In Honour Of A Good Man

On January 6th, 2021, DC Metropolitan police officer Michael Fanone was in service of his country, attempting to protect the U.S. Capitol and those who were within its walls as the Capitol was attacked by people attempting to destroy the government, destroy the nation, and hand our government over to a cruel wanna-be dictator.  Officer Fanone was dragged down the Capitol steps, beaten with pipes, stunned with a Taser and threatened with his own gun. He had a heart attack.

Officer Fanone joined the United States Capitol Police during the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. A few years later, he joined the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia, remaining a member for approximately 20 years.

Officer Fanone survived his injuries, but due to physical and emotional injuries, he ultimately submitted his resignation and his last day on duty was December 31, 2021.  We the People of this nation owe a debt of gratitude to Officer Fanone that we can never fully repay.

Last Thursday, July 21st, Officer Fanone attended the televised hearing by the House select Committee investigating last year’s riot.

As he left the Capitol, a woman began following him, using her cell phone to record, followed Officer Fanone hurling questions …

“Are you a real police officer? Are you disappointed that you’re going to make men face years in jail because of your lies?”

Fanone, obviously feeling uncomfortable as a number of people were with the woman, turned around and began walking the other way, back toward the gates to the Capitol.  One man apparently stepped in front of the group of tormentors in an attempt to protect Officer Fanone, and ultimately the Capitol Police stepped in as he reached the gate.  You can see the brief video clip here

I have seen Officer Fanone on television, watched his testimony …

And I literally shed tears when I heard how he was harassed last Thursday.  He is one of the good ones, my friends, and he damn sure does NOT deserve to be treated in the manner this bitch (sorry, but I cannot think of her in any other way), and her friends treated him last week.

Is this what we, as a nation, have come to?  Michael Fanone, just for the record, was a Republican and voted for Donald Trump in 2016.  And yet, he was brutally and savagely attacked on January 6th, and then harassed a year-and-a-half later for … for testifying before a committee that is trying to get at the truth so that those guilty of attempting to overthrow this nation can be held accountable!  This man is as close as we get these days to a hero … and he has to put up with this crap from the people of this nation.  WHY???  He is being punished … for being a good man, an honest man, a caring man.

Damn, people, if this is what this nation is coming to, then maybe we don’t even deserve democracy!

Oh, and about those Republicans who claim they are so supportive of the police, who claim that the Republican Party is the party of ‘law and order’ … where is your support for an officer of the law who protected the lives of thousands of people within the Capitol on January 6th 2021?  Where is your praise for Michael Fanone, Eugene Goodman, Aquilino Gonell, Harry Dunn and the 140 others who literally saved our nation that day?  Where is the praise for Officer Brian Sicknick who was killed on that fateful day in service to his country?  Or … do you even remember the names Jeffrey Smith and Gunther Hashida who were so devastated that they took their own lives?  Huh?  I can’t hear you, Republicans???  Where’s all that ‘respect’ you claim to have for these officers?

That woman who followed Officer Fanone and heckled him … I’m sorry, folks, but anybody like that does not deserve to … to even be on this planet.

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  1. Jill, setting aside the role the former president had in the planning and execution of the insurrection, which he still trying to white wash, there are two truths. First, the insurrection on the Capitol on January 6 does not happen if Donald Trump is not president. His bogus election fraud claims, invitation to come to DC and incitement of the insurrectionists put people in danger.

    Second, he sat on his hind end and watched it unfold doing nothing to stop it or send troops in while people are pleading with him to act. And, the man he called a “wimp” is the one talking with security forces. Donald Trump should be held accountable for his seditious actions, but also his failure to stop the mess he caused, which he now is saying was not that bad. He put targets on people’s heads and revved up the insurrectionists. History will condemn him for his role. Keith

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    • You’re quite right in both statements. Never before … and hopefully never again. But, with the current group of unconscionable men and women in the GOP, I wouldn’t bet money on the ‘never again’ part. I wonder how different things would be if the insurrectionists had actually gotten to Pence and Pelosi and killed them? Would THAT have been enough to wake up the trumpeters to the reality? Sigh.


