A Real Life Star Trek Hero Nichelle Nichols passes away

Yesterday, I read with sadness of the death of Nichelle Nichols who played Lieutenant Nyota Uhura in the long-running Star Trek series. But she was so much more than just an actress. She was instrumental in helping break the colour barrier, especially for women, not only in the entertainment field, but also within the ranks of NASA! There is much I did not know about Ms. Nichols, but our friend Keith has written an excellent tribute to her and I see no reason for me to reinvent the wheel! Thank you, Keith!


The following is an encore post to someone who deserves an encore – Nichelle Nichols – who passed away yesterday at the age of 89.

After the first season of the original“Star Trek”television series, African-American actress Nichelle Nichols was speaking with a prominent public figure about her role as Lt. Uhura. The public figure noted “Star Trek” was the only show he watched regularly with his children. Nichols told the man she was leaving the show, but he encouraged her to reconsider, which she did. He said you are a role model showing Blacks and Whites that there is a place for women of color in key roles in the future .His name was Martin Luther King.

She took that inspiration seriously and did far more than I ever knew until a recent documentary enlightened me. The Scyfy network has written an important piece called “NICHELLE NICHOLS’ NASA…

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    • It was a great series! I don’t care for SciFi, but I always enjoyed Star Trek! I used to think that space exploration was exciting and important, but today, as we waste trillions of dollars on it while letting our own planet, the only place humans can survive, be destroyed, I think we’d do better to put our money into saving our environment and let space be what it is. Yeah, I know, no spirit of adventure. Sigh. xx


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    • Indeed she was! I had no idea until reading Keith’s post, but tonight I found the documentary he referenced and started watching it … I fell in love with this woman! She was … such a great humanitarian!

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