Speaker of Arizona’s House speaks up

This election cycle is unique in so many ways, but one thing that disturbs me is watching the Republicans literally ‘eat their own’. If one doesn’t fully go along with the ‘party line’, which is whatever the former guy says it is, then they will receive no support, will be vilified and likely fade into political obscurity. Meanwhile, folk like Marge Greene and Herschel Walker will step in to further downgrade the GOP. Our friend Keith’s post today shows us an example of that and a hint of where it might lead. Thank you, Keith!


In an article called “Ousted Republican reflects on Trump, democracy and America: ‘The place has lost its mind’” by Ed Pilkington of The Guardian, long-time Republican Rusty Bowers reflects on his actions that led to his failure to win reelection in the GOP primary. Who is Bowers?

Per the article, “Rusty Bowers was speaker of Arizona’s house of representatives when he stood up to the former president’s demand that he overturn the election result. He paid the price but has no regrets.

Rusty Bowers is headed for the exit. After 18 years as anArizonalawmaker, the past four as speaker of the state’s house of representatives, he has been unceremoniously shown the door by his own Republican party.

Rusty Bowers shakes hands with Adam Schiff at a January 6 hearing in June.

Last monthhe lost his bidto stay in the Arizona legislature in a primary contest in which his opponent was endorsed by Donald Trump. The rival, David Farnsworth, made an…

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6 thoughts on “Speaker of Arizona’s House speaks up

  1. Jill, thanks for the reblog. Here is yet one more person who has devoted his life to the Republican Party, who even campaigned for the former president, but is persona non grata because he said he would not cheat for him. Yet, his opponent who says the election was “satanically snatched” from Donald Trump is the preferred kind of statesman. By itself, that one example speaks volumes at how untethered to the truth the GOP has become. Keith

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    • One thing that bothered me was that after Bowers’ testimony before the January 6th committee, he said he would still vote for Donald Trump. My understanding is that he has since recanted on that, but … that he would have even said or thought it is … puzzling, at best. Yes, my friend, the GOP no longer has any credibility in my mind, and their only hope is to disenfranchise as many poor, elderly, and Black voters as possible. They’re certainly working toward that goal. Sigh.


  2. For their own good, Democrats and Swamp Republicans need to understand that Donald Trump is reshaping the political multiverse. Because he is remarkably powerful, predatory and cunning, and so far, never been caught, the old ways of thinking and acting must be updated. Brute force, show trails, phony impeachments bounce off his back like water off a duck’s tail. Case in point Liz Cheney. Trump destroyed her. The truth hurts. But better a little butt hurt than total annihilation.

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    • The Republican Party as a whole is reshaping the political multiverse. Trump was merely in the right place at the right time to be their voice, and he is merely a symptom of something that has been lurking just under the surface since 2008. First, though … I must disagree … the impeachments were not phony … he was legitimately impeached and for cause. And don’t be so quick to write off Liz Cheney … she may well come back to bite the GOP in the arse. She may be down, but not for the count, I think.

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