Top of mind issues that aren’t

Our friend Keith reminds us that amidst all the political bickering and the corporate game-playing focused only on profits, there is one issue that has far more relevance in the long-term. If we fail to take care of and to repair our environment, it won’t matter who wins elections or how much money corporate CEOs have, for the human species won’t survive. All the money and power in the world are irrelevant as compared to potable water, breathable air, and safe food. Thank you, Keith, for reminding us of the most important issue facing us today … we sometimes get so wrapped up in other things that we forget or push it aside, rather like Scarlett O’Hara in ‘Gone with the Wind’ saying, “Oh, I won’t think about it today … I’ll think about it tomorrow.”


Issues that need to be top of mind aren’t being discussed because we would rather talk about more exaggerated and contrived issues.

The global water crisis lives here, especially in drought prone areas like the Southwest United States, which is running dangerously low on water. Climate change only makes matters worse. And, this is even before we speak of the lead water pipe structures which have their own set of toxic issues as in Flint, Michigan.

Miami is the most at risk city in the world for encroaching sea levels due to climate change, but the governor calls more dramatic solutions liberal based ideas. Miami has built right to the coast and the limestone guarding the largest aquifer is porous. The fact the number of sunny days flooding has increased with sea water coming up through the street drains in Miami Beach should give people pause. Call me crazy, but…

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