Foot-Stomping MAD!

It’s been over a year-and-a-half since thousands joined forces to attack the U.S. Capitol in a failed, but nonetheless bloody coup attempt.  The violence on that day, the calls to ‘hang Mike Pence’, still makes me sick to my stomach.  The fact that the attempted coup was approved of by the ‘man’ who called himself ‘president’ still gives me nightmares.  Violence seems to follow Donald Trump wherever he goes, and he seems to incite a great deal of it.  Since that fateful January 6th, violence and calls for violence have increased … even more so in response to a search warrant that was executed to retrieve national security documents Trump illegally stole from us and possibly shared.

Threats of political violence and actual attacks have become a steady reality of American life such that some days I feel we’re living in Somalia instead of the United States.  And the violence isn’t all political … there have been 27 school shootings so far in the first 7 ½ months of 2022!  School children!!!  Yes, 27!  No, you haven’t heard about all of them, for the media only makes a big deal if a relatively large number of children are killed such as was the case in Uvalde, Texas in May, but in total, 83 people, mostly children, have been shot in those 27 school shootings this year.  Can’t blame these directly on politics, but you can sure as hell can blame the politicians who have consistently blocked any form of gun legislation such as banning assault weapons or far more stringent background checks.  So, their answer is to arm all teachers … put even more guns into the hands of people unqualified to have them!

The political violence, however, is out of control and the feeding frenzy isn’t helped by social media, certain mainstream media outlets, and the politicians who keep telling people that the ‘other’ party is the one responsible for all of our woes.

A man named Garrett Ziegler, a former aide to Donald Trump, posted the names and personal information of the FBI Agents who assisted in the execution of the search warrant to retrieve classified documents from the home of Donald Trump.  He even included the social media account of one of the agent’s children!  Within minutes, the families of these agents began receiving death threats.  DEATH THREATS … against the families of law enforcement agents who were merely doing their jobs!

After the brutal murder of George Floyd in 2020, there were numerous Black Lives Matter protest that were, for the most part, peaceful.  What little violence there was, was property damage, not lives threatened.  But people were up in arms because the protests existed.  Yet some of the same people who hated on Black Lives Matter protestors are the very ones cheering those who are threatening civil war, threatening to execute Merrick Garland!  So … apparently they aren’t against violence at all, but are just against Black people, against LGBTQ people, and against anyone who attempts to hold the ‘man’ they have put on a pedestal accountable for his actions.  And speaking of the LGBTQ community …

In late June, a former Marine stepped down as the grand marshal of a July 4th parade in Houston after a deluge of threats that focused on her support of transgender rights. A few weeks later, the gay mayor of an Oklahoma city quit his job after what he described as a series of “threats and attacks bordering on violence.”  A five-year-old girl was evicted from her kindergarten because her parents are gay.  As I reported a week or so ago, a town in Michigan will shut down its library because the library refuses to ban books by LGBTQ authors or about LGBTQ people or issues!

The judge who signed the warrant to search Trump’s home for the missing classified documents is now receiving death threats, as is his family after some on social media called for a “rope around his neck”.  Then Fox “News” exacerbated the situation by posting a photoshopped fake picture of the judge sprawled out with Ghislaine Maxwell giving him a foot massage.  These are the kinds of things that stir the masses and get people KILLED!!!

Political violence, racial violence, school shootings … what the Sam Hell has this nation turned into???  What are we humans turning into???  Have we sold our humanity downriver, traded it for bigotry, hatred and violence???

I don’t have any answers, my friends.  We can … we must … each do our part by controlling our own tempers, by shutting down any conversations where someone is speaking of or calling for a violent act, but that isn’t going to be enough to solve the problem.  We can report those we see on social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook, but that still won’t solve the problem.  I think the answer lies in a direction none of us particularly want to go, but that perhaps we must go, and that is to put some limitations on the 1st Amendment right to free speech.  I don’t like it anymore than you do, but as I’ve long said, every right comes with an accompanying responsibility, and the people of this nation have abused the right without accepting the responsibility.  It is highly irresponsible, criminal even, to call for violence, to call for someone’s ‘execution’ just because you don’t like what he says or does.  We absolutely MUST start holding social media outlets and mainstream news accountable to a higher standard than they currently observe.

