The Week’s Best Cartoons

I’m only a day or two late re-blogging TokyoSand’s excellent collection of political cartoons from last week!  Predictably, the topics were women’s rights, human rights, mass shootings, and Boris Johnson’s resignation.  Be sure to follow the link at the end to see the rest of the ‘toons over at TokyoSand’s Political Charge!  Thank you, TS!

See all the ‘toons at Political Charge!!!

8 thoughts on “The Week’s Best Cartoons

  1. Gee, I wonder what the turnip is paying for his acquittal. My aunt still says she would vote for him again — based solely on the fact that he pays lip service to outlawing abortion. My brother, the priest, on the other hand keeps asking how many abortions he has paid for himself, given his record with women and their lack of the right to say no to him.

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    • After just watching the televised hearing of the January 6th committee today, I cannot understand how ANYBODY with half a brain could ever vote for him again, but I have friends who, like your aunt, have been brainwashed. As to your brother’s question — I doubt Trump actually paid for any of their abortions … cheapskate that he is, he probably told them to figure it out for themselves. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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      • That does sound more like him. I have to grit my teeth each time I hear his name, but I also have a sister and a brother who like the creep. I used to think they were both intelligent but have been wondering about that since he got elected.

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        • I feel for you!!! I think that for me, that would be grounds for disowning my siblings! Forever! I have never … never in my 71 years on this earth … despised a person as much as I despise him! And I simply don’t see how anyone with even a modicum of intelligence cannot see him for the corrupt asshole he is! Sigh.

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          • Same here, but then too many Catholics are hung up on the single issue of abortion. They never really look at the jerk’s history (hey! I used jerk instead of g.d. f-ing jerk!


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