The word ‘unprecedented’ has been used more in the past week than at any other time, I do believe.  Yes, a search warrant served on a former president was without precedent until last Monday, but then … the entirety of Donald Trump’s ‘presidency’ was without precedent!

No other president had been involved in more than 5,000 lawsuits before taking office.  No other president had been elected despite some 25 sexual harassment claims against him.  No other president would have or could have been elected after having said that “when you’re famous, you can do anything … you can grab them by the #####.”  No other president fired a top level bureaucrat (FBI Director James Comey) for refusing to swear an oath of fealty to him … not the nation, but him.  No other president denigrated our allies while cozying up to authoritarians and dictators.  And the list goes on, but you get the picture … the entire four years was jaw-dropping and unprecedented.

And then the year and a half of his post-presidency has been entirely unprecedented.  Most presidents after either terming out or being defeated in election go quietly and with dignity, moving on to the next stage of their lives.  Trump, however, continues to claim he won the election, continues to hold rallies and call himself “president”, continues to endorse conspiracy theorists and only those people who still, after a year-and-a-half, go along with his ‘big lie’ that he won the 2020 election.  Now seriously, folks, does this sound like a normal person?  I could go on and on about the ‘unprecedented’ things he did, like threatening to withhold military aid that had already been approved by Congress unless Ukraine agreed to make up lies about a private citizen.  Or the time, just a few months after his inauguration, that he met with Russian diplomats (Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak) and relayed highly classified information to them.  And no president in the history of the United States has told so many lies that they were tracked on a daily basis (he averaged 14.8 lies per day).

And let’s not forget the big one:  No other president has plotted and incited an attempted coup to overturn a fair and honest election, to overthrow the duly elected government.  NONE.  EVER.

There has, in short, been absolutely nothing ‘normal’ about the Trump era, and the fact that he removed highly classified documents from the White House upon his exit is just one more in a string of abnormalities, or unprecedented behaviour over the past 6 years or so.  It is, perhaps, the straw that broke the camel’s back, the last straw.  When anyone … a politician or private citizen … puts the entire nation, indeed the entire world at risk by his own stupidity, it may well require ‘unprecedented’ actions to mitigate the damage.  The search warrant and removal of highly classified documents was fully right and proper, was completely justified.  My only question is … how did he manage to get out with some 27 or more boxes of documents to which he had no right in the first place?  Was his keeper asleep on the job?  And … perhaps most important of all … has our national security been breached beyond repair?

Keep in mind that literally everything was unprecedented once upon a time.  This is how societies and nations grow.  Once upon a time, it was unprecedented for Black people or women to be allowed to vote in this country.  Once upon a time, it was unprecedented to have a Black president.  Once upon a time, automobiles, planes, cruise ships, electric appliances, computers and more were unprecedented, but today they are a part of everyday life.  ‘Unprecedented’ need not necessarily have a bad connotation!  In this case, it simply means we are moving forward to remedy a potentially dangerous situation.  Period.

I would hope that adults on both sides of the political spectrum would act like adults, drop the hyperbole, and look at the facts, rather than calling for and engaging in violent activities.  Donald Trump is no longer the president, he is a civilian just like you and I, subject to the same laws we are.  He has gotten by with far too much, in part because of his bluster and in part because he instills fear of retaliation into the members of his party.  It’s time for it to stop.  It’s time for justice to be served, for his nearly-unfettered romp through our political systems to come to its logical end.  Unprecedented?  Every single thing about him and his ‘presidency’ has been unprecedented, and now it’s time to finish the job, to ensure that he steps back, steps down, and is relegated to the annals of history … a history which, unless I miss my guess, will view him as the most horrible, unprecedented of all the presidents we have had.

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  1. I was surprised at how he gets away with appearing to be pro-Israel when he leaked information about that nation in the Oval — and after having said things during the campaign that others would be (and have been) accused of being anti-Semitic for.

    ( … Lavrov and … Kislyak) and relayed highly classified information to them.

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  2. Unfortunately, so long as tRump is still breathing, his unprecedented actions will continue. He is the most insecure person on this planet and to compensate for this, he must constantly and unendingly parade himself and his conspiracies before those who think/believe their fealty to him will lift them to political heights.

    Only when tRump is gone will this nation begin to heal.

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    • The key is to cut off the arm before gangrene sets in … oh wait! Gangrene has already set in and poisoned about 30%-40% of the country! I long for the day that I can log onto the news and not see his name or his ugly mug at all. Sigh.

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    • His main modus operandi is, if he can’t get his way, he sues! And, more than half those lawsuits were brought against him for such things as discrimination against Blacks and Hispanics in housing and employment, cheating contractors out of their pay, and more. He is not an honest person at all! Ha ha … I suspect he’s earned his place in the Guinness Book of Records in a number of areas! xx

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  3. I like the way you juxtaposed the “good” unprecedented with the oh-so-veryveryveryvery bad.

    It’s constantly unfathomable to consider that everyone knew what a lawless, unethical hate monger he was—and yet here we are. It’s as if all these people suddenly decided “the id has it”—don’t bother me with rules (golden or any other). Their error is in thinking he cares about them, while his id is the only one that counts.

    But Karma with a capital K is coming from an unlikely source—as I note in my post today.

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    • Thanks, Annie! I did check out your post … love the Stephen Colbert meme! In fact, I do love Colbert … he manages to inject humour into the darkness. And yay for the librarians!

      I will never understand the blind love that so many have for a ‘man’ who is the ultimate definition of narcissist, of megalomaniac. Let us hope that despite all the laws attempting to keep us from the polls, the majority of the voters are those who still retain their brain and remember how to operate it come November. Sigh.


