We need to treat climate change as the emergency it is

The past few weeks have brought record high temperatures around the globe. We here in the U.S. are lucky, for most homes are air-conditioned, but in the UK, air-conditioning has always been considered an unnecessary luxury, since it is typically almost never hot there. But a few days ago, it reached 104° F (40° C) in the UK. And yet, people still call climate change a hoax. Our friend Pendantry shows us a picture that says it all. Few words, only an image, one that should stay in everybody’s mind. Thank you, Pendantry.


Global heat map comparison, 1976 and 2022

There are still far too many in denial of reality.

I’ve said it all before. I’m tired of being told I’m an ‘alarmist’.

‘Enjoy’ the heatwave, folks. And remember, from here on it only gets ‘better’.

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18 thoughts on “We need to treat climate change as the emergency it is

  1. Good share Jill.
    I had to restrain myself from going back on Facebook, looking for last week’s heat warnings, seeking out the hosts of denial and derision posters and then asking them (yesterday) how they were feeling now and would they be explaining their views to those who lost their houses in wildfires? Because they’ve very very quiet since.

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  2. Biden gave a very emotional speech about climate change just the other day, not sure if anything would be done about our dependency on fossil fuels. He wants to appropriate more funding for clean green energy sources. Let’s hope he has enough support to make it happen… before the midterm elections.


  3. Jill, climate change has reared its ugly heads for many years now, so it is time we up our game. Ignoring it is no longer an option. We also must understand there about 30,000 fossil fuel websites to tell you it is not much of a problem, competing with about 700 scientific peer reviewed sites.

    Fortunately, actions have been taken, we just need an accelerated pace. Iowa gets over 40% of its electricity from wind power, but the highly dubious Tucker Carlson is saying wind mills make you impotent. Listening to his unfounded opinions will kill any romantic buzz, so that may be what he is referring to.

    Yet, I do take solace that shareholders are telling these fossil fuel companies to act and report back. We have chance in America to move forward with offshore wind energy, which is now underway, matching the onshore wind success. Solar is also moving forward and both are on par cost wise with natural gas and better than coal. Plus, the present value costs is far better than coal and better than other sources.

    Miami is the most at risk city in the world for climate change, given its sea level standing and population. Lobsters are moving north of Maine. Wildfires are larger, longer burning and more frequent. The Southwest is in dire drought conditions and is running out of water. And, hurricanes are larger and slower moving.

    This is real. If someone says it is not, simply say we cannot afford to wait for you to catch up with the class. We must move.


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    • Yes, and then on top of all those disinformation sites, you have a number of members of Congress who will work diligently (including the aforementioned Joe Manchin) to block any legislation that attempts to slow or repair the damages of climate change, because they gain personally from protecting the fossil fuel industry.

      W-windmills make you impotent!!! 🤣🤣 I hadn’t heard that one before! How utterly ridiculous! But yet, some people will fall for it! I try to ignore Carlson as best I can, but this one is royal!

      I agree that steps are being taken, and progress is being made in spite of the wealthy oil barons and greedy members of Congress, but … at this point, I fear it may turn out to be too little, too late. Parts of Europe are burning, and David told me that it got to 104° F where he lives in Wales the other day — far hotter than it has ever been there before. We were warned decades ago, but sat on our hands, and now look where we are. My friend Bee, also in the UK, posted pictures of a fire in a field behind her home that just caught fire from the heat. Yes, my friend, this is real. People are starting to die. And still there are some who claim it is simply a phase of nature, that nothing humans have done caused it, and nothing humans can do will change it. How do we open their eyes???


      • Jill, I read where some want the Tucker to run for president. Just what we need another populist candidate who has a hard time with the truth . Oh, that is DeSantis, but it applies to the Tucker, as well,

        Manchin comes from a state that has lied to its coal miners for ten years. If they shot straight with them from the outset, they could have migrated to wind and solar energy by now with its jobs. Keith

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        • Say WHAT??? Tucker Carlson … for president? Oh no … no no no no no … just NO! Nor do I want DeSantis, for he is as racist/misogynistic/cruel as Trump, but with more intelligence, therefore more dangerous. Democrats definitely need to figure out what it is they want in 2024 and come together in unity to work toward it. This bickering and backstabbing just gives the Republicans a leg up.

          ‘Tis true … West Virginia could have come a long way by now, and if Obama were still president, with his plans for re-training coal miners and building more renewable energy sources in former coal-producing states, it would have happened. But then … along came Trump.


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