Trump Policies for the Future.

Earlier this week, the former guy (who I really wish would simply fade into oblivioun) spoke at a rally in Washington, D.C. David had suggested that I write a post about his speech, but I hadn’t gotten around to it yet, and meanwhile he found an article that addresses one or two of the main points of his speech (apart from his whining about the 2020 election, of course). The article is … well, the very last sentence says it all. Thanks, David!!!


Today I reproduce an article by Mark Sumner of the DAILY KOS online newspaper. It’s scary stuff that some wannabe ex-President can be touting stuff like this in Public despite having formulated a failed insurrection to wipe out the votes of the majority of the electorate and having caused pain and suffering to the very people he now says he supports- the Police. To me this is a Freedom too far. Trump is advocating a return to Nazi Germany before WWII.

Donald Trump appeared in Washington, D.C., for the first time on Tuesday night since he slunk off into the night, breaking with all tradition and common decency,skipping the inauguration ceremony for President Joe Biden. Trump was in town to give a speech to a new member of the Republican network of shady, money-grab“institutes,” theAmerica First Policy Institute. And if the intent of Trump’s speech was to show that not…

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21 thoughts on “Trump Policies for the Future.

    • He has no coherent policy, but then nothing he has done or said has been coherent, so why would we expect it to be now. A carved pumpkin would be easier to look at, too! xx


  1. I am writing this through a miasma of very bad words, so let’s keep it brief.
    He has not got a clue about the history of states such as China and the blood price paid for where they are today.
    And we have to say it again; the states he is using as examples have a long history of authoritarianism. The USA does not, and the Republicans can pack the administration as much as they like what they cannot do is turn everyone into docile believers. 258,000,000 adults in the USA. If 0.001% of that population say ‘We are not going to take this,’ and turn to terrorism that is 258,000 folk and that is before we get around to sympathisers, or criminals taking advantage, and then there will response of right-wing militias ‘helping’ the police. And if any of those MAGA politicians think they can go home, relax, or eat out, do a round of golf etc without having a small security detail to watch them or their families; think again.
    The Right have used mob-rule before, but this is an age where terrorism is an easily accessible option. Look around the world.
    Trump and the rest are simplistic fools who cannot read runes. The very tides which brought them onto the stage will run through the Opposition, the details of result are currently unpredictable, the process is not. And it is grim.

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    • And this, my friend, is exactly why his name cannot even appear on the ballot in 2024 … even the thought of him being elected is the most terrible thing I can think of happening in my lifetime. And yes, it probably would lead to violence and terrorism on a mass scale, but We the People would be the ones to pay the price — a high price. Trump & Co are indeed simplistic fools, but very damn dangerous ones, simply because some people listen to them and will follow their lead as they march this nation off the highest cliff. It IS grim … too grim. It costs me many nights’ sleep, while others wear their blinders and either don’t understand, else just don’t care.

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  2. I’ve long compared Trump to Hitler because they are spittin’ images of one another in theory and ideology. Great share by you and David, Sis! I definitely signed my name on that “dotted line”. Big hugs!

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        • Some because they do not want to, and others because they are not well-informed and are gullible, believing whatever they are told by those who speak the loudest and most often. Love you bunches, Sis!

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          • So very true, Sis! The other person I compare him to is Charles Manson, but that is still giving him wayyyyy too much credit. At least Manson was a fairly intelligent monster…Trump is just an asshat with money. *shrugs* I guess the saying about “Money talks and bullshit walks” has come to be a sign of these times lol. Love ya, Sis! Hug!

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            • Hah! I hadn’t compared him to Charles Manson yet … perhaps it would have come to me sooner or later, but I don’t picture him dirtying his hands to murder people directly … he’d order his minions to do it! Love ya back, Sis! Mega-HUGS!

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  4. This reblog seems straightforward, and utterly damning. I am not questioning what it says. But a fellow blogger has a different op8nion of the Daily Kos website that I think should be offered to anyone thinking about becoming a member of Daily Kos.
    I myself have never been there, nor do I intend on going there. I avoid sites like that entirely. I go for personally-written blogs. I am just presenting this comment to offer an opposing opinion. But not my opinion.


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