And … I’m sure you’re tired of hearing me say this, but we must have some gun control laws that do something more than pay lip service!!!  Ban assault weapons altogether!  Deny a gun to anybody who has even a single incidence of violent behaviour.  Raise the gun ownership age to 25!  Yes, 25!  And make gun ownership a “one strike, you’re out” thing.  We have to do this!!!  And we must make the punishment for any violent act so harsh that it actually serves as a deterrent!  Every person who was in the Capitol on January 6th without authorization should automatically be serving a 5-year prison sentence.  Those who had weapons or harmed anyone should be in prison for 20 years, no exceptions.  If the price of violence is high enough, people will think before they mouth off or worse yet, grab their guns and go on a shooting spree!

I’ve said it enough times, but I’ll keep on saying it … VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER!!!  We are truly, and this is not hyperbole, turning into a third-world nation where random shootings are becoming the norm, where even children are targets, and where nobody is quite safe anywhere anymore.  Write to your Senators and Representatives and tell them that THEY have the power to make changes and they damn well better do it NOW!!!  I really don’t know what more we can do, but we better start doing something.

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  1. I agree with your ANGER. However, I’m not sure how much effect writing to one’s Senator or Representative will do much good since they are BOUGHT and PAID for by the oligarchs.

    Sadly, this country is going downhill faster and faster and as much as I HATE saying it, I fear the average citizen can do little to stop it. Truth.

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    • I think there is a cumulative effect. If enough people show their elected officials that this matters to them enough to write, then it will begin to matter to them, for without our votes, they are nothing. We need to sometimes remind them of that.

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    • American voters have the opportunity in 2022 to destroy the Republican Party. Most votrs are average citizens. Therefore American citizens fo have the power to stop what is going on. The question is whether they will use it? If they don’t, then this is on them, in the final assessment.

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  2. If there’s any justice left in the world, Trump is going to jail! Latest news:
    Curtin University Professor Joseph Siracusa says former Donald Trump’s problems are “fairly significant” after the FBI raid on his Florida property saw the former president accused of espionage.
    Professor Siracusa said the Biden administration had attempted to reach Mr Trump on several occasions and visited him about returning the documents found in the raid.

    “These charges, particularly the espionage act and mutilating documents, I find extremely serious and troubling”


  3. Thank you for sharing!!… Change has been in the winds as technology gains more knowledge.. there are elements of today’s society that do not want change and therefore deny change… be it guns, religion, climate, race and other subjects too numerous to mention but change will continue, the key is not to over react to the deniers, such as what has happened in Afghanistan, Ukraine and other places, past and present… 🙂

    Folks like you, Keith and others are bringing to light the change and the challenges that lie ahead though may not make the headlines but working with others, using the pen and not the sword… in time it will make a difference as more and more people will make their voices heard!.. remember; “A home that is built with patience, understanding and love will withstand the strongest winds of difficulties and conflict , a home built with a closed mind, insincerity or haste will collapse in a mere breeze of discontent.” (Larry “Dutch” Woller )… 🙂

    Until we meet again..
    May love and laughter light your days,
    and warm your heart and home.
    May good and faithful friends be yours,
    wherever you may roam.
    May peace and plenty bless your world
    with joy that long endures.
    May all life’s passing seasons
    bring the best to you and yours!
    (Irish Saying)

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    • Thank you, Dutch! I like to think that what I do makes a difference, but some days I wonder. I like your reference to “the pen is mightier than the sword” … I’ve long believed that. I think, at least, words have a more lasting effect than violence. Quite honestly, the level of violence today is frightening and I’m beginning to consider moving my family out of the U.S. if possible.

      Since you always send me such beautiful Irish Sayings, I went in search of one for you …

      “For each petal on the shamrock, this brings a wish your way:
      Good health, good luck, and happiness for today and every day.”


  4. I agree the tone of politics is very bad today. Death threats are rampant it seems. People should be held accountable for such actions. However, I do not agree with much else of what is said above.

    1. Protests in 2020 caused 2 billion dollars in damage.

    More than 20 people died protesting the death of one man. What is the sense in this? Mostly peaceful? I could say I am mostly peaceful towards my wife and only beat her one day a month. That’s not acceptable.

    2. Restriction of the first amendment is a very, very bad idea. It is gradually being eroded via social media in any case (and encouraged by government officials). Who becomes the arbiter of what is true information and what is not? The party in power gets to decide? I disagree with you, but I should never be allowed to silence you nor should you to silence me. We need to learn to civilly resolve problems (I think we may agree on this point).

