Friday’s Theme Music

In lieu of my own music post today, I give you my friend Michael’s “Friday Theme Music”. I’m not a big fan of Elvis — too much schmaltz & glitter, too much gyrating to suit me — but he did a few songs that I particularly like, and this is one of them. Thanks, Michael! Cheers!

Michael Seidel, writer

We’ve come to Friday. Full stop. What else needs said? Everyone has a Friday sense, a feel for what Friday means for them. We do that with every day, though, depending on schedules and activities, wants and needs, desires and confusion, determination and goals.

Rain is falling on this Oregon coast August 19th. The sun’s reappearance was dampened by clouds but still took place at 6:23 this morning. Turning away from Sol — which often invokes Pink Floyd and someone singing, “On the turning away” — takes place at 8:19 this evening. By that time, we’ll expect to be at 67 F, a small jump from our current 16 C. They say it feels like 60. Whatever, it’s loaded with soft salty fishy oceany fragrances sprinkled with dirt, sand, and asphalt, along with plant smells. Know that melange? It’s a relaxing scent to inhale, one that unfolds the soul and…

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7 thoughts on “Friday’s Theme Music

  1. Elvis is KING for very good reason, check out his early Sun Record sessions! There’s a new Elvis biopic that just came out and it’s incredible, i’d highly recommend in theaters now.
    Austin Butler plays Elvis *swoon* ❤

    A whole new generation of fans will keep his legacy alive!!


  2. That’s a song I’ve never heard before. I wasn’t really an Elvis fan, but perhaps the most powerful and moving song I have heard is one written by Mac Davis and performed by Elvis – In the Ghetto. I was 19 or 20 when it was released, and it had a profound effect – helping me realise how being underprivileged is not a choice. I suspect that had it been a less powerful singer, the message might have passed under my radar.

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    • I wasn’t an Elvis fan either, but “In the Ghetto” is one of my all-time favourites and never fails to bring me to tears. I haven’t played that one in my music posts for a few years … perhaps it’s time.

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    • Hmmmm … I don’t know why, but I’m not in the least bit surprised!!! 🤣 Michael usually does play songs that would be more to your liking, but every now and then he plays one that’s a bit more … mellow.

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