Sometimes Silence Really Is Golden …

Sometimes when you have nothing to say, you should simply … say nothing.  Today, I have nothing of any importance to say, so I am giving you all (and myself) a break by saying nothing!  Meanwhile, though … I highly recommend that you go read Keith’s post today about workplace humour!  Guaranteed to make you laugh!

6 thoughts on “Sometimes Silence Really Is Golden …

    • Well, I was planning to spend some “me time” reading, etc., but my friend/neighbor had her baby this afternoon, so Chris and I spent the afternoon at the hospital with her. Her mum was going to come here from Iraq to be with her, but her visa was denied by the U.S. government. Sigh. Anyway, it was still nice … got to see the baby up close … man, it’s toes are TINY!!! It’s a girl, by the way, and they named her Naya. I hope your Sunday was great as well, and now we’re back to the work week! Yay!


      • Awww! Soo glad you and Chris could be there for your friend! A new baby, how exciting! Babies are so precious and yes their fingers and toes are so tiny! Congratulations to them!
        That is awful that her mom couldn’t come over. 😔
        I did have a relaxing Sunday, thanks! 🙂 Here is a (((Hug))) to start your week off! 💛

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