Humour In The Snippets!

Sometimes snarky snippets can be humorous, too.

A bit of a disappointment, I guess

A man named Shahram Poursafi started planning to murder former national security advisor John Bolton in October in likely retaliation for his involvement in a drone strike that killed Qassem Soleimani.  Poursafi, a member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, attempted to pay people in D.C. or Maryland up to $300,000 to carry out the murder, but was thus far unsuccessful and the FBI is currently attempting to locate him.

John Bolton was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s “Situation Room” on Wednesday.  Blitzer asked …

“The suspect put a $300,000 price tag on your head.  What goes through your mind, ambassador, hearing the details of this plot, as explained today in great detail by the U.S. Justice Department?”

I don’t know what sort of response I might have expected, but it wasn’t this one …

“Well, I was embarrassed at the low price. I would have thought it would have been higher. But I guess maybe it was the exchange rate problem or something.”

Okaaaay …

A costly – but funny – venture

In Miami, Florida, a dude named Thomas Kennedy and his friends spent $1,800 to commission a plane to fly over Mar-a-Lago for three hours with this banner …

Says Kennedy …

“It brought me a lot of joy to do so. I would do it again.”

Kennedy said the message was for Trump and his supporters who had gathered on the Southern Boulevard Bridge near the property for a third day this week.

“Honestly, go do something better with your time.”

I wouldn’t have spent $1,800, but I have to admit I got quite a kick out of this!

The drama ‘king’

Oh the drama!  If you ever doubted that Sean Hannity of Fox is an actor, not a newsman, wonder no more.  After the search warrant was executed at Mar-a-Lago, Hannity went on a tangent, saying …

“The FBI is blatantly targeting our fellow Americans for their political beliefs. The bureau’s reputation has been shattered. My faith in an organization — I’ll be honest, I had two family members. They were a deity in my family because they worked for this organization. I revered this organization for decades of my life. If you listen to my radio show, watch this show, you know my love of law enforcement, it has now been pretty much utterly destroyed.”

As dramatic a speech as any I’ve heard!  Grow up, Sean … pull up those big-boy pants and get over yourself, ‘k?

Well, folks, that’s all the humour I could find in the news tonight, so will you settle for a few cartoons to round things out?

15 thoughts on “Humour In The Snippets!

  1. Jill, so that is where those cat videos come from (first picture). As we have seen with the sexual predators in powerful position, it is true for political predators as well. The rationalizers, enablers and white washers are just as guilty as the predator. Alex Jones is getting his come-uppance for lying in a harmful way. Maybe Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, et al will be next. Fox News did throw Carlson under the bus on the last defamation lawsuit to distance themselves by saying watchers should not consider what Carlson says as news (under oath I might add). Same goes for his fellow opinion entertainers on any network. Keith

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    • PS – One thing that watchers of what happens to the former president should consider the following truism. A calm, diligent and honorable responder like Merrick Garland will be a factor against a vengeful, mercurial and blaming acting alleged criminal. The biggest fear of the former president are people armed with facts who stick the facts and not the hyperbole.

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      • Oh I fully agree, but it seems that some portion of the American public has become bored with calm, diligent and honourable, and prefers the fear-mongering that we see on a daily basis. Personally, I was pleased by and proud of Merrick Garland yesterday and much prefer him being in charge of the DoJ than I would one of the ranting loonies. And, I think you and I are in the majority on this, but the others are so much louder that they almost seem to be the entire country some days.


    • Yep, that is the main source of the cat videos, although there are others, too. Our Boo is, I’m quite sure, guilty of some!

      Yep, Alex Jones is finally paying the price for his perfidy, and ultimately perhaps the others you mention will as well, though I’m not holding my breath. I just wish we could rely on the news to actually be the news, not a slanted view, not some person’s opinion of the news, but, as Jack Webb playing Sgt. Joe Friday on Dragnet used to say, “The facts, ma’am, just the facts.”


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