A Dangerous Double Standard

I’d like to ask those who are defending the former guy in everything he’s done, who claim he is above the law, to think about a few things.

  • What if, during the 2012 election season when President Barack Obama was running for re-election, it had been discovered that Obama had attempted to coerce a foreign nation to create a scandal about his opponent, Mitt Romney and threatened to withhold much-needed aid from that country if they did not do so? Would you have shrugged your shoulders and chalked it up to ‘just politics’?
  • What if President Obama had lost his bid for re-election in 2012? Do you think he would have decried the election to have been rigged?  Do you think he would have spent millions of our hard-earned tax dollars in a variety of attempts to de-certify or reverse the results of the election?  And if he did any of that, do you think the people of this nation would still have cheered him on?
  • What if President Obama had brought together thousands of thugs to storm the Capitol on the day the election was to be officially certified, and had called for the assassination of then-Vice-President Biden for doing his job as outlined in the U.S. Constitution? Would the people of this country be saying that he was within his rights to do everything possible, whether legal or not, to stay in the White House?  Would they have applauded his efforts?
  • What if President Obama had, upon leaving the White House with no further recourse open to him, taken with him documents that could very well threaten the security of this nation with regard to other countries who are not our allies, such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, or North Korea? Could you, would anybody, defend him under such circumstances?  Would the Courts be protecting him even in light of his dishonesty?

I think we all know the answer to all of the above questions … If President Obama had done just one of those things, he would almost certainly have been impeached and convicted in the first three instances, and charged within his first year out of office in the fourth.  Heck … remember how much flack President Obama was subjected to for having the unmitigated gall to wear … {GASP} a tan suit to a press conference on August 28, 2014?  Or the time First Lady Michelle Obama was equally ostracized for wearing {GASP again} a sleeveless dress!  And yet, Melania Trump’s nude modeling pictures were all over the internet and not a peep did you hear.  Now, ask yourself this … why is there such a difference between Obama and Trump?  Could it be … is it just possible that the difference in how they were treated, or would have been treated under similar circumstances, stems from something … something irrelevant like, say, skin colour?  Next time you are in a ‘discussion’ with some maga friends, pose these questions to them … watch them stumble and stutter while trying to devise an answer.

If … IF President Obama had done any of the things I mentioned above, such as attempting to blackmail a foreign nation to interfere in our election by providing false information against an opponent, stealing highly classified documents, or inciting an attempted coup, I would be all for charging him, convicting him, and punishing him with prison time, just as I advocate that result for Trump.  But the fact is that no other president in our history has been so brazenly corrupt and endangered the entire nation for his own self-interest, to feed his own ego (not to mention his bank account).  None.  Ever.

People can whine and cry all they want, but Trump must be held accountable for his crimes.  Period.  Two major reasons:

  • As a free ‘man’ who still has a voice and followers in this nation, he is a danger. The threat that he could run again in 2024 and even possibly win, is one that undermines the very principles of democracy in this nation.  His continued ‘voice’ incites and advocates for violence if that is what it takes to return him to the Oval Office.  And violence IS happening as a result. At a Dairy Queen in Pennsylvania, police arrested an armed man who said he was planning to “kill Democrats and liberals.”  And this is just one of many examples.
  • If Trump is not made to pay the price for his perfidy, his crimes, then how can we possibly hold any future president accountable for doing the same? That may well be the scariest part of this scenario, that it will set a precedent that basically says no president can ever be charged with a crime and that he/she is above the law both during their term and after!   Just NO.

There is a double standard in the minds of the maga-cult and it is a dangerous one to the fate of the nation.  I am truly curious to hear how some people would respond to my questions.

