First Snarky Snippets Of The Month!

I’ve got a load of snark I need to get rid of, for it’s keeping me awake nights and spoiling my appetite for food!  So, you know what that means … SNARKY SNIPPETS!

Okay, folks … so everyone wants to talk about the price at the pump, eh?  Well, I’m pretty fed up with hearing the constant egging on of angst by certain Republican politicos who are all too happy to lay the blame at President Biden’s doorstep, even though they know where the blame actually lies.  This snippet from the July 29th edition of the New York Times tells you everything you need to know about why the price of fuel is so high …

Exxon Mobil and Chevron, the two largest energy companies in the United States, said on Friday that profits rose to record levels in the second quarter as they continued to reap the benefits of soaring oil and gas prices.

Exxon reported income of $17.9 billion for the three months through June, more than three times what it earned in the same quarter a year ago. Revenue at the energy giant jumped to $115.6 billion, from $67.7 billion a year ago. Chevron’s performance was similar, with profit more than tripling to $11.6 billion as sales rose to $65 billion, compared with $36 billion a year ago.

Coming after oil prices nearly doubled from a year ago, the results were expected, but Exxon and Chevron still beat analysts’ predictions for profits in the quarter. The results mean that five of the biggest Western oil companies — including Britain’s BP and Shell, as well as France’s TotalEnergies — are likely to have generated some $60 billion in earnings for the second quarter.

Next time you fill your car up or pay your electric bill, you know who the real thief is.

Atlanta’s Midtown Music Festival is an annual event held at the city-owned Piedmont Park.  The festival was cancelled in both 2020 and 2021 due to Covid, so music fans were excited about this year’s festival, scheduled to take place in mid-September.  But no more.  The event has been cancelled yet again, but this time because of guns.  In the past, guns have been banned at the event, but now organizers are told that it is against the law to ban guns at any event held on public land.  According to Bloomberg …

In May, a gun rights activist wrote the Atlanta City Law Department demanding that the festival’s permit be yanked unless it rescinded the weapons ban in accordance with state law. And a state Supreme Court ruling in April on a different public space made Live Nation’s legal right to ban guns at the festival questionable.

Democratic candidate for governor, Stacey Abrams, running against the Republican incumbent Brian Kemp, said the cancellation will cost the city $50 million and have untold consequences for local businesses who benefit from the festival.

I am glad to see the festival cancelled, if only because it sends a strong message to lawmakers that the proliferation of guns is not in the best interest of the people of this nation.

To the best of my knowledge, none of my readers hail from the state of Arizona, but just in case you know someone in that state … let me tell you a bit about the Republican candidate running for Secretary of State, Mark Finchem.  Back in February, Finchem claimed that Covid does not exist (ho hum, yet another QAnon cultist) and worse, that everyone who received the vaccine would be dead within two years as a result of the vaccine that he refers to as a “bio-weapon”.

Finchem, who is polling well ahead of his primary opponent, Beau Lane, signed onto a resolution urging Congress to accept Trump’s fake electors in Arizona, and he attended the January 6th insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, actions that helped him land Trump’s endorsement in this race. He has also previously associated himself with the Oath Keepers, an anti-government militia, and supported the QAnon conspiracy theory.  Just the sort of guy we need overseeing the 2024 election … NOT!

And on that note, I will leave you with a bit of (dark) humour.  Ol’ Margie Greene wants to be Trump’s running mate in 2024!  I had to laugh … please, Donnie, if you do run (which I hope never happens), pick Margie!  She’s sure to doom his campaign even worse than Sarah Palin doomed John McCain’s back in 2008!  Says Margie …

“I defend him all the time. I swear I would fight for that man because he fought for us and that’s the kind of president we need back, and if he were to ask me of course, I would be honored.”

Perish the thought.

And how ’bout a ‘toon or two?

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18 thoughts on “First Snarky Snippets Of The Month!

  1. Jill, a way to get back at those oil companies is to walk on short errands, plan outings to reduce driving and buy a (hybrid or) electric car and lawnmower.

    As for potential VP candidate Greene, only a fool would put her on his ticket. She is known to be toxic even by most other Republicans.


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    • You are so right, Keith!!! The people across the street from us put their bag of trash in their SUV to drive it … DRIVE IT … to the dumpster at the end of the street! Either I, even in my current poor health, or granddaughter Natasha WALK our bag of trash to the dumpster each day! There are so many things we could all do to curtail our energy use and give a middle finger to the oil companies, but … sigh … people like their conveniences too much.

      I agree that only a fool would pick her, but then … look who we’re talking about! Still, I think even Trump is smarter than that, or at least his advisors are. I wish he would pick her, though … 😊


  2. Hello. I have never understood the Qanon claiming that the vaccine is to kill people. For what reason? Why want to kill off the taxpayers and workers that bring in the profit? What is the gain? That is what I say about the things they accuse Dr. Fauci of, why would he bother, what does the government gain for the nefarious actions. Tracking chips in vaccines, again why bother as your phone, computer and even your internet capable appliances like your smart TV are reporting everything you do to the great advertising data base in the clouds. Why do refrigerators need to connect with your home router / network? A chip in a vaccine is a lot of useless work to access what they already have. Thanks again for your snark, grand post. Hugs

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    • There is no rhyme nor reason, Scottie … the only explanation is a) people are often even more stupid than we give them credit for, b) people seek the limelight, they crave the attention the spouting of conspiracy theories gets them. Sigh. Hugs

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  3. The first cartoon tells us everything anyone needs to know about Republican voters, and the last cartoon tells us that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW is alive and well as A DREAM — but on life support as a democratic reality.

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    • You’re right about that! And the last one is apt, as well. The Justice Department’s final decision on whether or not to prosecute will be the final test of whether that “No one is above the law” still holds. I wish I felt more confident.

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    • No, they cancelled that event, though I’m sure there are others. You know what’s really funny, though? Whenever the NRA (the major gun lobby) hold an event, guns are banned from their events! They fight to get more and more guns in the hands of people, fight against gun bans, but then ban guns at their own events. Hypocrisy? Oh yeah. xx

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