Saturday Surprise — Doors, Doors, Everywhere Doors!!!

You all know that I love street art, and a few days ago I came across something that, while it isn’t exactly street art, is very similar in nature … whimsical painted doors!  I’ll let the photographer introduce himself and his work …

My name is Guido Gutierrez Ruiz and I had the privilege of visiting Madeira, a Portuguese archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean just southwest of Portugal.

Walking through its capital Funchal, I was amazed by the hidden beauty of this city. Art, everywhere! The Painted Doors Project has transformed Funchal into a permanent art gallery, giving life to the city by painting every door with a unique personality. Here are some of the colorful doors I visited. Which one is your favorite?

I have been into photography for 9 years now. I started getting interested in this form of art because of Instagram. Before, I always liked taking pictures, but it wasn’t until Instagram that allowed me to have the opportunity to share them.

My Instagram page and journey through this app have allowed me to explore different types of photography. I am enjoying capturing all sorts of content within street photography, architecture, interior design, and lifestyle photography. My Instagram community has grown quite a bit and I have been receiving many positive comments about my photography which constantly gives me the energy to continue what I love doing, traveling and capturing what I see.

I don’t usually plan my pictures. My pictures are taken on the spot wherever I am. I also never use Photoshop. All my photos are edited (also on the spot) only using Instagram tools. The efficiency and speed of taking pictures and editing them these days are incredible. Between taking pictures and editing them it’s less than 2min. It’s something I quite enjoy.

Photography for me is my way of expression and an instrument that allows me to inspire others. I love that my pictures allow me to tell stories to other people. Stories that make them dream.

Art in all ways, shapes and forms is extremely important in our society and this project has been made to unite the community, both local and foreign, with art. I want people to really appreciate local art and the beauty of creative minds.

Instagram is slowly converting my hobby into my dream job. Having clients such as hotel chains, luxury name brands, airlines, and other people recognize my work and want to collaborate with me is a gift as it allows me to continue what I love to do most, travel, observe, capture, and share.

Take a look … let me know which are your favourites!  And have a wonderful weekend!!!

41 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — Doors, Doors, Everywhere Doors!!!

    • Yes, many thanks to Keith for introducing us! It is hard to pick a favourite, but I think the peacock did it for me! Cheryl emailed me a link to Dan’s Thursday Doors, so I may share it there next week! Thanks for dropping in and I hope you return from time to time. My blog is mostly political, so probably not your cuppa tea, but on Wednesdays I do a ‘good people’ post highlighting the helpers in our world, and on Mondays I do a Jolly Monday — completely politic-free!


    • I’m so very glad you enjoyed them! Yes, I rather wanted to go start painting my door, but then I remembered it would come out looking like something a 5-year-old child did, for I have no artistic talent at all! You, on the other hand, have an abundance of artistic talent, so … go for it!


  1. Loved these doors, Jill. My favourite was either the turtle or the view of the alley through the door, but they were all delightful. What a great project, and to have the whole town on board. It’s also an indication of how street art and mural art is becoming more acceptable ~ and a tourist attraction. Did you know of the silo art that has become a tourist attraction in rural parts of Victoria?

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    • I’m so happy you enjoyed them, dear friend! My favourite was the peacock … how I’d love to be able to paint that on my door! But, a) I have no artistic talent, and b) I’d get kicked out of this apartment complex where every apartment must look exactly the same! I am already a bit of a rebel, for I plant a profusion of all sorts of flowers every summer … our yard is the ONLY one on the street with orange, yellow, purple and pink comingling!

      No, I wasn’t aware of the silo art, but that is AWESOME! I might do a post on it later this month! Thanks so much for sharing that!


    • You and me both, dear Sis! I have absolutely ZERO artistic talent, however Miss Goose is truly an artist … she could make our door beautiful, but I’m sure we’d get kicked out of our apartment if we did that! 🤣


  2. I love them all, Jill! You should totally share these over on Dan Antion’s No Facilities ThursdayDoors prompt. It’s open until the end of today. Every one is special to me in some way. Thanks for sharing this talent!

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  4. Jill, I LOVE these. What a terrific use of a door. I simply cannot pick a favorite as the caliber is high on each one. Does Janis at Retirementallychallenged follow your blog? She will show artistic doors from her travels, so she would indeed appreciate this post. Keith

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