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  1. You not right- not right at all. Tha’s wha, it’s not.Y’ jus’ don’ understand that Donald Trump is a glorious leader, the greytus presudent that ever lived. And when the Day of Judgement do come, he will be there fightin’ the gud fight with Lauren Boebert and her guns at his side an’ they will smite.
    Y’didn’t think we could hack inta that British Leftie did ya? Well guided by the words of our Minister Reverend A. Pocrissie and my grandson Mosby Quantrill skills on computers we did so. (He’s a fine boy, right now in our basement lookin’ on the net at the dangerous task of examining pictures of naked women for sublimynal messges put there by Liberal Deep State folk, y’ half to admire his dedication).
    And Bless Vladimir Putin and Steve Bannon (a true martur, even if he does have too fancy hair fer my tastes).
    Y’ll never take us alive…

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  2. I recently read somewhere that part of the reason tRump has been able to escape various and sundry consequences is for the simple fact that he was a POTUS. Seems it simply isn’t kosher to admit that any person who carries (or once carried) that title should be ostracized. Looks bad to the rest of the world, you see.

    I think many of us could care less what the “rest of the world” thinks. He needs to be punished to the same level as anyone else who has carried out the crap that he has.

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    • Yes, I’ve read the same lame excuses. Seems to me, though, that we would be more respected by the rest of the Western world if we owned up to our mistakes and took steps to rectify them by a) holding the guilty parties accountable, and b) putting additional safeguards in place to ensure this never happens again.

      I do care what the rest of the world thinks … no, it isn’t a popularity contest, BUT … the time for isolationism is long gone. Globalism is here to stay and we need to be a team player with our allies. But, as I said, I think we’d be more respected if we did the right thing … better late than never!

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      • Nan, Jill, I have seen those arguments, but shouldn’t we be holding our president to a higher standard, not a lesser one? At a bare minimum, we should at least expect our president to not betray his country and maybe not treat classified material like a People magazine. And, call me crazy, but I do expect the president to act like an adult and tell the truth more than he does not. Keith

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        • Indeed, the President should be held to the very highest standards! And if we don’t do it now, it will set a precedent that will be the destruction of this nation as we know it. I am disgusted by the Courts giving in to Trump … a judge he appointed as insurance for the future is now paying him back with favours that Richard Nixon would NEVER have been granted! We the People deserved better … we still do …

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  3. I don’t argue with the MAGA cult. It’s like arguing with people about religion. They’re true believers & they have no real arguments or anything to say. It’s all based on faith & mythology. There’s absolutely no point whatsoever. & honestly, I’m tired of being angry & depressed about these idiots & trump & the GOP.

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    • I agree … there’s little or no point … but still, I think that if we just shrug our shoulders and stop trying to present facts, to shine a light on right vs wrong, then our capitulation will carry a high price. It may not do any good, but … I still think we need to try.

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      • It’s no capitulation. Far from it. When I was in relationships that were abusive, I wasn’t one of those women who had “learned helplessness”, I wanted to WIN. That was my addiction, it’s still my addiction. It’s the same with arguing politics. I want to WIN. The thing is, winning is an illusion; there is no winning. There’s no prize for best argument; there’s no trophy. There’s nothing at all.

        I learned … the HARD way … that the only way to win is to WALK AWAY. When you are with people who live to argue, who live to knock you down anyway they can, who live to be ASSHOLES, we’re talking domestic violence or politics or religion (& it’s usually the same thing IMHO) , you are never going to win, not by arguing with them. They are NOT going to listen, not EVER, because they don’t consider you a person worth listening to.

        The only way you ever win … is to disengage. Walk away. It isn’t capitulation. It’s actually the best strategy in the world. They can’t argue if there’s no one to argue with. All they can do is preach to the choir.

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        • I agree 100%. They’re vindictive and mean and will always be so. They prey on your decency and willingness to try to be fair or open…doesn’t work. Just get toxic narcissistic mean people out of your life. Period. This goes for real life and blogs. It’s one thing to discuss politely points of view, quite another to try to reason with those who live for the attack and how much hate they can spew out.

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        • Upon thinking about what you say here, I think you may be right. Sometimes, when you know you aren’t being heard, aren’t getting through, the best thing is to walk away. Thanks for making me think a little harder.


  4. What is even MORE abhorrible today is that tRump, MAGA, and all quiet(?), timid, moderate Republicans supporting him and MAGA are so bald-face audacious Double Standards that by repeating them incessantly, like banging a cymbal or gong nonstop, they no longer care if they speak or behave in contradiction or in immoral, corrupt, inequitable terms. That level of dishonor and depravity is beyond ANY level of civil decency.

