Our friend MisterMuse is in the same mood, of the same mind as I am today, likely as many of you are. I think this sums it up perfectly … thank you, MM!

The Observation Post

Now that we have witnessed (thanks to the January 6 Committee) what the world according to warped American minds looks like, the rest of us Americans can only hope that some semblance of sanity, integrity and justice will prevail. Are our principles mere pieties, or (for example) is no one really above the law? In upcoming elections, who will win the lion’s share of offices: the lyin’ crazies, or men and women of character?

The answer, my friend, is….

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  1. And the obvious glee with which these deplorable people are acting, showing no sign of remorse or hesitation, is the worst part. It is the part that fills me with a sense of dread for the human race.

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  2. Jill, couldn’t agree more with both of you. And as you and many others know, I am DEEP in the swampy quagmire of warpedness down here in Texas, supposedly the “Friendship State.” Pffft. 🙄 Not even close; hasn’t been since 1995 when Gov. Ann Richards left office.

    You may already know about this re-airing on CNN Special Reports tomorrow evening at 7pm CST: Deep In the Pockets of Texas. A must see for anyone not in Texas and if you’re a sane, moderate or progressive American. Yes, as Ed Lavandera reveals, these Texas oil tycoons and their GOP puppets indeed plan to move THEIR ideology outside of Texas and across the entire United States. WARNING! This is very real. Fyi.

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    • Thanks for the reblog and your kind intro to it, Jill. The post speaks for itself; now, after words, we need to act by supporting the right — make that the LEFT — (or at least the least objectionable) candidate, and, above all: VOTE!

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    • Thanks, Prof! Indeed, I do NOT envy you, given where you live. I have a number of friends in both Texas and Florida who I am amazed they haven’t given it up and left yet. No, I wasn’t aware of the CNN Special report tomorrow … thanks for the heads-up … I’ll try to catch it!

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    • P.S. I just went to CNN’s website to see if I would be able to view the program on my computer, and they said it was aired on June 24th, and didn’t mention another airing of it tomorrow! I’ll check again tomorrow, but I was confused.

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    • My hubs is from Texas and we lived there for 11 years there. I still remember we swore when Ann Richards lost to GW we were leaving. It took a few years but we did and have never looked back. I never cared for the smug ‘everything’s better in Texas’ mentality back then and now I have no desire to set foot there again. Or Florida and I have lived there three times. It used to be a favorite place for Summer vacations. No more. De Santis is a vile, self serving political nightmare. Good luck to you.

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      • Thank you Dweezer. If it weren’t for my 82-yr old widowed Mom (with Stage 6 Dementia) loving her family roots in Central Texas—she’s a 7th-generation Texan, i.e. her family arrived here before the Republic joined the Union in 1845—and stubborn as a mule to die here… I’d be LONG GONE from this hell-hole. I’ve seen way too much of this wonderful, remarkable, much better more sane world on 5 of the 6 inhabitable continents to know better than to live and die here!!! 😄 Once my sister and I bury her, I’m OUTTA HERE as fast as possible! 😉

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        • I hear ya. It was the same with his Mom but after she had a bad car wreck at 70 she sold her home and moved into a retirement home near us. After we left and she couldn’t stay where she was at the ripe old age of ninety she came with us. After that she didn’t care too much about being in Texas. She was born an adventurer on a wagon train coming from Kansas. Most folks don’t realize how recent our ‘old west’ history truly was. I had two husbands from Texas and lived there twice for a total of 15 years. Sadly, I tell people I served time in Texas. The landscape is amazing but the natives ruin the experience for the most part, especially up in the Hill Country. I wish you well getting out sooner rather than much later, before they build their own wall. The day we decided to leave we were driving down I-35 with all four boys in the van. We watched a car go off the road across the highway then veer back on, crossing the median where it sped past us and struck the car behind us. They were all killed. It was a young female enlisted person headed back to Killeen off of furlough. That close was too close. And it happened all the time. We took it as a sign.

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          • OH MY! But that reckless driver doesn’t surprise me one bit, whether on I-35 or I-45, 10, or 20, I witnessed that on those highways quite frequently. The road-rage here has become the norm, especially if someone SITS in the left “passing lane” and never bothers to get over so other angry Texas drivers can speed down the interstates at 85-95 Mph! Often I’ve wondered here if the state is truly on the brink of anarchy—because that’s the way the vast majority of WHITE Texas ultra-conservative racists haters want it here. Maybe to scare off or run out anyone who is slightly different than them. 🤦‍♂️

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