The difference between conservatives and liberals

Scottie posted this twitter video today and … this guy gets down to the very core, the basics, in his explanation of the division between Liberal and Conservative in this nation. He is so spot on that I just had to share it! Thanks, Scottie! Hugs

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Randy left this incredible grand tweet in a comment on a post.   It is so grand I felt more people needed to see it.    Thanks again brother.   Hugs

Hi Scottie;
I’ve come to the point that I no longer find myself at all surprised what the repukes do. I did find this interesting tweet, thought I’d share it below.
Hope you are moving better from your voting. It says just how much you believe in… well, just how much you walk the walk, and not just talk the talk.

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21 thoughts on “The difference between conservatives and liberals

  1. Hello Jill. Thank you for the shout out and reblog. Yes it as the clip shows the difference between parties is one works to promote / help profits, and the other works to promote / help people. As I am people I prefer the party that wants to help me and promote my quality of life. Hugs

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    • I’m simply disgusted and sickened by those who put party, who put corporate profits, ahead of people. And somehow they have convinced the masses that it’s in their best interests!!! Sigh. Hugs


  2. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter, never did, and now even less. We know why you call the WH gvt an administration. Because it is one. The pres and his team are just fulfilling the orders of the true powers in America. No matter if dem or rep, profits first, free range for all big capitalist enterprises. People and other shit don’t matter. They should eat cake and keep quiet.

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  3. Simply said. Kinda. In Canada the Liberal Party is as much about profits as they are about people, leaning somewhat to profits first. The Party of the People in Canada is the New Democratic Party (NDP) who have never yet been in power federally because they are neither liberal or conservative, they are Socialist. But since they became a party in the 40s or 50s (Canadian Confederation of Farmers or CCF) they are responsible for almost every social program in Canada, including Public Health, Employment Insurance which started out as Unemployment Insurance, Workers Compensation, Mental Health, and more. This is the party Americans are missing.
    But even though we have the NDP, we have to blame Americans for why they have never gained national power.
    The bullshit the GOP spread in the USA about fearing Socialism and Communism spilled over the border, and 75% of Canadians still refuse to vote NDP because of unreasoned fear.
    What is being taught by Republicans in America is unreasoned fear, Democrats are going to take away freedoms. Meanwhile, Republicans are the ones taking away all the freedoms, but somehow their supporters are convinced the Democrats are the scary party.

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    • I’m finding, from conversations with Canadian and UK friends, that ‘liberal’ in the U.S. is not quite the same as it is in some other countries. Frankly, I lean more toward being a socialist with each passing year here in the U.S. The very people who rant and rail against socialism don’t even understand what it is. But, it hardly seems fair to blame the mess in the U.S. for the political situation in Canada, now does it? Sigh. I think maybe the entire world needs a ‘re-boot’.

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      • Again. I am blamimg certain Americans for making all North Americans, and others elsewhere, aftaid of Socialism. They knew how potent an enemy Socialists could be, so they wrapped them in the same blanket as Communists, and turned almost everyone against them–there, here, almost everywhere capitalism and democracy reign together. Hell, before the Koch brothers and people like them, we had a viable Communist Party in Canada. It isn’t totally gone, but next to noone votes for them anymore. Why? Because of Joseph McCarthy. We were doing fine before the aforementioned assholes spent fortunes convincing Americans that Socialists were as dangerous (to them!) as Communists. Those messages may have been for Americans, but they were heard all over the “free” world. So, yes, I blame America for that!

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