A Convenient Erasure

On January 6th 2021, once the violent rioters had breached the U.S. Capitol and were calling to “Hang Mike Pence”, the Secret Service attempted to take then-VP Pence to a ‘secure location’.  Pence refused, saying “I’m not getting in the car,” which Representative Jamie Raskin, a member of the January 6th Investigative Committee, calls the “six most chilling words of this entire thing I’ve seen so far.”  Why?  Because if Pence had gotten into the car and been whisked away to safety, he would not have been at the Capitol later that night to certify the results of the 2020 election and I honestly don’t know where we would be today.

Until recently, I had assumed that the Secret Service was just intent on doing their job, protecting Vice-President Pence’s life.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist, don’t see evil lurking around every corner, so it never occurred to me that perhaps that was another part of the nefarious plan to overthrow the election results.  But sharper minds than mine began putting pieces of the puzzle together and asking questions.

The Secret Service is under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and answers to the DHS Office of the Inspector General, which had requested records of electronic communications from the Secret Service between January 5th and January 6th, 2021.  But guess what?  Those records – specifically those records – seem to have been erased!  We are told that the agents’ texts were erased as part of a ‘device replacement program’, after the inspector general had requested them as part of his inquiry into the events of that day.  How very damn convenient.  Sorry, folks, I’m not buying it, and neither is Representative Bennie Thompson, chair of the January 6th committee and the House Homeland Security Committee.

“It’s concerning.  It’s important for us to get as much information about how this discrepancy occurred.”

Stay tuned, for this one isn’t going to be easily swept under the rug.

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  1. Let’s go one layer deeper.
    Let us envisage one rogue unit / team /group who were too quick off the mark.
    Let us consider the possibility that records have been erased because such a possibility becoming public might have been decided ‘not conducive to the public good.’
    It will not be the first time in Human History that there is discord in ‘Paradise’.

    Let’s even go another layer deeper.
    Some folk, playing the long game wanted tRump to have enough rope to hang himself and decided a VP was acceptable collateral damage. There are folk within the structure of the US government who want tRump out, but not as a martyr.
    Quote for our times: [Hamlet]
    ‘There are more things in Heavan and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy Horatio,’ (I hope I got that right)

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  2. You know Jill, that pic of the noose reminds me. Who the hell built that gallows? How does someone construct something like that without the Secret Service and other security not seeing it?

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    • All good questions, my friend! I understand that gallows is in the FBI’s possession, but if they know who made it and how they placed it so quickly, they aren’t saying. But then … there seems to be a lot about that day that’s a mystery, including what the Secret Service was actually doing … or attempting to do. Sigh. Trust. It’s a powerful word and we should be able to TRUST our government, but …

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  3. What I am concerned about is the the Secret Service personnel were possibly going to kidnap Pence on the morning of Jan. 6. Luckily Pence had the good sense to not get into the car. To me, this sounds like conspiracy to kidnap, and it involves the very people who are supposed to be protecting the people they are serving.
    Yet, nobody seems to be reacting to this piece of news. Maybe because no crime was committed, due to Pence’s mistrust of the SS, but still the intent sppears to have been there. Why is no one investigating this?

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    • I feel the same…trump had his many goons installed all over. In the courts state and federal and in many government agencies, not to mention the soulless greedy, self serving people in Congress and of course the Supreme Court…the game is very rigged. Pence dodged a bullet…maybe literally.

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    • I think they intended to take him someplace safe … don’t think they intended to cause him bodily harm … but they would have refused to return him to the Capitol in time to certify the election. That would have accomplished Trump’s goals and been the catalyst to overturn the election. But it IS being investigated … that’s why the text records were being requested.

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      • Hello Jill. I am not so sure. First it is well known and proven that tRump has ties to at least two crime mobs. In fact one of the NY mobs’ people was on stage with tRump often at Mar-a-Largo and had a business card that said he worked for tRump’s company. While not proven it is widely suspected that tRump was money laundering for the Russian mob. That might not mean much but for three months after the inauguration Pence and his wife did not return to their own home, instead they travelled staying at friends’ homes, changing residences constantly. They never stayed anywhere more than three days. That is not something wealthy connected political people do if they are not afraid of being harmed. Remember it came out that at the start of the insurrection Pence and his staff’s security cards for access to secure locations and their offices were shut off. That has never been explained yet. Pence did tell his security guy that he felt if he got into the car “… you guys will take me to Alaska, and I won’t be coming back!”. He could have meant what you said but remember that tRump just the day before had an unscheduled not recorded private call with Putin. No one knows what they talked about but as Ron reminds me Russia is really close to Alaska. Hugs

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      • Ah. Missed that. Hope they still exist somewhere. Personally, the way Trump was acting that day, after Pence refused to go along with the coup, it would not surprise me if Trump wanted him dead.

