Rose Tinted Glasses Please.

Our dear friend David has written an uplifting piece today that is a perfect accompaniment for this morning’s ‘good people’ post. If everyone took the advice he offers here, the world would be a much nicer place. Thank you, David … and you just keep those hugs coming, okay? 🤗


During the 1960’s I was young and no doubt naïve and yet many of the people I came into contact with seemed to feel the same way. There was a feeling of great hope for our world and what it could become. My hopes diminished a bit as I saw new politicians voted into, place only to become the politicians they replaced. Is the system geared up to ensure meaningful change could not be possible?

I’ve often been accused of viewing the World through rose tinted glasses. I’m not going to make excuses for this since my view is nicer than most, I was very much against apartheid and gave support when I could. What a delight when Nelson Mandela came to the stage. What an exceptional man who could forgive those who imprisoned him and move on to create a great Nation while still talking of Love for his…

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19 thoughts on “Rose Tinted Glasses Please.

  1. No excuses for an attack on a youngster, never mind the age of the attacker.
    Sorry just coming down out of my heat-wave mood. Had to get that out of my system.
    Will be catching up tomorrow Jill, I might be in a more generous frame of mind by then.

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    • I fully agree! Unless, of course, it’s in the U.S. and the youngster is wielding an assault rifle, which isn’t unheard of here.

      I wondered this morning why I didn’t have any comments from Sir Roger, and then I remembered this is an all-important day for you, so I thought perhaps you had taken the day off to take Sheila out for a nice lunch (in an air-conditioned restaurant)! 🎈 Happy Birthday, dear Roger … I hope tomorrow brings a brighter outlook for you.

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  2. I’m glad you posted this as it wasn’t possible to leave a comment on David’s blog. If this is what wearing rose-tinted glasses does for us, we should all do it.

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    • David is still having trouble getting his comments back on … it’s not intentional on his part, just a WordPress vs David issue! But yes, I agree … every now and then perhaps we all need to step out of the fray and put on our rose-coloured glasses.

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