  4. Almost everything Trump does is unprecedented. In this case, the word has become a distraction, which plays right into his playbook of ways to divert attention from WHAT HE DID. He brought the search warrant on himself when he illegally took the documents from the White House, brought them to Mar-a-Lago, and defied a subpoena. Enough already!

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    • Agreed! But then, there are so bloomin’ many distractions about today that most people find it hard to stay focused on any one thing for more than a few minutes. I hope the DoJ is able to ignore the rabble-rousing and stay focused so that the ‘man’ who considers himself above the law can finally be brought to justice … preferably in a small cell.

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  6. Jill, the former president caused reporters and authors to wear out the term “unprecedented.” What has always puzzled me as how can a grown male garner such zealous fans by behaving exactly like we tell our kids not to? If our kids did what he does, we would send them to their room.

    The other comment is Nelson Mandela was also unprecedented, but he carried himself with dignity. And, when his followers pushed him to be more exclusive, he brought the country together around their national rugby team. He also invited people to invest in his country. He will be remembered as a great leader, while our previous president has been rated in the bottom five of US presidents by presidential historians.

    A leadership consultant once told me on a road trip to a client, a great leader deflects credit to others, while a bad one assumes the credit, even when it is not due. When Donald J. Trump said at the 2016 GOP convention “I, alone, can solve our problems,” he was being both naive and showing self-serving and poor leadership.


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    • You and I share that puzzlement. I’ve had several theories such as people aren’t getting the level of education they need, they are bored with the status quo (since we haven’t been involved in a major war for a long time), but I think no single explanation can answer that question. Apparently Trump was never sent to his room or punished in any significant way, but too, I think he was born lacking something … a conscience.

      Indeed, Nelson Mandela (and many others … think John Lewis) were unprecedented in a good way … they helped people, helped the world grow and better understand humanity.

      I like the premise of your leadership consultant, and I once had a boss who I’ve mentioned before who had the same attitude. But no, Trump missed that boat altogether. Sigh.


      • Thanks Jill. Your lack of a major war reminds me of Comicus, the Roman emperor who perpetuated the Roman gladiators. He, like Trump, was not considered much of a leader and had little respect from his armed forces. Keith

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  7. As you say, and was said at the time, everything about his term of office was ‘unpresidented.’ Wouldn’t it be great if he ended up where he belongs, modelling an oversize orange jumpsuit.

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  8. “the entirety of Donald Trump’s ‘presidency’ was without precedent!”

    Mhm! First time in however that America did only damage already started by Trump’s predecessors and stayed remarkably quiet and peaceful. Okay, there were some glitches here and there (Guaido) but all in all it was a kinda relaxed time. The dems, hardly a few weeks after taking the throne, started warmongering and insecurity again and drove the whole world into the biggest economic crisis ever! It only starts showing now, it will get worse, much worse. 😦

    Thank you America for rendering my small pension worthless. Aholes! 😦

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    • Perhaps in South Africa, looking from afar, you saw it as a relaxed time, but it was the most chaotic 4 years we’ve experienced during a non-war presidency. And no, don’t blame us for your pension … the financial woes are global, my friend.

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      • Not just South Africa, we’re talking about 80% of the global population here, darling. And as I’ve already mentioned once or twice in the past, nobody in these 80% gives a flyin’ phuc about your internal chaos. No effin’ body! Of course he’s a terrible ahole but Trump’s time was indeed a relaxed time for most of us.

        I blame the German govt (I’m German by design and spent the first 36 years of my life there) for my dwindling pension – if I ever get one in the first place – but they were pushed by Washington to do all these stupid things: Put sanctions on Russia and China, vowing to buy terrible weapons for 100 billion $$$ in peanuts land. You see: No USA, no problems. Easy as eating pie.

        And from South Africa I’m not looking from afar. I live here, it’s as close to me as America is close to you. As far as global politics goes I’d say SA is much closer to what’s going on than far away America. We’re good friends with the whole world, particularly with China/Russia, so we’ll have a much better picture of what’s happening.

        And in case you didn’t know yet, it is Washington’s declared goal to drive a wedge between Russia and Germany, disturb their newfound romance and concrete business plans. Nordstream 2 was instigated by Germany and mostly built by Russia … and hated by America. Of course. That was the reason for the CIA to orchestrate the Maidan massacre, shell the Donbass for 8 years, poke the sleeping bear more and more … until he reacts. Than shout nonsense about unprovoked invasion and talk the stupid German govt into break up with Russia. Kill two flies in one fell swoop: De-industrialize Germany and ruin the Russian economy. Trick worked on Germany but of course not on Russia.

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        • I’ve no idea where you get your information, Orca, but I seriously doubt that 80% of the world’s population agree on virtually anything, let alone that the Trump era was peaceful. Sure, there were no wars, but he was a threat to the entire globe, and most world leaders realized it.

          I didn’t know you were originally from Germany! I have a few friends there, and one of my closest friends at work was German-born. Sadly, she died last year.

          No, Washington’s goal isn’t to drive a wedge between Russia and Germany, but rather to keep Putin from starting a nuclear war! But, you and I will always disagree on this and other issues … as long as we can do so without being cruel, without rancor, it’s all good.

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          • I guess I’ve even heard them talking openly about getting Germany and Russia apart, in order to stop Nordstream2 and to de-indutrialize Germany. Nordstream 2 was something that made Washington green with envy, and angry to boot, you just had to follow the news to see it.
            America’s already lost Africa, India now, too. And the Arabs are about to jump ship as well. They just couldn’t let Germany and France join Russia and focus on the far east.


            This is the most outlandish claim I’ve ever heard! Where’s your fuxn evidence?

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            • Aaaaand btw, why would they change their infamous modus operandi just this one time? No, no, no, this is Washington’s playbook all over, tried and true since 1918. The evidence is overwhelming.


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