Good People Doing Good Things — 30 More!

You might remember back on the June 29th episode of “Good People Doing Good Things” I shared a video that Scottie had sent me of “30 Random Acts of Kindness That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity.”  Everyone seemed to like that video and this past weekend, I came across another … this one is “30 Random Acts of Kindness That Will Make You Cry!” … and believe me, they will!  So, grab your box of tissues … here’s one for those who might not have any handy … and take a look!  Hats off to all these people who understand the concept that ‘little things mean a lot’.

28 thoughts on “Good People Doing Good Things — 30 More!

    • Well, my friend … the trouble is that we have to pay attention to the negative stuff, else we will wake up one morning to find our lives turned upside down. We may anyway, but … let it not be from simply tuning it out. That said, I do agree that the news media could and should promote good news stories at least once at the end off their daily broadcasts, just to remind us, as I try to do on Wednesdays, that there really are more good people than bad ones out there! They just don’t get as much attention, because they don’t toot their own horns and just go quietly about the business of being good people! Hugs, my friend!

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  1. Hello Jill. Thank you for posting these people doing good posts. I have noticed something interesting. Every time I watch one of these videos YouTube suggests a few more. Think of the way we could counter the dark side of social media if parts of these videos were to be played instead of advertisements to make a business profit or along with the hateful parts of the internet? I wonder if it might help some people pull away from the harmful side of life and have a better outlook? As Beau says, “It is just a thought”. Hugs

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    • I fully agree with you, Scottie, but … you and I aren’t greedy people … we care more about humanity, about the planet, about treating everyone with kindness than how much money we have. We, however, are the outliers, not the norm, which is why we will always struggle to show people our view of humanity. Sigh. Hugs

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    • Hi Kiki!!! Yes, this is such a beautiful compilation of lots of relatively small acts of kindness that can mean so much. The world needs more … we should have a similar video every day! Good to see you, my friend!

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