    3. Look up the group Jane’s revenge. Jane’s Revenge promised, “If abortions aren’t safe, you’re not either.

    4. Why the blind hatred of Trump? In my latest post I ask why this man has been so investigated, yet the extraordinary step of seeking a warrant to raid his home is needed to find the criminal evidence that could not be found the last six years. This is what this raid is about: finding the evidence they could not uncover in any other fashion. Stalin’s KGB chief said: show me the person and I will find the crime. This is what we are coming to in this country.

    I agree nobody should be above the law. If we are going to have justice for all, even the president, then let’s compare the actions of Trump with others: Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Abrams, Clinton, and more. I do all that in this post.

    5. Gun control – there are solutions other than taking away all guns. Again, who will decide who is allowed to have a gun and who is not? The folks running politics today will misuse that authority. I am engaging in a much longer discussion on this topic with others. There is much more we can do than simply take away the guns.


    • Thanks for the interesting comments which have appeared above. As an independent and former member of both parties, I am concerned at how many people give the former president a hall pass for things that we should not tolerate in any president. Just as I did not appreciate Bill Clinton lying under oath about his affair, nor did I appreciate the contrived WMD justification by George W. Bush for invading another country, nor did I appreciate Richard Nixon for running a burglary ring and cover-up from the White House, or Nixon and LBJ’s continuance of our involvement in Vietnam knowing it was a lost cause per the Pentagon Papers, I am greatly concerned by Donald Trump’s routine and continual flouting of the laws, even before he became president.

      We need to hold the former president accountable for his actions surrounding and leading up to the insurrection on January 6, which numerous Republicans testified under oath and under threat from Trump supporters regarding their concerns. We cannot ever have what happened on January 6 happen again regardless of party – full stop.

      It is Trump’s modus operandi to claim criticism as a hoax and a witch hunt, but a judge did order him to repay the Trump Foundation for the personal use of donations before it was disbanded and monies distributed per its bylaws and without anyone named Trump overseeing the process. Per testimony under oath, he did run an unapproved shadow diplomacy through Rudy Giuliani for personal gain which was often at odds with the work of the actual diplomats putting us at risk. Per the Mueller report it was determined that there were unhealthy and numerous contacts with Russian resources and the White House was not forthcoming with information. Just because the AG did not bring charges does not mean everything was hunky dory.

      By the way, the same AG who determined this also said to Trump’s face his election fraud claims were BS as did many other Republican staff who testified under oath. This oath thing is important to me as lying under oath is an offense. We are more divided as a nation because a person with a fragile ego cannot admit he lost an election and as his niece said “he will burn it all down to avoid losing the election.”

      I do not like that the media reports on every wart or stubbed toe of the former president as it has made people numb to criticism of Trump. It has also dimmed the focus on very real concerns that we need to get to the bottom of. Do I like Trump? Not really, but what I don’t like is being lied to by someone with a proven track record of such, especially when we need our leaders – all of them – to shoot straight with us. Governing is hard enough with the truth, but nigh impossible when we govern off rhetoric. It matters not which party does it.

      Both parties have some good ideas, but both have some horrendous ideas as well. Sadly, the party I was a member of the longest, the GOP, vilifies its truth seekers and aggrandizes its liars. We need them to get back on a better path. As my favorite conservative pundit, Michael Gerson, says “the Republican party is in decay.” That is what I think. Sorry if it offends.


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      • Thanks Keith for taking the time to respond to one of my bullet items.

        Just for the record I don’t give Trump a hall pass for all he has done. Two things can be true at once. He has done some bad things and he has been accused of many things he hasn’t done. Trump was examined by the special counsel for two years, two impeachments followed, and then a January 6 committee. Why after all these investigations is there nothing criminal to pin on him? They appear to be frustrated and have gone on a fishing expedition to find something they couldn’t not find through all the other proceedings.

        Why take the extraordinary step of a search warrant in his home? It is three months from the next election and despite the DOJ wishing to not unduly influence elections through their actions, this is exactly what they have done. The search warrant has been released, but AG Garland has not commented on why this was done nor has the affidavit which explains the reasoning been released. There appear to be three reasons from a skeptic like me: 1) to influence the next election (Senator Schumer gave this game away with his comments this past weekend 2) to find something, anything to pin on President Trump. Stalin’s KGB Chief (Beria) said: Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime”. The Biden admin is using these same tactics. How distressing, no matter what you think of Trump in any case. 3) As I mentioned in another comment, Kash Patel indicated that Trump declassified many documents regarding the dubious behavior of the Clinton campaign and Obama administration during the 2016 election. The Biden admin wants this information to remain under wraps.

