Why Gun Control is Not Enough!

As I was trying to catch up and clean out my email inbox today (over 600 emails is just too much!!!), I came across this post by Dr. John Persico. This is the simplest, most logical argument I have seen for stricter gun regulation and he puts to bed the myth of the “good guy with a gun”. Thank you, Dr. Persico, for this excellent assessment!

Aging Capriciously

The Good Guy with a Gun Myth

Gun control is only a first step. Some of the Second Amendment advocates are right about one thing. There are some of us who want to take their guns away. Not all of their guns, but some of their guns. Licensing, background checks, restrictions on types of firearms, restrictions on clip size, none of these will stop the mass killings in America. There is a simple reason for this. There are too many guns in America available. Look at it this way.

Assume that there were 100,000 cars in a given area. Assume that for every 100,000 cars there would be an average of 100 accidents per year. This assumption can be verified by statistical analysis of car accidents in a given area. Some places will have more accidents than other places, but all places with cars will have some accidents.

There are…

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13 thoughts on “Why Gun Control is Not Enough!

  1. Start with outlawing semi-automatic weapons with large magazines. Then increase scope of background checks to make them more comprehensive. Require passing psychological test and require references. Increase penalties for use of a gun in the commission of a crime by five year jail sentence added on to sentence for crime committed. These are minimum things to require.

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  2. Left this vomment on John’s blog. Figured it was worth repeating here:

    2 suggestions.
    1. Utterly ban all gun production, not just in the States, but in the world. (I know right now that is The Impossible Dream, but I dream it anyway.)
    2. Outlaw all multi-shot weapons. If people need guns that badly, make them use guns that have to be reloaded after every shot. Make shooters think about what they are doing each and every time they load a gun, or rifle. (Another Impossible Dream, but not as impossible as the first duggestion above!)

    We would have to reclaim and destroy a great number of guns around the world, but if we want to keep having a world to live in as safely as possible we have to start doing something purposefully, and with organization. Haphazard projects around the world will never work as long as someone somewhere is manufacturing multi-shot weapons.
    There are two facts (at least) that I would love to know: how many guns are manufactured every day, (by nation, by world), and what is the working lifetime of a gun? It seems to me guns can be kept in working order for over 100 years.

    Think about it! How many guns will exist in this world in 2122? In 2222? I am just guessing, but there are possibly more guns being produced around the world in a day than the number of babies born on that same day. In 100 years, most of those babies will have died. Hardly any of the guns will have died. There are presently more guns in the USA than there are people. That number can only grow faster than the population of the USA can grow. Despite all the laws in all the nations of this globe, eventually if we carry on as we are going guns will double and triple the number of people in this world. Apply your gun death statistics to that!
    I think the world cannot sustain these numbers. We must start changing the world now.


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    • I agree fully! And until all of us are safe in the grocery store, walking down the street, in the library, or mall. Today, I don’t feel safe anywhere outside my house.


  4. More guns, available, to those who want them, yeah, the number of shooting, massacres, and, accidental gun deaths are sure to, increase all right, but hey, look on the, bright side, it’s, a good way, to, reduce the, population in massive amounts of numbers, asthe global planet is now, having the, difficulties, handle humans, taking it over…

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    • Common sense tells us that more guns will equate in more violence, more injuries, and ultimately more deaths. However, about half the people in the U.S. seem to have sold their common sense. They may have traded it for empty promises. Ha ha … I have said the same thing before about reducing the population of the planet, but the trouble is, its the good people we’re losing and the bad ones just keep on keeping on, reproducing and passing on their hatred. Sigh.


    • Sadly, I think you’re right. Gun ownership seems to be part of the culture of this nation. If a ban on all guns were instituted today, there would be war in the streets tomorrow with all the gun nuts armed to the teeth and ready to kill the first person that looked at them with crossed eyes. Sigh. That is one part of this country that I absolutely hate. xx


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