Biden and Dems are Getting Stuff Done

My blogging buddy Jeff over at On the Fence Voters has found some things to be optimistic about and I like the way he thinks. We all need to remember that amidst the dark terrain of today’s political landscape, things ARE getting done, there IS hope for our future. Thank you, Jeff … I think we all need to remember that we have a president who cares about ALL the people, not only those with money to burn!

On The Fence Voters

Contrary to my pessimism about the midterms post a while back, my attitude is beginning to change. Things are getting better in the United States of America, and we have President Joe Biden and the Democrats to thank for that.

Meanwhile, the corrupt former president awaits his fate from many investigations and probes, and his sycophantic friends in the GOP proudly stand by him. This fact reflects the stark contrast between our two political parties. One party is working for the American people—the other works for one man and a deranged group of his cult followers.

To be sure, you may not like everything Joe Biden and the Democrats are doing. Some might not think the recently passed legislation, The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), goes far enough. Perhaps you believe centrist Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema played too significant a role and whittled down the bill to something far…

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14 thoughts on “Biden and Dems are Getting Stuff Done

  1. Please help me to understand how a bill that spends billions is suppose to reduce inflation???
    Austrian school of economic theory states that spending dilutes the value of currency and contributes to inflation.
    Build back better is like Keynesian economics on steroids! Am i missing something or are we headed toward 70s stagflation and severe economic hardship?
    Manchin admits ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ won’t tame inflation for Americans anytime soon. OK… now i’m curious what kind of kickbacks Manchin and Sinema are getting.


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