        You mention some trouble with the Trump foundation. I am not familiar with that. Is that criminal? Is that related to his time in office? It may bad behavior, but is it relevant to the current discussion. How about criminal behavior while in office? How about something which justifies searching his home last week?

        Even if Trump’s claims about the elections are BS, they are not criminal. If he believed he was wronged (and I believe he firmly believes it), then he has the right to pursue legal avenues to address his injury. It is another topic we shouldn’t delve into at this moment. However, for 8 years, we heard Bush had lost the election to Gore. January 6, 2017, Jamie Raskin (impeachment manager) and other Democrats challenged more states than the Republicans challenged January 6, 2021. How many lame excuses have we heard from Hillary Clinton for her loss in 2016? How many from Stacy Abrams the last four years? The Democrat Party put Stacy Abrams on a panel of sitting governments at the 2020 convention! I don’t want to criminalize their actions either, but they are comparable with Trump’s claims of a stolen election.

        I also don’t give the people who committed crimes on January 6 a pass. Many have been prosecuted and have served time in jail. But again two things can be true at once. We can decry their behavior while recognizing it was not an insurrection. Where is the evidence of an insurrection instigated by Trump? He said to “peacefully and patriotically march to the Capitol”, words ignored by the J6 committee. The remaining words were parsed to mean whatever is the J6 folks wanted them to mean. Cassidy Hutchison made the claim that Trump attacked the limo driver and tried to grab the steering wheel to take it back to the Capitol. It was never corroborated by Secret Service and was immediately disputed. Hutchinson also said he threw his lunch at the wall. Well, I guess that makes him Napoleon returning from Elba island, right? A nut job went to a baseball field in DC and shot at dozens of Congressman in 2017. He was a Bernie Sanders supporter. Do we hold Sanders accountable? No. So, why do we hold Trump accountable to actions by people he did not personally send? I don’t see any evidence he incited this riot. No credible evidence has been provided. Give me the evidence and I will stand with you.

        The Republican Party is not a paragon of any sort, but then neither is the Democrat Party. I am not fond of many politicians in either party. Both parties are taking us to Hell, but one faster than the other. This is what I see when I look at the Democrat Party in charge today:

        The border is open. More drugs are pouring across than ever before. Crime is rampant in big cities. Our enemies are on the march. Afghanistan showed our weakness, and perhaps Ukraine and Taiwan will as well. Our energy policy is a disaster, and it is harming our national security. Our president is already half-dead, and is clearly just a figurehead. He tells us inflation is temporary and then admits it is not. He redefines recession and inflation and tells us in the midst of our economic woes that all is going to plan.

        Again this month, our government is spending massive amounts of money we don’t have ($739 billion to be exact). More inflation is to come as the demand for money is ratcheted up. Stagflation is next the thing to worry about. Peace talks (kindled by Trump) have stalled in the Middle East while Iran is on its way to obtaining nuclear weapons. Iran attempts to execute former and current government officials while we still negotiate with them ( . COVID policy continues to make little sense, and mistakes are covered up. Our government tells us children must be allowed to determine their own fate when it comes to their gender (and potentially life changing operations), but not with anything else: 16 for driver’s licenses (and only then with parental consent), 18 for voting or to legally engage in sex, 18 to buy a gun (they want to change it to 21), 21 for drinking.

        Hope I covered all your points above. I’m happy to continue to engage on any of this.


  5. We try, we cry, but still we die!
    While I am sure there are gunnuts in the Democrat ranks, gun are the purview of Republicans, just as abortion deniers are mainly Republicans, and most book-banners and education-resisters are Republicans. November, 2022, is America’s best-ever opportunity to tell Republicans they are not wanted by a majority of American voters, by crushing as many Republican candidates as possible.
    And if the Democrats do lose their majorities in Congress, then it is time to move to other nations where the rule of sane laws is still practised.

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    • There may be gun nuts in both parties, but something like 80% of all gun owners support stricter gun laws! It is the gun industry and its lobbying group (NRA) that buy politicians to block gun legislation, despite the will of the people.

      I agree … if there is a Republican majority in both chambers of Congress next year, it is time to start weighing the options. Not so much for myself, for I am old, but for my girls.


