Jolly {cough, cough} Monday!

Good Monday morning, dear friends!  Yes, Monday has rolled around once again … time to drag out the suits ‘n ties, the briefcases … unless, of course, you’re retired like me and can happily stay in your jammies all day long!  Then Monday doesn’t seem so bad!  So, did you all have a fun weekend?  I stayed in … the air quality is very poor and I have enough trouble catching my breath inside the air-conditioned house, so I think it would be a very bad idea to go out in the heat & humidity and don a mask on top of it all.  I hope the weather is not so oppressive where you are!  Well, Joyful has been in the kitchen for a couple of hours now … she said she promised you guys double bacon today to make up for last Monday … so let’s go see what she’s cooked up, then go see if we can find something to tickle our funny bones and start the week with a chuckle, ‘k?

We found some more music puns over at Phil’s Phun we thought you might enjoy …


Naturally there must be ‘toons!!!

And a bit of new toilet humour from over at Phil’s …

And last, but never least, of course there must be a cute critter video, right?  I think that Kayden and Tallulah will bring a smile to your faces as you watch them form a friendship …

Well, friends, I’m sad to see our time together come to an end, but we all have things we need to get done this Monday morning.  We hope you’ve enjoyed Jolly Monday this week and hope you have a really great week ahead!  Remember to share those smiles with others whose smiles are turned the wrong way, okay?  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!!!

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    • Thanks, Keith! I hope Jolly Monday brought a smile to your face to start the week, ’cause I have a feeling we won’t have much to smile about the rest of the week! I love the music puns … I find myself laughing aloud and then the song is stuck in my head … well, you know how that works!


  2. Happy Monday. I did not need to see that thong this early in the day. 😆 The Pi fight is funny and I could scientists actually doing that. Hope the air gets better this week!

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    • 🤣🤣 I know just what you mean!!! But, you have to admit it was funny, yes? I’m glad you did enjoy at least part of Jolly Monday, in spite of the thong! Yes, I hope so too, but it’s not looking promising. Every day is a new air quality warning telling people to stay indoors if they have breathing or heart issues. Since I have both, I am staying inside except 5 minutes in the morning to go out and feed the squirrels and the birds. Ah well … autumn will be here soon enough … maybe by October I’ll be able to get outdoors! 🙄

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    • Ah well, you win some you lose some, but I’m glad you enjoyed the ‘toons and the video! Heh heh … yeah, I figured that Do Wah Diddy one kind of broke my self-imposed rule of no politics on Jolly Monday posts, but … I just couldn’t resist it!

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    • Oh Michael … no … I am NOT ready for still more crazy things and people! I want a week of peace, of everybody just getting along … I am so tired of being angry all the time, of feeling like if I allowed myself to start crying, I would never be able to stop. But … that said … I will pull myself up out of the dreary blackness, put a determined smile on my old, wrinkled fact, and fight the good fight just as I always do! xx


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