Jolly zzzzzzzzzz Monday!

{yawn}  Oh!  You’re here already!  Hello Monday … you snuck up on me!  OH!!!  And our friends are already here, too?  Pardon me … I just woke up and … I don’t know my own name, let alone whether Jolly ‘n Joyful have everything ready for Jolly Monday!  Let me just go check

Yep, it looks like Joyful has outdone herself today, so let’s head over to the snack table and then Jolly promises us a million laughs (Jolly has no idea how much a million really is, so humour him, ‘k?).

Where to start?  We have so much fun to share this morning … I know!  Let’s start with some funny signs!

And how about a few music puns?

Okay, it’s my turn now, Gwammie!  Hi fwiends!  I gots lots o’ funny cartoons for ya!

An’ I found some funny memes to share!!!

And last but never least, in order to fulfill our promise to start your week on the right foot — with a smile — there must be a cute and/or funny video, yes?

Well, friends, as much as it makes me sad, the time has come for us each to get on about the business of the day.  Thanks to you all for stopping by this morning … it makes us so happy to see you every Monday morn!  Please remember to share those gorgeous smiles with others whose smiles have, for one reason or another, turned upside down!  Keep safe and have a great week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!

30 thoughts on “Jolly zzzzzzzzzz Monday!

  1. Another stellar choice Jill
    In these days of global warming, it’s good to know you can still buy frozen ice.
    The one forbidding horses into the Washroom begs being put up on a MAGA site citing another example of Deep State. I wonder how many would bite?
    The’ baby carrots’ one reminds of the UK woman police officer off duty who encountered a flasher, looked at him said sympathetically ‘Oh dear, I am sorry’ and walked on.

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    • Thanks, Roger! I was impressed by the frozen ice, too! I haven’t had frozen ice in ages! Sometimes Chris brings some home from work in a cup of tea, so I know it still exists! Heh heh … yeah, the maga crowd would probably take that as a challenge to their ‘rights’ and would no doubt try their level best to ‘sneak’ a horse into the bathroom! Oh, I love that response to the flasher! I loved the cartoon, too … and today, I was cutting up baby carrots for chicken-rice soup, and I couldn’t help laughing!

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    • Those were two of my favourites, too! And your wife is exactly right … that’s what I said, too! I fell in love with Dash, but I don’t think our moggies would be very happy to add a tiger to our household! Have a great week, dear Larry!

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  2. Too funny, Jill. The conversation with the older couple in bed is hysterical. As for the knights, the picture comes from a favorite movie of my children. The great line in that scene from “Monty Python” is “It’s just a flesh wound. ” Keith

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    • I just love it when I can help people find a smile or a laugh to start the week off right! Hmmm … I didn’t know where that picture came from … thanks! Hope you have a great week ahead, my friend!


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