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        • Oh, I’ve no doubt that Trump wanted him dead, but I still have a hard time believing in a coordinated effort to murder the Vice President by the Secret Service and others who would have had to play a role.

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          • Not necessarily murder, though msybe. I think the plan was to keep him out of Congress so someone else could run the show, and declare Trump the winner. Certainly Pence was suspicious, or he would not have turned down the ride.

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  4. This is not the first time that scandal has plagued the Secret Service, unfortunately. And it’s notable that shortly after President Biden took office, he requested a change in the personnel protecting him to people he knew well.

    It’s also notable that Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony about what she was told by a Secret Service agent who was in the car with trump when he allegedly tried to grab the wheel—that agent denied having said it, though not under oath. He was later identified by others as a trump loyalist not known for his veracity.

    I find it chilling that there is even an iota of suspicion about the people charged with protecting our elected officials. Sure hope this important piece of the puzzle is solved—and soon.

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    • True enough, and yes, it was notable that President Biden requested a change … who could blame him!

      I understand that others have verified Cassidy Hutchinson’s account of what she said Tony Ornato told her about that day, and that he has lied about other things, as well. I question why he still has his job! But then, I question why Louis DeJoy still has his job!

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    • Hello Annie. There were leaked stories during Obama’s terms that he and his family had troubles with some of the SS and their protection details. Also I think it was during that time we got the verified reports of agents having drunken hotel parties with sex workers when they were escorting the president out of the country. So yes it is an agency long in need of an overhaul. Sadly many of the enforcement agencies under the Homeland Security department seem to feel they are above the law, such as ICE. Hugs

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  5. Jill, about two weeks after January 6 happened, a great whitewashing started to convince us that it did not happen the way it unfolded. This followed Kevin McCarthy’ speech on the floor where he was very critical of the former president; that was before he was invited to Marg-o-Lar and drank a new batch of Kool-aid and was handed a new Trump hymnal.

    You, Scottie and I have written that the truth is actually worse with Donald J. Trump than the bad story we already know. I have long felt he caused this insurrection with his bogus claims, with his invitation to come to DC and with his incitement of the mob. The truth is much worse as he and his more ruthless allies planned more of the strategy and tactics. Anyone who follows Trump, Bannon, Stone and Giuliani down a dark path into the woods is not coming out alive.

    As a citizen and independent voter, these folks must be held to account, including the former president. And, a note that I said eighteen months ago to the leaders of the Republican party – you had a chance to rid your party and our country of Donald J. Trump by having more votes to impeach and convict him. Instead, Mitch, Kevin, and Ronna took the lid off Pandora’s Box. Now, our democracy is in danger because of this failure to remember your oath.


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    • Indeed, like you I have long believed that Trump and his cronies were behind the rioters who traveled from points afar to attempt to circumvent justice. And not much should surprise me anymore, given some of what we now know about how low Trump will stoop to get his way. But to find out that the Secret Service is involved AND that they went so far as to destroy evidence AFTER it had been requested by a higher authority … that one just blew my mind. And I’m sure there is more that we don’t … and maybe never will … know. I think the Department of Justice has everything it needs to charge Trump and I wish they would do it before he throws his hat into the 2024 ring so that it won’t be mocked as a ‘political move’. Whatever it takes … he cannot ever occupy the Oval Office again!

      What you said to the Republicans is spot on … they could have been heroes, but instead they chose to be accomplices to the nightmare that has this nation in its grips.

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      • Jill, a terrible legacy of the former president named Donald J. Trump is how he politicized seemingly every facet of government from judicial to the secret service to various department secretaries and other leaders who used their departments for personal gain. These people are supposed to work for the people not be the president’s piggy bank. Keith

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        • You’re so right, and it has diminished the public trust in government … trust which will not easily be regained. You know what I don’t understand, though? How did he do it? He has no charm, no charisma, and does not come across as intelligent … WHAT did he have to offer that made people fall in obsequiousness, so ready to do his bidding that they would sell their own integrity, would sell out the nation they swore an oath to?


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