Big Fat Liar

Well, ol’ Alex Jones, America’s #1 conspiracy theorist, finally had his day in Court and … it did not go well for Jones! I was going to write about it, but Clay Jones (no relation to Alex!) of Claytoonz has done it far better than I could have, and he even has a cartoon! Thanks, Clay — great job as always!


If you’re a gaslighting conspiracy theorist with a national platform spreading bullshit that defames, libels, and tears apart democracy, you better have good lawyers. Alex Jones, fortunately for the rest of us who hate lies, conspiracy theories, and bullshit, does not have good lawyers.

Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist as it’s his business. He knows the bullshit he’s spreading is fake. Conspiracy theories are his business but lying is his nature. He’s also not intelligent enough to get away with it. Yesterday, Alex Jones was busted during cross-examination of not just being a liar, but of withholding evidence. And, the revelations came from his own legal team. Oopsies.

Jones (no relation to yours truly) is currently defending himself from defamation lawsuits brought by the families for lies he had spread about the 2012 school shooting. For years, he’s been telling lies that the shootings never happened. From his conspiracy…

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18 thoughts on “Big Fat Liar

    • I agree 100%! He is evil to the bone. No person with an ounce of humanity would prey upon the families of children who had been shot dead at school … or anywhere else. I hope Jones’ worst nightmares come true!

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  1. Good cartoon, except one point: “Russian collusion”. This is in itself the same kind of insane and Americentric, illogical conspiracy theory as Alex Jones is so infamous for. The Russians a) don’t give a fuck, b) wouldn’t collude with any western/NATO country since they know what unreliable partners we make, and c) why do you still think American internal politics are of any interest to anyone? In fact it doesn’t matter if your prez in of the one or the other of your semi-fascist parties. Trump may have been a bit better for world peace but in the end, what could he really do?

    And this is exactly why the next couple centuries will be dominated by the global East, and the degenerate West will go under. 😦

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    • Actually, from what I’ve read, the Russian people are not of the same mind as Vladimir Putin and his cronies, so when you say “The Russians” think or believe something, you should clarify that you mean “Vlad & Co”, not the Russian people.

      The reason U.S. politics still matters to most around the globe is that we have a the largest military in the world, and the 2nd largest nuclear arsenal. Those two things in the wrong hands, in the hands of a madman such as Trump or Putin, could pose a threat to all life on Planet Earth.

      I think you are wrong in your assessment about the next couple of centuries … in fact, I don’t think the human species will be around much past the end of this century, as we seem determined to eradicate life on earth through our ignorance of the environment or else through using those nuclear weapons.

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  3. I have to wonder if his lawyers really goofed up. Is there a possibility even they, being lawyers who normally will defend the lowest of the low, reached a limit of human depravity so low, that they felt they must act. Just wondering…

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  4. Jill, ol Alex may not only have to pay north of $4.1 million in damages, he may go to jail for perjury. That would be the most fitting conclusion for someone who just makes stuff up on the airwaves. Keith

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    • Now it’s up to $49.3 million … I checked tonight, and his net worth is estimated at only $40 million! And, you’re right, he may well go to jail/prison, which is the best place for him and those like him! I read an estimate that he grosses some $800,000 per day on the products he hawks on his show … gun accessories and the like … what a con artist, in addition to a conspiracy theorist! ‘Twould indeed be a most fitting conclusion!

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      • Jill, thanks for the revision. An additional item that bothered me is while he was on trial, one of his colleagues was broadcasting that the trial was a hoax and he was being mistreated. The only contrition from this person is please don’t take all of my money. Let me state the obvious. Believing anything said by Alex Jones is a fool’s errand. And, while we are at it, believing anything Donald Trump says is in the same category, especially when the former president repeats stuff the radio host said. Keith

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