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  5. Jill, just remember how Obama was vilified for not wearing a flag pin on his lapel. So, I would interpret that to mean it is OK to act with seditious intent as long as you wear a flag pin and hug the flag at CPAC. Keith

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  6. I think we already know how Repugs would answer these very legitimate, fair questions. Everything happening to the Fat Orange Man is a political witch hunt, ostracized by the opposition for doing a “great job”. The Dems just won’t let him alone because they are afraid of his [insert phony false fear here]. Honestly, Jill, I don’t even bother with them anymore; there aren’t enough of them to put him back into power and they’ll NEVER see the light of day.

    We just have to hope that Merrick Garland isn’t the milquetoast he seems to be and sticks to his job and prosecutes this traitor.

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    • I fully agree with all that you say. The only thing is that while there are NOT enough of them to put him back in power … with the voting restrictions that have been and are being passed in the vast majority of states, and given people’s propensity for being apathetic, I do have very real concerns if his name were to be on the ballot in 2024. Better to put that issue to bed sooner than later, I think.

      Like you, I do hope that Merrick Garland is building his arsenal of evidence and plans to pull out all stops … sooner would be good!

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      • That’s why it is SOOOO important that he be indicted and tried for his crimes. Lindsey Graham said if he is indicted for this there will be rioting in the streets. I think that may happen if he is NOT indicted! I certainly hope so.

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        • Agreed on all counts. He MUST be indicted, else no president in the future will be able to be held accountable for the crimes they commit while in office. Can you imagine such a world??? Sigh. I’m tired of the threats of violence by the maga-cult, including Lindsey. We already have enough violence happening throughout the country as incited by the former guy and his minions … so yes, at some point, the left will begin to fight fire with fire. And that, my friend, is not a place I want to live.

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  7. Michelle Obama can, quite contrary to most American women her age, wear a sleeveless dress. Good for her, congratz on her physical appearance. Besides of that it’s nobody’s fuxn bizniz, is it?


    • Hah! The sheer triviality and irrelevance of that comment is… well, speaks volumes to your personal viewpoints of American politics. (SMH) 🤦‍♂️

      Wish you had more to contribute to Jill’s conversations. Can you please try harder?

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      • Indeed, Prof! The point was NOT whether Michelle Obama ‘looks good’ in a sleeveless dress, but rather why such an insignificant and trivial detail should draw criticism upon her and the president. Orca lives in a different culture (South Africa), so perhaps we view things … er, differently.

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        • Hahaha… yeah, VERY differently! But you don’t see me going over to blog’s in South Africa and criticizing them and their government; not ever. Why? Because I did not grow up there and I am not intimately familiar with the culture, its history, and it politics… both present and past.

          Did Orca Flottulence grow up in the United States? 😉 Do you know Jill?

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          • No, she was born and I believe grew up in Germany. I’m not sure how she came to reside in South Africa. Sometimes she can actually be funny and kind, but not when talking about politics in the U.S. or Europe. She is a fan of all things Putin.

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            • No, I’m not a fan of Putin, no mater how often you repeat that opinion. I hate all the suitwearing world leaders but Russia, afterall, is right in the case of the Ukraine conflict that was started and provoked by the west.

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                • Yes, because your criticism is based on ignorance and propaganda and ugh, patriotism. You see Putin as that one singularity you judge a giant country with multiple timezones, multiple climes and even more ethnicities on. Your criticism doesn’t reflect in the real world. And btw, Putin didn’t make many mistakes and committed no atrocities, quite contrary to Obama, Trump and Biden. Also he has a first rate administration, a very professional team.

                  My magical ability to just view things as they are doesn’t make me a Putin fangrrl.

                  Oh, and …

                  “Orca lives in a different culture (South Africa), so perhaps we view things … er, differently.”
                  SA has a mix of European and American lifestyle, I’m decidedly a child of the west, and we saw the Michelle Obama dress affair kinda the same way. I just elaborated on the hate she got for just looking good and that it’s not the reps’ fuxn bizniz. Forgive me my short stint into American provincial politics, it shan’t never happen again.

