A Dose of Needed Optimism

Jeff and Greg … they started On the Fence Voters several years ago. Life has a way of changing the best laid plans, so we haven’t heard much from Greg in the last couple of years (I owe you an email, Greg … I haven’t forgotten … I’m just perpetually behind!), but Jeff has worked hard to get the message across. Today, we get to not only hear Greg’s voice once again, but see some great, inspirational photos! And, he’s nudging us all to get out there and do our part, telling us that our voices DO make a difference! Thank you both, Jeff & Greg! Loved the photos and loved the chat between you two!

On The Fence Voters

On the heels of my last post, which was on the dark and pessimistic side, I’d like to head in the opposite direction. And, by the way, I’d like to thank everyone who commented on that post. All of them were thoughtful and encouraging. Frankly, I need that!

Four years ago, my long-time good friend Greg called and asked me if I was interested in starting a blog. We were both angry and sick over the Parkland, Florida mass shooting and wanted to do something about it. Instead of complaining about how things were going in this country, it was time to put our anger into words and try to make a difference.

Since that day, it hasn’t quite worked out how Greg had intended. He could not contribute to the blog as he had planned. Life was dealing him lemon after lemon, and it wasn’t working out.


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9 thoughts on “A Dose of Needed Optimism

  1. This is a veryveryvery uplifting post! I work hard to retain my optimism and had been distressed to hear a discussion of people’s growing unwillingness to express their views publicly because of fear. That trend is deeply worrisome, with huge implications. But here is the antidote!
    Good people must stand firm against the homegrown fascists. I hope today’s Jan 6 Committee hearing pushes us further along this path.

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    • I’m so glad you found it uplifting, Annie! I know just what you mean about working hard to retain your optimism. Some days, I cannot find mine, let alone retain it.

      At the end of today’s hearing, my granddaughter asked me what I thought. I had two replies:

      1) I hope to hell Merrick Garland is planning to do something about all this, and
      2) Any human being with half a brain, after watching today’s and past hearings, cannot possibly in all good conscience vote for Donald Trump. Trouble is … brains and consciences seem to be in short supply these days.


  2. Hi Jill. The Prodigal daughter/friend returns to read a few blogs. Wish I had a few more words to add a post of my own but life is catching up with me and it seems I am better off keeping my mouth shut these days. Good post, but I’m trying not to read the news lately. Mostly looking for a place to live which is depressing enough. Too aware of the headlines but still trying to ignore life as it is.

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    • So good to see you, dear friend!!! I told David just last night that I MUST write to you in the next day or two. I have been terribly negligent on my correspondence with you and others … running out of time and energy, it seems. I was hoping to hear you had found the perfect place, but it seems not … I’m sorry! Hang in, my friend … I promise an email today or more likely tomorrow. Hugs!

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      • I’m hanging by my fingernails at the moment. Went out to see tonight’s super moon, or buck moon as it is called and it sure is eerie out there at night. So far nothing in this area. My daughter is checking in Frankfort but I have a feeling it will have the same result. I’m going to put in a couple of calls to HUD and the State’s Attorney Genera, next

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          • Had a long talk with some friends today and they know people I don’t who can help. One of them even knows about a complex that doesn’t turn anyone away but doesn’t remember the address so she is going to go back there and find the address so I can get over there and see if I qualify for a temporary shelter there. I am regaining some hope.


  3. Democracy is indeed not a spectator sport. Very inspiring to seeing so many people practicing their right to protest and people such as yourselves using a platform to advocate for needed change!

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    • Thanks, Ab!!! I look at these pictures and feel like … I’m not doing my part. Oh sure, I make my voice heard through this blog, and through my letters to members of Congress and newspapers’ editorial pages, but … I’m not out there on the front lines. But, I guess we all do what we can, or what we do best, and these people surely are giving it their all! Let’s hope the right people are listening!!!

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