Choices and Damage

Only our friend David could make this much humour out of a pair of braces (suspenders)!!! Thank you, David … we all needed this chuckle today!


On Monday this week I Received a parcel from Amazon containing something labelled as Suspenders. For my English speaking friends  The Irish writer George Bernard Shaw once said: ‘England and America are two countries divided by a common language’ Never has a truer word been spoken. I am not as some may believe the type to wear a belt worn by women to keep their nylons in place. What I actually received was a pair of braces. I wear these most of the time now as the shape of my stomach does not allow for the easy positioning of a belt around where I once had a waist.

Most of my braces are by choice, patterned. I have a fine pair covered by pheasants. Pleas note, American friends, my title does not preclude me from using the H in that word.

And so on Tuesday I wore my new braces with…

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17 thoughts on “Choices and Damage

  1. Hey, David. One of “those” days, eh (Expressing my Canadianism!)? A few years ago my weight was approaching 20 stone, so I decided it was time for a change. I “finally” stopped eating like a growing teenager, and am now down to well under 100 kgs.
    My body was such that I never needed suspenders (they stopped being braces at 10 years old!), so I never had a day like you did. But, after bowel surgery many years ago, we (my doctor and I) discovered my body shape was not conducive to wearing a permanent colostomy bag. I did not lose my suspenders, but my bags fell off, and no one, absolutely no one, thought that was funny. Go figure! If I had been wearing suspenders rather than a belt, things would probably have been a lot worse.

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