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                  • ‘And btw, Putin didn’t make many mistakes and committed no atrocities’
                    Well that would make him unique. And somehow I don’t think the folk of Chechnya or swathes of Syria would agree with you. That’s before we get around to usual day to day business of big states.
                    I know we have been over this ground before, but when it comes to the politics of very large states trying to claim one leader is without stain just does not work. The actual evidence is not there. It never is.
                    Now I accept you may be trying to fight the good fight on the behalf of Russia, and have a dislike of the USA; well who doesn’t choose sides? Yes?
                    But, your arguments just are not working in over here on this site.

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                    • “Well that would make him unique.”
                      No, absolutely not. If you follow the news closely, the real news, not just Fox and CNN, you’d know that all the atrocities in Ukraine did happen inside the Donbass republics and were done by Ukro Army, Asov and SBU. And victims were 100% Russo-Ukrainians. Only after the Russkies themselves sent the task force and engaged the Ukrainan army, we saw dead Ukrainian soldiers, caused by Russia.

                      “And somehow I don’t think the folk of Chechnya”
                      You know that the largest portion of allied troops on the ground in Ukraine are Chechens, right?

                      “or swathes of Syria would agree with you.”
                      Swathes of 2 or 3 people?

                      “the politics of very large states trying to claim one leader is without stain just does not work”
                      Of course not. Did I claim anything different? I just said he didn’t commit any atrocities in Ukraine. He sent the task force particularly to stop the fuxn Ukros committing atrocities. Wirks very well so far, despite western media claiming otherwise.

                      “you may be trying to fight the good fight on the behalf of Russia”
                      No. I don’t think they need my help or are particularly fond of one loudmouth German bitch tryinhg to help them.

                      “and have a dislike of the USA§”
                      Not the USA, not per se. Far as I know are most Americans lovely people. I severely dislike their gvt and their stripped down 2 party system, with 2 nearly identical ass-backwards parties fighting each other with the worst lies and childish reasons evarr!

                      “well who doesn’t choose sides? Yes?”
                      No. I don’t choose sides. I never do. America and Russia are probably the last places I’d ever wanna live in, so I have no skin in the game. But the more I analyze the recent situation, and knowing most facts that brought us to this unfortunate point, the more I tend to lean towards Russia.

                      Don’t forget most rational people want a multipolar world, and America and her minions are in the way. That’s where I stand as well. And believe me, as soon as Russia or China seem to develop unipolar antics I’ll drop them off my friendslist. Not that it makes any difference, just saying.

                      “your arguments just are not working in over here on this site.”
                      Yes, I noticed. I mean they do work and get enough attention from Jill to censor most my posts. But, no fear, I marked this site as a lost cause and shall take my hat. Buhbai.

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                    • Hi Orca.
                      Sorry for the delay in replying, my tasks and chores seem to multiply.

                      “Well that would make him unique.”

                      On this point. We have to accept that in the war which has been going on since 2014 in the South East region of geographical Ukraine there are no angels. This is an extension of a complex history between Russians and Ukrainians. However to suggest that Putin is a liberating benign fellow who kept a restraining hand on the Russian Separatists is not something which can truly be supported. We are discussing a person with a history in the KGB, and as is the case with folk with history in the intelligence forces where means justifies the end. Therefore I would no more trust his word than that of Fox News.
                      Then we have to consider the Russian Army tradition of Dedovshchina which brutalises the soldiers who to a higher degree than training in most armies, coupled with that history antipathy between the two peoples. So, no Russia and Putin are not innocent parties in this.

                      “And somehow I don’t think the folk of Chechnya”
                      “You know that the largest portion of allied troops on the ground in Ukraine are Chechens, right?”

                      The folk you are discussing are those loyal to Kadyrov, appointed by Kremlin and something of a warlord, something akin to a Roman legion, not loyal to their homeland, but their leader. There actually Chechens opposed to him who are fighting with the Ukrainian army. Kadyrov and his followers do have charges of Human Rights abuses levelled against them in their homeland. So another questionable person.

                      “or swathes of Syria would agree with you.”
                      “Swathes of 2 or 3 people?”
                      You should address your enquiries to the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) on that subject.

