The Final Evidence of a Cult of Hypocrisy

Our friend Roger looks out across the big pond from his home in Wales and this is what he sees …

The World As It Is. Not As It Should Be

Maybe it’s one of those classic features of old age, maybe it comes from reading volumes of military and political histories or maybe it’s ‘Just Because….’  . Anyway, I can accept Misdirection, Distortion and even Downright Lies as part of the whole box of tricks Humanity indulges in. Sometimes I embrace them as a Means To An End, but other times I condemn them, the latter mostly at the personal level, War and Politics being where Ambiguity is another Dimension.

One other failing which is common is Hypocrisy. With thanks to Wikipedia I give you this quote The word hypocrisy comes from the Greek ὑπόκρισις (hypokrisis), which means “jealous”, “play-acting”, “acting out”, “coward” or “dissembling”  . I can also cite British political philosopher David Runciman, “Other kinds of hypocritical deception include claims to knowledge that one lacks, claims to a consistency that one cannot sustain, claims to a loyalty that…

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14 thoughts on “The Final Evidence of a Cult of Hypocrisy

  1. Thank you for sharing!!.. again, with today’s technology people are more able to learn and communicate with each other and are learning that this ole world is not as perfect as the image that was created in the past… it has given the change deniers a voice but more importantly it has given more people the ability to work together to make changes for the better (you, yourself, talk about the good people are doing), we just don’t hear that much about the good changes because the media is concentrating on the negative… 🙂
    There is no such thing as a perfect world, but I do believe that the world has reached a turning point with the people world over will no longer “kick the can down the road” and work together to make this world a better place.. 🙂

    Until we meet again…
    May your day be touched
    by a bit of Irish luck,
    Brightened by a song
    in your heart,
    And warmed by the smiles
    of people you love.
    (Irish Saying)

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    • Thank you for the reminder, Dutch! Just an hour or so, my granddaughter and I were talking about the internet and how it can be used for such good, but also that many have found ways to use it for evil. Much of the planning and plotting for the attempted coup on January 6th 2021 took place on social media. And yet, it helps us stay in touch with loved ones, helps us know when & where people are in need, helps us stay up-to-date on world events as well as those nearby. Like anything else, it is a tool, and like any tool, it can be used for good purposes or evil ones. I would love to focus only on the good, but we must know about and understand the not-so-good as well in order to avoid the pitfalls and warn others. I hope you’re right that we are at a turning point where people will work together to make the world a better place … to save the world from destruction we sometimes seem determined to cause. I just think, though, that we are so divided these days … we don’t even seem to have the same values anymore.

      Many thanks for the very uplifting Irish Saying, and yes, I could use a bit of that Irish luck as well! 😊


  2. Just popped over to Roger’s site to read it all. I’ve been trying to adjust to the world as it is since it began going downhill on an ever increasing manner since Kennedy was in office. That was the year I was finally old enough to vote and like a lot of teenagers I voted for Camelot all the way! It was glamorous and fun until the band packed up and went home and we were left dazed and disoriented, trying to pick up the pieces. And now I have to get up and pack another load to go to Gina’s house for storage. I think by the time I get all closets, shelves, nooks and crannies I’m going to have more than I ever bought in my entire life! Thank goodness my daughter and granddaughter like to stay organized!

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    • Change is the natural state of things … nothing remains static. But the changes we have been experiencing for the past few years go beyond what is natural and beneficial … these changes have been a downhill path away from human rights, away from democratic principles … and toward a bigoted authoritarian society dominated by white, Christian, straight males. Like you, I am not pleased with the changes over the last 10 years or so, not pleased with the bigotry, hatred and divisiveness I see everywhere I look. The question becomes, what is our role in bringing about change for a better, brighter future? I think we must all have a role to play … some bigger, some seemingly tiny. Sigh. So, what’s the latest … will you be getting your daughter’s mother-in-law’s house? Yes, isn’t it amazing how much ‘stuff’ we manage to collect over the years? We have lived here since 1998 and I dread the thoughts of packing up and moving!!!

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      • No, won’t be getting the house. It’s looking like at this late hour a bed in a semi-private room at one of the better nursing homes. Going over there tomorrow to check it out. It’s built on the banks of the Ohio so that is something I love, but sharing a room will be a huge adjustment. Ah well, time for a change for me. I’m hearing rumors that the place I’m living in now is on the way to being closed. I can understand why. Present management has run it so far into the ground only the moles can handle it. We are built on quicksand in this area so it could very well be a structural problem. Just keeping my fingers crossed that we don’t have another temblor courtesy of the San Madrid fault line we are built on.

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        • Awwww Angie!!! That’s too bad … heartbreaking!!! What happened about the house??? I hope two things at the moment: 1) that this is a very short-term solution and that by the end of the year you can have a house or apartment to yourself, and 2) that your roommate is kindhearted and that you hit it off from the beginning. Keeping you in my heart and please keep me posted, dear friend. Love you! 💖

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          • I will be moving into the semi private room at the assisted living home on Friday of this week. Three small drawers and 2 1/2 feet of closet space, maybe a chair and maybe a cabinet I already have, but only if the board agrees. Otherwise I will have only the bed and any new furniture that will fit in the small space, but nothing but clothes from home. Oh, I can take my TV, laptop and bedding. And sewing machine! No table to put it on but I can take it. At least I will be living on the river banks and can sit outside and watch the traffic there as long as I want. And I second your emotion about the roomie! The house my daughter told me I could live in was actually sold by them over a year ago. I don’t know why she told me that I could live there under those circumstances but will never confront her about it,

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            • Awwww … I was hoping you’d stay until midnight on the 31st, just to annoy the crap out of your landlady! You have found a secure place for the rest of your belongings, haven’t you? I really, really hope you won’t be staying in this assisted living home for more than a few weeks, for it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be very comfortable or have that feeling of home. Sigh. I really wish the house your daughter said you could live in hadn’t already been sold. I wonder why she didn’t even know? Ah well … keep looking, my friend! Make your kids help you find something with privacy and space! Keep me posted, please. Love you!

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              • As I told a friend today I think I’m going to wait until the 31st to turn in my keys but it’s a long drive between here and there, so will have to be after she leaves for home at 3:30. That should annoy enough. Some good news today though. I can take my furniture with me, well, the chair, the cabinet and a table for the sewing machine and the laptop. Having the river there is a big help and as far as I know at the moment the other bed is still empty. Maybe it will stay that way for a while so I can get adjusted to being there before a new person arrives. Trying to make the best of it now. Still hoping for the Carmel Home in the near future though.

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                • Heh heh … any little annoyance you can cause her is reason for a smile! Oh, I’m so happy that you’ll be able to take some of your furniture, especially the table for the sewing machine and laptop! I was picturing you sitting on a bed trying to use your sewing machine and it just didn’t seem workable! If thye other bed stays empty … you could make that your workspace!!! I love your attitude … you’re not happy with the arrangements, but you’re gonna do whatever you have to in order to make it work for now. I just hope it’s very temporary! I love you, my friend … keep that head up high!

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    • Yep … the world is about as screwed up as it can be, I think, and if humans had never occupied it, likely it would be just fine … so, if there is a god who made humans in his image, boy did he ever screw that up!

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