  2. Hello. This is the brownshirts of the trump maga cult. You are seeing it in real time here, in school board meetings, in schools with don’t say gay bills, and in libraries stormed by the Proud Boys gang to stop Drag Time Story hours. This is what we really have to understand about the right / republicans, they are happy to use threats, harassment, and intimidation to make people too afraid to challenge what they demand everyone do. They believe they have the freedom to tell you what you must do / be, and you have the freedom to do as they tell you. We are devolving to a country of gangs, of states being run by republican governors / legislatures creating police states. This is happening in the US and people don’t seem to understand. In Florida DeathSantis fired and even sent the police after government employees who reported the state giving false Covid reports, he hired unqualified people for health department jobs and forced the state university to hire them, he ordered all students in state colleges to fill out surveys that demanded to know if the professors / teaching was conservative enough, fired teachers he felt not republican enough, pushing history lies while having teacher education classes that claim the US is a Christian nation and racism doesn’t exist, promoting only white acceptable history so that white kids / maga parents won’t feel bad, and of course giving the maga far right permission to change all school teachings / topics with the don’t say gay bills including now forcing all public libraries to remove any thing on or by LGBTQ+ subjects / authors / characters. My dogs that love gravy do people not see what is happening with the republican party and red states, I left out a lot of things in that list? They are total authoritarian dictators demanding to rule over people’s lives and force the state into every aspect of a person’s life? It seems like I am talking about China. Hugs

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  3. I am at a loss for words..just how despicable these trumpers are. I’m beginning to think they are genetically different from the rest of us. Some throwback or deformity in some part of their brains..this is not normal.

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    • The phrase comes to mind, “Just wait … you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” I fear we still haven’t seen how low these people can go. They have no values, no ideology, so the only way they can make themselves heard is to flaunt their cruelty, their ignorance, their lack of human decency. ‘Twould be an easy fix if it were a deformity in their brain, but methinks it is a combination of things from their upbringing to their life’s experiences to … their boredom with the status quo. It seems that if things are working for too long, somebody feels a need to break something so he/she can stand back and watch others scrambling to fix that which is broken.


  4. Obviously some Americans have NO SENSE OF DECENCY, no appreciation of law-enforcement (as her GOP always often shout), and therefore she has no true sense of what it means to serve and protect a Republic Constitutional democracy where “the laws of the land” rule supreme—not one man or one office or one Cult Leader! 😡 The latter was EXACTLY what our six Core Founding Fathers of our hallowed foundations & laws were vehemently opposed to and designed our laws and government against! Duh! 🤦‍♂️ Unbelievable. Astounding the ignorance here.

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    • Exactly so, Prof! I think of that often and ask the question “Have you no sense of decency???” on a near daily basis. Yes, my friend, the ignorance is astounding and seems to grow with each passing day.

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    • I know, my friend … I was furious … this man did a great service to this nation at great personal cost … we owe him a medal of honour, not harassment!!! Sigh. I don’t get it either … I think humans have sold their brains downriver!

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  5. If she can be identified maybe she could get a taste of her own medicine and be harassed by the police who do stand for law and order. Preferably while dragging her to court to answer for her sins.

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    • I don’t understand why she wasn’t taken to jail, when they DID take the dude who stepped in and tried to protect Officer Fanone! I will send you a copy of a comment I received about this post … I’m considering contacting the police about it.

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  8. A good post, Jill, until it stops being good. I’m sure Trump is laughing his head off in Mar-A-Lago, or wherever he is. He has no respect for real people, only for those who belueve his lies, then act like total assholes. Your “bitch” is a total asshole!

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    • I’ve got a feeling Trump isn’t as confident as he claims and is sitting his fat fanny at Mar-a-Lago chewing his fingernails! Well, actually today he is in Washington, though I’m not sure why they even let him in! No … he has no respect or compassion for any, even his own family. But too bad for him, he NEEDS people, and he is losing more and more of them. Maybe they only shift to DeSantis, or maybe they go in search of a candidate who truly has values, but as long as they back off from Trump, I’ll be satisfied. I received one horrible comment that I did not publish here … the hatred toward me from this person (I’m sure you can guess) is escalating and I’m feeling … a sense of discomfort in his recent rants. I’m wondering if I should report him to the police … your thoughts?


      • Can you paste his comment into an email? I told him to take his ideas and eff off, and I have only heard from him once since. I was hoping he had taken my advice and went back to his hidey-hole, but I guess he transferred to you. Sorry.

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        • I just now sent it to you … warning, it is vulgar. Don’t worry, my friend … he has never stopped harassing me, and it isn’t your fault. This past week, though, he has escalated and I can feel the hatred in his words. It’s disconcerting. I’m only comforted by the fact that he is blind, and lives over 1,000 miles from me! But still …


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