                      “the politics of very large states trying to claim one leader is without stain just does not work”
                      “Of course not. Did I claim anything different? I just said he didn’t commit any atrocities in Ukraine. He sent the task force particularly to stop the fuxn Ukros committing atrocities. “

                      Now aside from use of Fuxn Ukros which suggests something of a bias on your behalf, there is this matter of suggesting that a leader with a hard past (KGB) and been ready to keep opposition from the liberal and moderate folk supressed in his homeland has suddenly had a change of heart when operating in another land. That does not bear examination. We must consider the evidence that large nations (and not so large nations) when frustrated in their military operations will resort to brutal actions. (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan (both sides USSR, USA/UK) for example)

                      “you may be trying to fight the good fight on the behalf of Russia”
                      “No. I don’t think they need my help or are particularly fond of one loudmouth German bitch trying to help them”. – No I won’t buy into the b- word there and…..’

                      By all means support Russia if you will, if you feel that is the way you view the world. I have my own history of being sympathetic or understanding to activities which others would find repellent. However I repeat portraying an invader as blameless of brutality but accuse the defender of these act will not work.

                      “And have a dislike of the USA”
                      I was also referring to the Nation State and not the people. Truth be known having been supportive of the USA and previously it’s state of government and separation of powers I now find myself very disillusioned by the way it has fallen into the lap of something which at best represents one-third of the adult population. My own view is very gloomy for its future, and am saddened that for all its flaws and abuses the experiment may be coming to an end. As has been the case of many a nation or empire. Ironically the only two which seem to be immune down the ages to overall collapse and conquest being Russia and China, which considering the great losses of life sometimes inflicted by the rulers on their own populations is gloomy in itself.
                      “well who doesn’t choose sides? Yes?”
                      I would argue that we do. As you have chosen to support Russia. I currently support The Ukraine on the simple basis that Russia and Putin who was a shrewd operator could have brought Ukraine back into the fold with soft power and a ‘You can’t trust those folk in the West. Look we’ve all made mistakes, but us in the East have to stick together. Now hear me out……’
                      But no, he blew it. And a lot of Russian soldiers have paid for that. And a country no worse than others is a battlefield. I can see why it happened. But like Vietnam for example, it could have been avoided.

                      “Don’t forget most rational people want a multipolar world”
                      Yes that would be the case. However ‘rational’ is not always something which fits into The Human matrix. No nation, community or group comes away from History with cleans hands (with the possible exception of aboriginal folk who have to deal with the environment). And again, sadly within the scope of International Relations the ‘Realist Theories’ seem to hold sway; that there is always tension between nations and communities because they want things their own way. Some will blame Religion or Politics or Economics for strife, I believe it is People who are the problem, and those three mentioned are not reasons, just excuses.

                      “Yes, I noticed. I mean they do work and get enough attention”
                      Now I have to admit by going onto a few FaceBook pages or posts with the sole intention of causing a controversy, so cannot be critical for you on that score. The questions we have to ask ourselves on why we do that would be:
                      Am I doing this to support others is this debate.
                      Am I doing this to try and change people’s minds
                      Am I doing this just to annoy folk who annoy me (Or as the British saying goes…..’This’ll get ‘em going’
                      I have approached with the intention of all three at some time or other.

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                    • “the bombed out buildings, the dead bodies in the street, and more in Ukraine.”

                      Grrr. Really now. How many more times must you been told that all these photos and videos showing damage done in the Donbass republics, by Ukrainian forces? Don’t you read any statements, don’t you get any news of any kind? It’s Russia’s declared goal to drive the nazis out of Donbass and save the population from shelling, while keeping damage to proper Ukraine to an absolute minimum.

                      Didn’t you even get the fact that Russia and her allies haven’t left the Donbass area by now?

                      Come on, you know it as good as I and the rest of the world and military intelligence. You only need to look in Google Earth or Google Maps and you’ll see that all the battles and shelled places are in the fukn Donbass! But you don’t wanna know it. Because it doesn’t fit your image of the goody-two-shoes America you so desperately wanna believe in. Right?

