The Niece Speaks From Experience

I just finished reading Mary L. Trump’s post on Substack and watching her accompanying video that covers multiple topics, and I felt it important to share it with you.  Mary, for those who may be unaware, is the niece of the former guy, and likely knows him and his bunch better than most.

Occam’s Razor

By Mary L. Trump

30 July 2022

I’m trying to remain patient with the pace—even though it does appear to be accelerating—of the investigation into the many crimes committed by so many members of the Trump administration. I know these things take time. It is undoubtedly the largest and most complex investigation in DoJ history. Legal time runs much more slowly than political time—or any other kind of time. If you go for the king you best not miss. Yeah, I get it. The impatience comes from the fact that we, the people, know they all did it.

I’m also following a lot of threads for this coming week including the continuing, horrific fallout from the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood which includes the complete collapse of the Court’s legitimacy; the shocking (but not surprising) cover-up of the January 6th crimes that has spread to the Department of Homeland Security; and the news that a group of Republicans and pseudo-Democrats, led by the execrable Andrew Yang, is starting a third party call “Forward.” I assume that’s short for “Forward toward Destruction.”

And here’s a video you might enjoy about the Right’s masculinity crisis, Alan Dershowitz’s Greek tragedy, and Senate Republicans proving themselves, yet again, to be monsters.

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  1. The licensed psychologist has been telling America—and any reasonable, intelligent Americans that will listen—about her uncle for several (many?) years now. I’d believe most every word out of her mouth or on paper about her mentally-ill, mentally unstable uncle before listening to one word out of tRump’s orifice. And one outta his mouth is painfully intolerable anyway. 🤢

    But one only needed/needs to research the man’s father, paternal grandfather, and paternal great grandfather—and those men’s businesses and business practices—to know EXACTLY what type of person D. tRump was raised and taught to be. And D. tRump is the perfect molding of his paternal pedigree, if you can honestly use the kind word: pedigree. 🙄

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    • Oooohhhh … I could kick myself! I forgot to mention that she holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, so is well qualified to analyze her uncle’s behaviour! Thanks for the reminder, Prof!

      Yes, Trump is but one in a long line of conmen. Honesty and integrity are not highly valued in the Trump family, and the tradition continues in Ivanka, Junior, and Eric from what I see.

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    Mary is the ONLY Trump I tolerate and almost admire!! … “And here’s a video you might enjoy about the Right’s masculinity crisis, Alan Dershowitz’s Greek tragedy, and Senate Republicans proving themselves, yet again, to be monsters.”

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  4. There is a ‘gallows’ humour joke recalled from my 30s about our office manager:
    ‘He’ll have the best attended funeral. Just to make sure the b*****d is buried,’
    or another one about another manager, when folk heard he had died after a short illness.
    ‘Best day’s work he ever did,’
    I can’t think of a major UK politician of the post-war who comes close to how vile this creature is…and there were some real ‘fine’ examples.
    ‘Furthermore, I maintain that Donald Trump is a base and opportunistic traitor to The USA. Win Back America,’

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    • Yes, and I forgot to mention it, but Mary has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, so she’s no dummy! His own niece can see it, but hoardes of people in this country still think he’s the best thing since the invention of rice! 🙄 xx


    • Well, she’s well-educated and intelligent, so … how could there be any respect for a bozo with an IQ of 65 if that? Sigh … yeah, I’m being deliberately mean toward him … he is despicable and I’m frustrated that the people of this country cannot see it.

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