A simple question

Accountability. Responsibility. Truth. Our friend Keith reminds us why we should demand these three things from the people we elect to represent us, and points out that we are being let down in all three areas, particularly by those in the Republican Party. Thank you, Keith, for your wisdom and ability to see beyond the rhetoric, beyond the lies and chaos.


A simple question for elected officials in my old party – the Republican Party. What will you have to defend tomorrow, next week, next month…next year? And, will it be from an old, alleged crime or a new one. I have been asking this question of GOP officials for over four years now. There is always a new or newly discovered Trump alleged crime or some form of deceit that surfaces.

Accountability. Responsibility. Truth. These are words that are lacking these days to define the Republican party. Democrats are not perfect, but they are at least talking and doing something about issues of import. Yes, Dems stretch the truth, but it is not even close to the level of mainstream deceit that is required by the GOP. Seeing Sarah Palin claim election fraud yesterday was as predictable as the nose on my face. I told my wife…

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  3. Jill, many thanks for the reblog. These traits are important for all in service of the public. It is troubling former presidential advisor Steve Bannon was charged today with six counts of fraud for taking money from a charitable trust. If true, this is of great concern. It is not unlike the former president settling a court case for taking about $1.6 million from the Trump Foundation being required to repay the trust before it was terminated and monies distributed to charities. Keith

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