                      Did you at least look up the Nuland/Kagan clan and read all the papers and their evil plans? They were working on exactly this scenario since a very loooooong time. I advice you to do so before spreading further lies. I slowly get the feeling you might not be a patriot but a … nationalist. 😦


                    • Enough, Orca.

                      You telling me that everything every news agency is reporting is false, doesn’t make you right and everyone else wrong. Sorry, but you’re not there, whereas the news agencies and reporters ARE. I am not some gullible, simpering little fool who believes everything she sees, BUT … where there are hundreds of reliable sources reporting the same thing, then yeah, I believe them over you.

                      I really don’t appreciate the disrespect you show me when you tell me what I “know” or how ignorant you think I am. It adds nothing to the conversation. You know well enough by now that I don’t applaud the U.S. for much these days, that I do not think of this nation as “goody-two-shoes” at all, and yet you accuse me of that. We can have conversations, meaningful dialog here, but not if your only purpose is to keep claiming that I am an idiot while you and only you know the truth. Truth is, many Ukrainian citizens have been killed, have lost their homes, have lost loved ones. Those bombed out buildings are real, Orca … and they are the lives of people. Have a little empathy, a little compassion. And as far as I’m concerned, if all you want to do is put me down, this conversation is ended.

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                    • 👏🏻 Hear hear Jill! Very well stated AND diplomatic… when you had every right to rip her a new rectum. But you refrained. I applaud you Ma’am. 🙂

                      I honestly think that O.F. is on a mission to get banned from your blog. She seems to have no interest at all in meaningful equitable dialogue, only to needlessly shout and bang her own propaganda cymbal 🕬 in everyone’s face and ear. I would’ve blocked her out a long time ago, but you Madame are demonstrating impeccable patience. Well done on you Jill! Well done. ❣️

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                    • Thanks, Prof! If I had responded to her when I first saw the comment just as I was heading to bed around 4:00 a.m., I would not have been able to be as calm and diplomatic, but time has a way of making me think that “one can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” as my mum used to say. I do try to remember that civil discourse is more useful to making a point than ranting. Sigh. Sometimes I actually manage it, other times not so much.

                      I do moderate Orca’s comments (as well as Seek-the-truth’s) and have not approved a few that were downright disrespectful to other readers, but in this case, she was only attacking me, and … I’ve got a thick skin … I can take it. Thanks again, dear Prof! ❤

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                    • “everything every news agency is reporting is false,”
                      Everthing every Western news agency is reporting. So again a small minority of highly biased and corrupt propaganda outlets. When you look at the corporate owners you see why they are doing what they are doing.

                      “you’re not there, whereas the news agencies and reporters ARE”
                      No, I’m not there … and neither are you. And hardly any news reporters. Trusting the few guys on the ground, not the narrative “Hofberichterstatter”, a term so good and medieval there is no English translation for it. It means more or less paid propagandists for the king, you know.And that is exactly the phenomenon we see in western media since ages. I rather trust Gonzalo Lira, wo lives in Kharkov center, was already detained be the SBU and can hear the grenades and air raid sirens from his apartment. He has nothing but praise for the Russians. And so does Patrick Lancaster.
                      The few western journos were surprised about the realities on the ground when they visited the Donbass part of Ukraine: There is a video of a French TV reporter, she was expecting to find angry and afraid people conquered by evil Russia. What she found instead were excited, happy people, who could hardly wait for the liberation BY the Russian army. Who were happy that now, with Russian help, they could rebuild their homes and their lives.

                      “I am not some gullible, simpering little fool who believes everything she sees, BUT … where there are hundreds of reliable sources reporting the same thing, then yeah, I believe them over you.”
                      See? Exactly that. You just think that hundreds of western media outlets are correct. You refuse to see that they are often just repeating what the pentagon or any military press offices are telling them. Often word for word, without adding anything of their own. You know there are fortunately no NATO troops on the ground in Ukraine, Donbass militias, Chechen army and Russian army are. A bit more reliable than the western rumour mill.
                      Sorry to say, if you believe in them you are in fact a bit gullible.

                      “I really don’t appreciate the disrespect you show me”
                      I really don’t have time for elegant and eloquent rhetorics. Also I’m just not capable, and as a German I don’t even want to appear very polite. I’m here to state my points, not to make friends. If I was as thin skinned as you, I’d complain about Prof and some other lickspittles’ stupid as hominems. Sorry, not interested in that primitive side of the discussion. No feely touchy here.

