Choices and Damage

Only our friend David could make this much humour out of a pair of braces (suspenders)!!! Thank you, David … we all needed this chuckle today!


On Monday this week I Received a parcel from Amazon containing something labelled as Suspenders. For my English speaking friends  The Irish writer George Bernard Shaw once said: ‘England and America are two countries divided by a common language’ Never has a truer word been spoken. I am not as some may believe the type to wear a belt worn by women to keep their nylons in place. What I actually received was a pair of braces. I wear these most of the time now as the shape of my stomach does not allow for the easy positioning of a belt around where I once had a waist.

Most of my braces are by choice, patterned. I have a fine pair covered by pheasants. Pleas note, American friends, my title does not preclude me from using the H in that word.

And so on Tuesday I wore my new braces with…

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17 thoughts on “Choices and Damage

    • Oh … Mr. Bean! Is he still around? I remember seeing a few clips several years ago, but it seems most of my UK readers don’t want anything to do with Mr. Bean, including the one who wrote this post about his braces! 😃


  1. Hey, David. One of “those” days, eh (Expressing my Canadianism!)? A few years ago my weight was approaching 20 stone, so I decided it was time for a change. I “finally” stopped eating like a growing teenager, and am now down to well under 100 kgs.
    My body was such that I never needed suspenders (they stopped being braces at 10 years old!), so I never had a day like you did. But, after bowel surgery many years ago, we (my doctor and I) discovered my body shape was not conducive to wearing a permanent colostomy bag. I did not lose my suspenders, but my bags fell off, and no one, absolutely no one, thought that was funny. Go figure! If I had been wearing suspenders rather than a belt, things would probably have been a lot worse.

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