Where’s The Justice???

What is a life worth?  Well, it depends.  If you are a Capitol Police officer trying to defend the nation against a bloody coup attempt, apparently your life isn’t worth all that much.  U.S. Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick (say his name, dammit!) died on January 7th, 2021 as a result of injuries he sustained the prior day as thousands stormed the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to overturn our voices, our votes, our democracy.  Two of the men responsible for Officer Sicknick’s death are George Tanios and Julian Khater.  They brought pepper spray and bear spray, which they sprayed into officers’ faces, and it was this that led to Officer Sicknick’s two strokes that ultimately killed him.

Mr. Tanios was initially charged with ten counts, including felony charges of rioting, assaulting law enforcement officers and obstructing of Congress’s certification of President Biden’s 2020 election victory.  Yesterday, however, Tanios was offered a plea bargain which he gladly accepted, and the charges were reduced to two misdemeanors:  trespassing and disorderly conduct on restricted Capitol grounds.  The maximum time he will serve for Mr. Sicknick’s murder is a maximum of one year in prison.  He has served five months already, his sentencing hearing is scheduled for December, by which time he will have served another five months, so who wants to bet he will be home for Christmas?  The bastard viciously and without conscience attacked and murdered a Capitol Police officer, and he will walk practically free.

Yo!  Kevin McCarthy … you talk about respect for the police and how you support the police … where’s your outrage today?  Officer Sicknick was there to protect YOU, but I haven’t heard a peep out of you about this unconscionable plea deal!  Republicans?  Do you have nothing to say?  Sigh … okay, I get it … just more of the right-wing hypocrisy we’ve become used to.  Meanwhile, Officer Sicknick’s family will cry real tears for him at Christmas, while George Tanios will be laughing and celebrating with his family.  Where’s the justice?

23 thoughts on “Where’s The Justice???

  1. Any death is a tragedy. Please help me to understand how murder can be plea bargained down to a misdemeanor and time served??? This makes no sense, unless there’s a cover-up and the DOJ just wanted this case to go away with a slap on the wrist.


  2. We only see the police brutality on the news, nobody, ever mentions how brutal the mistreatments these, law enforcement officials endured, living from day to day, putting themselves, in harm’s way, just, doing their, jobs.

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    • You’re so right … we don’t see much about Officer Fanone being chased by a group of hecklers, or others being threatened with phone calls and letters. I don’t condone police who shoot Black people for no other reason than the colour of their skin, but we must still respect the officers who are doing their job, protecting lives.

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  3. That day will live on in infamy forever. It’s a shame especially that some of the people who were protected from harm are the ones that continue to not do enough to address that day.

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    • It certainly will … it ranks right up there with December 7, 1941 (the day Japan bombed Pearl Harbour) and September 11, 2001 aka 9/11. Worse yet, though, is this could well happen again if we don’t make some serious changes here. Sigh.


  4. WHAT? I’ve had to stop reading/watching the news because of stuff like this. Even my Master of Science/Political Science daughter can’t talk about anything political now. I’m still looking for a used rocket ship so I can blast off to Venus! Who wants to go with me?

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    • Hmmmm … I’m not keen on Venus or living in outer space. I was thinking more along the lines of a deserted island with no phone, no internet, no other people … we could grow our own food, we’d of course take lots ‘n lots of books with us … but still be on planet earth!

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      • Are there any deserted islands left on this planet?? If you find one just let me know and I’ll be there with you. Maybe built a log cabin with a fireplace for winter because I can’t handle the heat in the tropics. I’ll bring my quilts so we will stay toasty warm — with a fireplace to help and to use for cooking as well. That would be better than having to live inside a space suit all the time.

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        • I’m not sure, but … maybe. Hopefully. If I find one, I will come get you and we will sail away … to peace. Oh yes, the log cabin … I’ve ALWAYS wanted a log cabin! We used to rent on just outside of Gatlinburg for a weekend each summer and I was in love with it! And of course a fireplace … a fresh water stream nearby … fresh air! Yes, so much better than living in a bubble in space!

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          • Oh yeah! My youngest, Mike got married in one of the areas around Gatlinburg. Pigeon Forge, I think. They rented a log cabin for the honeymoon while the ceremony was held in a beautiful place on the mountain. He told me Gatlinburg so naturally I booked a motel there and it took hours to get to HoJo’s at 1 mile per day from the first little town. Can’t remember now if it was Pigeon Forge or Sevierville now, but it was my first experience with creeping through towns where pedestrians had the right of way. I love that area though and while the room I rented was great with an indoor balcony that the kids stayed in for the night (I was bringing them home with me so Mike and Janette could have a short honeymoon) it was not as great as that cabin! I’ve always wanted a cabin in the mountains with the fireplace, walls lined with bookshelves filled with every book I’ve ever read, loads of quilts for warmth and a spinning wheel!

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            • I used to love Gatlinburg … a quaint little town with lots of fun mom ‘n pop type shops. But, the last time I was there in 2008, it was becoming far too commercialized, far too busy to suit my tastes. Pigeon Forge has been commercialized ever since Dollywood opened there … though I admit to loving Dollywood and its founder! 😉 You and I share the vision of the cabin … books on every square inch of every wall, a huge roaring fire from October through March, and your homemade quilts to keep us warm!

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