                      “your only purpose is to keep claiming that I am an idiot while you and only you know the truth. ”
                      That’s neither my purpose nor do I know the complete truth. Only a very few people know, most of them dead by now. Please stop being so radical and dramatic. I never claimed that you’re an idiot. Do I believe that you are biased? Yes, you prove it with every post. :/

                      “Truth is, many Ukrainian citizens have been killed, have lost their homes, have lost loved ones. Those bombed out buildings are real, Orca”
                      Yes, I know, that’s why I am here! Please, please, I beg you, go to Google Earth or Google Maps (I usually would never ever ask anyone to use evil Google services but I’ll allow this exception) and find all the names of the contested areas. You’ll see they are all in the East, in Donbass area. All the bombed houses and installations are real, yes. Bombed and shelled by Ukrainian army, with NATO weaponry, on orders from Nuland/Kagan influenced Pentagon. Those Ukrainian citizens are Ukrainians of Russian origin, trying to survive against American will. That is why we have that civil war going ever since the Maidan coupe d’etat.

                      “Have a little empathy, a little compassion.”
                      That I do have. So much so I keep on coming back here. Even though I get the feeling I’m talking to a brick wall. Not just you, many of your readers, too. It would be highly frustrating but luckily I can’t be bothered.

                      “And as far as I’m concerned, if all you want to do is put me down, this conversation is ended.”
                      What a nonsense sentence, dear. I’m not at all interested in you or any other obscure names on the internet. Why would I try to put you down? Not a teenager anymore. And even back then I was all about political dispute, not the persons behind it. I’m not playing social games, in fact is blogging pretty much the only social activity I do. And in your blog my sole interest is the amount of cynical shitposts by your readers.

                      You are at least genuinely concerned, which can’t be said about the likes of Prof, Rawgod and Brosephus and other little know-it-all punks. They post like a bunch of 13 y/olds.


          • No, I was born n raised n educated in Germany, retired at age 33 and moved to South Africa. Right now more happy than ever before about this decision. We’ll survive the coming summer, which is gonna be a cold cold winter in Germany.

            And why don’t you criticize South Africa? Because you don’t live here? Bad reason. And oh so stupid. When a country negatively and selfishly impacts global politics it’s everybody’s duty to criticize them. As it so happens is South Africa neither willing nor capable to inflict anything on a global scale but known and respected internationally for its goofy friendlyness. A lot of shit is going on here as well but it’s rather boring and not of any concern for my readers. And, as I said, completely inconsequential.

            What US/NATO and Russia are doing in Ukraine affects us all. Very negatively. So I researched the topic, closely following it since 1991, and ultimately formed an opinion about it.

            “Orca Flottulence”
            Really, Prof, really?

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            • Now now O.F., you are once again getting to worked up and sensitive. 😉

              And why don’t you criticize South Africa? Because you don’t live here? Bad reason. And oh so stupid.

              Why not criticize S.A. or any other people and their nation? Simple! I don’t open my mouth about subjects I have insufficient facts on and present and/or historical context about. That would be like me speaking on the Nguni tribes (of S.A.) and why they’ve allowed European immigration (invasion?) of their lands. Ridiculous! I’d appear like a complete dunce, out of tune with the realities of modern-day South Africa’s sociopolitical problems, or unheard successes, whichever the case may be.

              Therefore, on the contrary O.F., opening up one’s mouth and spewing out junk that isn’t relevant, constructive, or contextually factual to the geopolitical climate of the area is in fact “bad reasoning,” foot-in-the-mouth all the time… and indeed “oh so stupid.” 😉

              Orca Flottulence? Where’s your sense-of-humor O.F.!? Come on, toughen up that skin of yours! Joke back with me. Don’t be so serious all the time. 🙃

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              • “I’d appear like a complete dunce, out of tune with the realities of modern-day South Africa’s sociopolitical problems, or unheard successes, whichever the case may be.”
                Same reason why I don’t comment on any of Jill’s internal posts. Easy as that.

