The Week’s Best Cartoons 8/27

I thought I’d give you guys a break from my political commentary today, so this morning it was silos, this afternoon it’s … TOONS!  TokyoSand over at Political Charge has a knack for finding the best ones each week, and this week is no exception.  With the clock ticking down to the November 8th election, needless to say much of the air space will be taken up with election-related ‘toons & commentary for the next 11 weeks, but there is other news, too!  Be sure to click the link at the bottom, for there is much more on TS’ post!  Thank you, TS, for all your hard work in finding the best of the best this week!

I know I’ve been feeling the momentum from the Democrats, and the utter sputtering of the Republicans, about, well, everything. And these feelings are perfectly reflected in the cartoons I found by our favorite editorial cartoonists.

Be sure to check out the rest of the ‘toons!

17 thoughts on “The Week’s Best Cartoons 8/27

  1. I don’t agree with your political philosophy, but I enjoy the cartoons as well. It’s a good respite.

    You pick on Republicans, which is okay. I consider myself a conservative, but I think both parties are taking us to Hell, one a bit faster than the other. Here is a snippet from latest post, something for liberals and progressives like y’all to consider:

    Many conservatives are critical of Trump and the Republican party. They just don’t criticize in a way which endears them to the Democrat party as Representative Cheney did. Folks like me who have voted Republican, very much want change in the Republican party. I will say plainly the leadership of McConnell, McCarthy, and Cornyn along with phony Republicans like Romney, Murkowski, Collins, and so many others is just abysmal. These folks are not representative of the rank and file in any way. The Republican political class appears to despise its voters and rarely lives up to its promises. I often agree with liberal assessments of the current crop of Republican politicians, but I challenge them look at their own leadership as well. Many of us vote Republican only because the alternatives, Democrats and turncoat Republicans like Representative Cheney, are even worse.

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    • If I “pick on Republicans”, it is a well-deserved ‘picking’. Tell me … what would you say the Republican Party today stands for? From where I sit, they stand for racism, misogyny, forced religion, enhancing the wealthy, uber capitalism, and NOT for things that would make this nation better for all.

      Yes, some conservatives have pulled away from Trump and paid a high price. Others despise him but continue to lick his boots because they care more about their own political career than about the people of this nation.


      • My point above is that you should look at the Democrats as well. I pick on both parties because they are comprised of people who are generally out for their own self-interest.

        I vote Republican because the alternative is so much worse, but I will say Republicans do not stand for racism, misogyny, and forced religion. This is the narrative but it is so untrue. Why would any politician do this? They couldn’t get votes if they did. Did you see my comments on your history post? Dr. Kendi, leading CRT advocate, can’t even define racism and further he calls for more racism to combat the racism of the past; this ideology will lead us into never ending racism as more and more racism is needed in the future to combat racism of today.

        Both parties are for enhancing the wealthy, or at least the wealthy who vote for them. They are all politicians. You seem to think Democrats are out for the good. They are like all politicians on both sides: their goal is to get re-elected. They are not out to solve problems (but they are good at convincing you and others that’s what they are here to do). If you finally realize that you will see what is going on. You gushed about Rep Cheney recently, but she is looking out for her self-interests, nobody else. She is making a career on trashing Trump and she won’t go beyond that lane and speak out on other problems. She could have changed the party as she was in Republican leadership, but she chose a different route, one that she will keep playing to keep herself relevant. She likes the praise she gets now from Dems and she will make sure she keeps them on her side now that her die is cast. Politics is so cyncial and you need to see how self-interested most of these folks really are.

        I studied mathematics in college. It taught me one thing other than how to find a derivative; it taught me how to think, how to think logically and clearly. There is very little logical thought going on today. It is so distressing to see what passes for thought today. We are the most “educated” people; we have the most information at our fingertips than any other time in history, but we don’t know how to interpret any of it. So many people start with the answer and look for facts to support their beliefs. The label and demonize anyone who has an opposing point of view. Getting people to realize how wrong they are is lost cause according to my wife, but as Mother Theresa says: “do it anyway”.

        I am not sure what uber capitalism is, so I will let that lie.

        What do I believe in? I am a conservative and conservatives are not so well represented in government. We believe in family (this is the basis of our society), in education (what is defined as education today is anything but), in choice in education (let’s finally try vouchers), in limited government as defined in the Constitution (return to the sovereignty to the people), in an America which sets moral standards for the world, in a strong military (we saved the world from tyranny twice and we forget yet again how and why we did it).

        So much of what I write about today is to counter the awful things promoted by the Left: abortion, forced vaccination, transgendering kids and the military. politicization of everything (sports, science, military, etc.), war on fossil fuels (which will lead to our ultimate demise), the merger of liberal media and liberal politicians, the dishonesty of the liberal media (I do credit Trump for exposing them so well), the hateful, intolerant, and disunifying rhetoric of so many Left’s public figures (the Right is not the best either, but nowhere near as bad as the Left).


    • It is … the first time I saw it I told my daughter that it was the most perfect analogy! In fact, I’ve just used it again in my post for this morning! What I’d really love is to have an entire Trump-free week! One with not a single word about him or picture of him anywhere on the news sites! Yeah, I know … not gonna happen. I wonder, once he’s gone for good, will people be bored without him?


      • The J6 committee, the Biden Admin, CNN, and others keep bringing him back because he is the one thing that unites the Left. Without unity against Trump (I call it blind hatred), Dems don’t have much to unite them. You folks need him to unite and distract from the bad ideas and failures of the current administration.

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        • I’m sure you’ll be disappointed to know that I’m not a Democrat. I’m a liberal thinker, yes, and I agree with the Democratic platform far more than that of the Republican Party, but I am an independent, not registered to any party.


          • Wonderful. There is hope for you still. I don’t question your motives in any case. I think you mean well, as most Democrats who follow you do. The liberal ideology is based too much on narrative and emotion. There is an orthodoxy which must be adhered to as well. It reminds me of 1984 in the way it is enforced. Talk about “control”; there you have it. There is so much more diversity of ideas and criticism of our own on the Right side. I am my own thinker as well and I don’t follow any political orthodoxy, but I can at least be heard and speak out on the Right side.


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