    • No it does not make me feel better, it juat makes me feel like the human rave is so divided that it is going to destroy itself.
      How does it help a child to teach them lies over truth? Slavery was real. To teach them it never happened is to lie to them. To teach a child it is bad to be a homosexual is to create hate. There have always been homosexual people, abd there always will be. And if defend such things then I think you were taught wrong in the first place.
      A child is not a child until it is born. This is why we have the term fetus. No one complained about the term fetus until pepple started screaming about abortion being murder. Have you read what the man who made the first video about abortion being wrong has to say about that video. His new video is on my blogsite, Ideas from Outside the Boxes. He made it as a teenager when he did not truly understand what abortions were all about. He regrets ever making that video.
      Nope, what I feel is that half of America wants to go backwards instead of forwards, and the natural direction of evolution is to go forwards. Life evolves, looking for something better. Those who want to devolve are unnatural, going against nature. That lessens humanity, rather than making us greater than we are right now.

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        • I think perhaps it was my comment you deleted. I am Dave not Scott. I mainly objected to labels carelessly thrown about by the commenter above. I am sure I said nothing inappropriate.

          I question I asked was: what is an “abortion denier”? It seems to me those who deny a child in the womb has a right to life are denying something.

          Next we move on to the denial of slavery. I am not sure how we jump from abortion to slavery. And who is denying slavery did not exist?

          One can believe homosexual behavior is a sin (the Catholic Church which represents more than a billion people believes so), while still loving the homosexual. It is a bizarre notion that we who do not affirm homosexual behavior hate homosexuals themselves. When one equates the behavior with your very identity, problems abound.

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          • Sorry, I am not logged into my WordPress account, so I came across as “anonymous”. I am not trying to sabotage anything. I just would like to engage in a logical discussion of ideas. I find so many notions expressed on this page baffling.

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          • My humble apologies, Dave! I have a troll … he used to be a friend, but now he calls me every vile name he can think of and slips his comments in under various names, and sometimes as ‘Anonymous’. He has also threatened me, so I am fairly diligent in monitoring comments and weeding out those I can’t identify. In the future, please just sign your name, ‘Dave’, at the end of your comment so I will know who it came from. Now … in response to your comment …

            A fetus is not yet a child, has no consciousness. Once that child is born, he needs a parent, he needs the basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter, which his mother may or may not be able to provide. And the mother is a full fledged human being with the right to decide whether she can be a parent at this time, a right to make the decisions about her own body. In addition, as you’ve seen, some states are now risking women’s lives to force them to carry a non-viable fetus to term or an ectopic pregnancy. Believe me, a woman does a lot of soul-searching before she decides on an abortion, but at the end of the day, it must be her decision and hers alone.

            Ahhh … thus far, it is mostly Florida and Texas that are attempting to whitewash history. Just this week, a teacher refused to take down posters in his classroom featuring such Civil Rights leaders as Harriet Tubman, Dr Martin Luther King, Colin Powell and others, so the school ordered staff to remove the posters. Textbooks and library books are being banned for any mention of our treatment of the Indigenous People or Black people.

            And as for LGBTQ people … yes, one can believe as he/she wishes, but they cannot … they do not have the right … to force everyone to believe their way! And that is what certain evangelical groups are attempting to bring about … to make it a crime to marry or cohabitate with a person of the same sex. What the heck does it matter to them? I have a number of LGBTQ friends who are married … it’s not my business who they choose to love, nor is it their business who I choose to love! This country is moving backward, in my view.

            Again, my apologies for removing your original comment … I really thought it came from Scott.

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            • Ok. We should all have autonomy over our own bodies. However, we should not have autonomy over another’s body. A fetus is a living being. The mother’s responsibility is to that living being. She does not have the right to take its life.

              Man and wife are considered one. A man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife (Mark 10:7). Despite this unique bond my wife and I have, I do not have the authority to take her life.

              More than 63 million children have been aborted since Roe v Wade was adjudicated. That’s a holocaust. That’s a sin too great for a country to bear. I have written extensively about this topic. I have quoted public figures who support it; I have analyzed their words. I have engaged with others directly. Their argument ultimately comes down to either the denial that a child in the womb has a right to live or a failure to even recognize a fetus as a human life at all (as you seem to do above).

