Celebrating The #MandelaDay 2022

A while back, our friend Roger introduced me to a new blog, one that is focused on human rights issues around the world. The writer, Saadia Haq, writes today about an important day to remember and reminds us why Nelson Mandela deserves a day dedicated to him! Thank you, Saadia, for this very timely reminder!

The Human Lens

In 2009, United Nations General Assembly adopted the resolution A/RES/64/13 which marks July 18 as Nelson Mandela International Day. It was a result of his noteworthy contribution to peace and culture as coincides with his birth anniversary.

The UN resolution underlines the importance of the principles propagated by Mandela in his struggle to bring democracy to South Africa.

The resolution, according to the UN, also acknowledges the contribution of the former South African President in “conflict resolution; race relations; promotion and protection of human rights; reconciliation; gender equality and the rights of children and other vulnerable groups; the fight against poverty and the promotion of social justice”.

On the occasion of this year’s celebration the Director-General of UNESCO Audrey Azoulay, said, “His mission as an anti-apartheid revolutionary was establishing equality and freedom for all women, men and children. He stood for the fundamental rights of all human beings, regardless of…

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22 thoughts on “Celebrating The #MandelaDay 2022

  1. Mandela was a truly remarkable and inspiring individual. World leaders today can certainly learn so much from him about diplomacy, respect and leadership.

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  2. I left this comment on Ms Haq’s post. I am pasting it here for all to read:
    While Mandela sat powerless in jail on Robbens Island, a young man named Stephen Bantu Biko started the movement that ultimately made Mandela’s successes possible. But hardly anyone outside of South Africa remembers this. Without Biko, Mandela would have had no successes. South Africa would probably still be ruled by Apartheid. But Biko was a criminal, according to the then White rulers of South Africa, so he gets no recognition. I say it is time Mr. Biko was recognized for his part in the events that led to a free South Africa. Yes, Nelson Mandela was a great man, but Stephen Bantu Biko and his fellows did all the real work. I believe it is time Stephen Biko is recognized by the entire world. If Nelson Mandela has a special day, Stephen Biko should have an entire month!
    September 12th,1977 is the day Biko died of wounds inflicted by Afrikaaner Police Special Forces while being transported from Port Elizabeth to Preoria. Therefore I nominate September as Stephen Biko Month.

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    • Hello Rawgod. Thank you for that added information. Often the ones behind the scenes and working the hardest for equality are ignored for the one that the powers that be think are a better look for their cause. For example, Rosa Parks was not the first black women to refuse to give up her seat, but she was the one the anti-racist wanted to put as the face as fighting racism because the others had less sterling back grounds. We have to remember that no human is without warts and bad spots, but what they try to do is important. That is what is behind the current argument in the US to ignore the fact that some of the founding fathers owned slaves. Some people want to give them a pass saying they created our country. Bullshit, they knew it was wrong. Did they do something good yes but should the rest of their actions be ignored NO! They are not gods, they were not infallible, they were just people. But sadly too many people in my country cannot understand that. Hugs

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    • Wow! You’re the only person I know who ever saw him in person! I can only imagine how spine-tingling it must have been! He was one of the great men in our history … we need some like him today!

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