testing, mental health evaluations and all the things that could save so many lives if only the U.S. weren’t a third-world, gun crazy nation!


Japan is in shock over the assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He was a towering figure in the nation having served as Prime Minister twice, stepping down both times for health reasons. He was shot while campaigning for the Liberal Democratic Party, which is actually the conservative party of Japan that consists of right-wing nationalists. Abe was the longest-serving Prime Minister in post-war history.

The nation isn’t just shocked over the assassination, which many are comparing to the assassination of JFK, but that he was murdered with a gun in broad daylight and that the shooter was able to get so close to him.

Japan has strict gun control laws and shootings are rare. Japan doesn’t have a gun-worshiping culture as we do here in the United States. Even the Yakuza, Japan’s mafia, refrains from using guns. Just one person was killed by gun violence in Japan in…

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  1. Yes, another blogger and I were just talking about this yesterday! OOOH the difference between Japan and the US. They had 1 shooting, 1 shooting in 2021!!!!!! We can’t even fathom that here.

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    • I know … it makes our system (or, should I say lack of system) here in the U.S. seem like the height of insanity! Yep, they had 1 shooting in 2021 and we had over 45,000. There isn’t even any comparison. When the Japanese send their children to school, they do so with every confidence that their child will be safe and return home at the end of the day … and not in a body bag. We in the U.S. have no such guarantee or assurance. Oh how I wish I lived almost anywhere else!


  2. I’m in Britain and to be honest, alot of us here think it’s just insane to own a gun in the first place. I don’t understand it at all. So at 18 you can buy a rifle? It’s madness.

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    • We are truly the laughingstock of the entire world because of our gun policy. Yes, not only can an 18-year-old buy a rifle, but he can buy a military-style assault rifle that can kill 100 people in a matter of minutes. And he can buy unlimited ammunition. And he doesn’t have to pass any competency test, mental fitness exam, or virtually anything. And then, if he’s white, he can go kill kids in a school or people in a grocery store, and the cops will treat him as a guest when and if they arrest him. Now, if he’s Black, then of course he’ll be shot dead on sight. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


        • Your news there is pretty apt. With more guns than people in the country (about 400 million guns and 330 million people), nothing is likely to change. There are people in this country who will give up their own children rather than give up their guns. It is beyond my comprehension, too, my friend, and a very dangerous situation likely to get even worse.


    • Tragic and heartbreaking, indeed. As one journalist said, “Abe left the world a better place than he found it.” And he is one of the few politicians that truly did. And even more tragic since I read that the shooter’s “reason” was that he believed Abe was affiliated with a religious group that he (the shooter) disliked. Turns out, Abe wasn’t even a part of that group. Sigh.

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  4. If in Japan, with such a tough gun-control laws, the PM got assasinated with a gun so easily, imagine how much easier it would be, for, Americans, to gun one another, down, and the House, the Senate still won’t pass rhe, gun control bills, because the NRA had its hands, in the elected officials’ pockets.

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    • Hello taurusingemini. One of the reasons we have elected officials and the SCOTUS doing nothing to restrict guns and in fact losing gun safety laws is because it won’t / doesn’t affect them. They are protected. They have personal security, work security forces, police forces, and even protesting at the SCOTUS justice’s homes is illegal while they refused that same protection to abortion clinics and pregnant women using them. Their children and grandchildren go to protected schools. We have the people making the rules separated from the ones those rules are harming. Hugs

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      • It pains me deeply but i must agree with u completely. Even the progressive Left led by the squad are hypocritical when it comes to gun control. Yes they say all the right things and refuse PAC/ NRA money BUT every single politician in the US are assigned personal security so they can’t really relate with their constituents.
        Needless to say the worst offenders are MAGA psychos like Greene and Boebert who actively advocate for NO restrictions under the 2nd Amendment and accept blood money from the NRA.
        Tragically, the radical right is pushing this agenda to sweep the midterm elections, i’m afraid they’ll succeed…. paving the way for u know who to make a comeback. 😦


    • We are a flawed nation where far too many people care more about what they think of as a ‘right’ to have a lethal toy than they care about the lives of their own children. Someday, it will all come back to haunt them and they will wish they had never seen a gun!

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