              Does a mother have ten or twenty fingers? She has ten of her own and the child has ten as well. But still you see that child with ten fingers, ten toes, and a beating heart as not a true life of it it is a life; you see this baby as a life is not worthy of being defended by others like me. Why should any of us have the right to deny life to that child? We take the place of God when we do.

              Please enlighten me how are Florida and Texas whitewashing history? I see whitewashing of history by Nicole Hannah-Jones and the 1619 project. I see whitewashing by the Democrat Party which wants to deny the party’s own history which brought us slavery, Dred Scott decision, defeat of the first civil rights legislation, the KKK, lynching, Jim Crowe, and so much more (all of which had their genesis in the Democrat party).

              I had not heard before of the teacher being forced to take down posters. It certainly sounds bad. Is it a trend? I certainly hope it is a one-off. The school board is investigating per the story I just read on it. I will follow-up on this. If there is not a very good explanation, it will not be tolerated by hardly anyone.

              Who is banning textbooks for treatment of black and indigenous people? Give some examples please. I am very dubious.

              Who is forcing LGBTQ people to believe what we believe? They can live their lives as they wish. However, what the politically active seek is my affirmation of LGBTQ behavior. It is not enough for me to tolerate their behavior. I must affirm it or I am labeled as a bigot, hater, and so much more. I get this response from friends and even family. Every single discussion on this topic, comes down to why can’t I agree that their behavior is good? I do not seek to limit their behavior in any way. I just don’t affirm their behavior. That is my great sin according to my critics.



  6. well said, Jill. I’m with you on gun control. and fingers crossed that (at a minimum) one of the outcomes of the Mar-a-Lago search warrant is that Trump will never be allowed to run for office again…

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  7. It’s all very sadly and maddeningly true, Jill. The media and social media do not help either – nor do the spineless politicians who either don’t say anything or who stoke the fires of chaos. Going after law enforcement officials who are just doing their jobs – and their children – really is taking it all one step too far!

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    • It is a step too far, and it seems to span all venues. I have received death threats on two occasions since my blog became political. I blew them off as an anomaly, but the rage in this nation is increasing daily and I … I just don’t know how long before this nation is on a par with Nicaragua or Somalia! We’ve got to find a way to calm people down, to convince them that there WILL be a price to pay for violence and threats of violence. Sigh. I’m seriously considering, if things go much further downhill, relocating to your country.

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  8. Jill, people have died or gone to jail for having taken Donald J. Trump at his word. And, that is not counting those who believed his COVID-19 is a hoax stuff early on and failed to take precautions or attended a pep rally of his without knowledge of the true risks that the former president new as of February 7, 2020 shortly before he exposed his most ardent supporters en masse.

    As a sidebar, a director of a long term care facility was applauded for having no COVID-19 breakouts. When asked why, he said when President Trump said it was not a big deal, I knew then it was as he is prone to lying. So, we immediately took steps to prevent its spread. He listened to a president who lies often and did the opposite.

    When his fans say he has done nothing criminal, we should calmly point out that he has been found guilty of or settled court cases that were about his fraudulent actions. These range from stealing money from his Foundation to racial discrimination in housing practices to not paying contract workers there due fees or costs.

    So, it is not a stretch to say he continues to do bad things like sedition, lying, profiting and stealing. Keith

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    • That long-term care director was light years ahead of most of the rest of the nation!

      Trump will never change his stripes, and likely there are those who will never give up their support of him. I can accept that, but what I cannot accept … what we should not ever be willing to accept … is the threat of violence, the death threats. That is what happens in Nicaragua, Venezuela, Somalia … not the U.S.!!! People are getting killed and somehow we must find a way to turn down the heat on the political disharmony. The best way, I think, to accomplish this is to make legal punishment a true deterrent, to show the masses that … you pick up a gun or make a threat against another person, you ARE going to jail for a long time. No ifs, ands, or buts.


      • Jill, anyone on any side of any issue who encourages violence because he or she doesn’t like their opinion or actions is in the wrong. What is sad to me is the callousness of folks like Donald J. Trump who do not care what happens to folks that do his bidding, as he will surely walk away from them saying it is not my fault. It matters not what party the former president belongs to, sedition is a crime against our country, extorting another country for personal gain is a crime in our country, etc. And, while promoting division through lying is not a crime, it certainly is not what a great leader would do. Keith

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        • All true, but I don’t think anybody ever mistook Trump for a great leader … or even a leader, for that matter. His effect could so easily be minimized by the press, but … sigh … it’s apparently what sells ads.


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