                “opening up one’s mouth and spewing out junk that isn’t relevant, constructive, or contextually factual to the geopolitical climate of the area is in fact “bad reasoning,””
                Logic, man!Learn to differntiate. Geopolitics is a field I’m very much involved in and informed about. And I suffer teh consequences of the combined West’s idiotic policies. That’s why I open my mouth on that topic. That doesn’t touch your small American internal stuff the least little bit.

                But geopolitically I think all nations of the earth should rally behind Russia and support Russia’s fight against the US-fueled attacks. Fortunately most nations and countries are doing exactly that. That’s all I said since months. And it’s time for you to finally realize that your beloved America and its steadily shrinking western bubble is on the wrong tracks again.

                Once and for all: You are not the good guys!

                “Where’s your sense-of-humor O.F.!? ”
                You just killed it. I can’t understand how one can keep a sense of humour while you happily sacrifice up to a 1000 Ukrainian men on Donbass battle grounds each and every day. For nothing. 😦

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      • “Hah! The sheer triviality and irrelevance of that comment”

        … was a direct reaction to the triviality of the reps, as mentioned by Jill. Why don’t I see you complaining to her or the rep party for bringing up such trivial shit in her blog?

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        • Why don’t I see you complaining to her or the rep party for bringing up such trivial shit in her blog?

          Because it just so happens that Jill and I agree on about 95%–98% of her blog topics. It is what it is O.F. 🤷‍♂️

          On the other side of that coin, if Jill wrote/blogged about relationships, intimate personal feelings and thoughts (more often?), romance and the Dark Arts, then I’m quite sure there’d be some points we definitely disagreed on. Not that this area is of particular interest to her on HER blog, but it is indeed on my blog… more so my private blog on the Alternative Lifestyles. Yet, these differences we’d share are a matter of personal choices, background, and paths-chosen throughout life. On that, we’re all remarkably, beautifully unique. However, BOTH lifestyles offer much for every person’s palette. 🙂

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          • “Because it just so happens that Jill and I agree on about 95%–98% of her blog topics. It is what it is O.F. 🤷‍♂️”
            You make less and less sense now, you know that? Jill brought up Michelle’s dress (you agree with her 95%-98%), I elaborate on the topic (you find it trivial). Make up your fuxn mind and stop the shit.


              • Agreed. It’s time to end this discussion since it has devolved into name-calling and such. Sorry, Prof! I cannot apologize for Orca, for that would be for her to do, but I am sorry it got to this point. I should have withheld her last comment, but have been overwhelmed with numerous lengthy comment threads and this one slipped through. Mea culpa.

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          • Ha ha … you’re so right, Prof! I don’t read romance novels and am not into touchy-feely type posts, though on occasion I do a post about some personal event of thoughts. Mostly, though, this is a socio-political blog with occasional timeouts for humour or ‘good people’ posts! This is how I vent my angst to keep from imploding! 🤯

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            • And that’s a great balance and works well for you Jill.

              Meanwhile, I’ve had to be the mature one with Orca Flatterself 😉 and ignore her senseless hyper-sensitivity and eventual immaturity—which digressed to cussing me. 😄 But in my 30-yr high school, Select League (teen years), collegiate, pro, and semi-pro soccer/Futebol/Fußball career… I’ve heard everything under the Sun & Moon as far as heckling, name-calling, and super nasty fans of the opponents teams. Sometimes Jill, their hate and words literally made me laugh because I’d give credit 👍🏻 to those heckles and nasty-phrases which were pretty creative as well as hilarious. 😉 So O.F.’s immaturity and tantrums don’t effect me one bit. In fact, if she met me in person she’d likely fall in love with me. 😈

              However, it is YOUR blog and you certainly moderate it you see fit Ma’am. ❤️

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      • “Wish you had more to contribute to Jill’s conversations.”
        Oh, I contribute a lot, and i much more important questions than Michelle’s dress.

        “Can you please try harder?”
        Can you please be a bit less mean and ill-willed?

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        • Oh, I contribute a lot, and i much more important questions…

          Well, that is a matter of opinion isn’t it O.F. 😉

          Can you please be a bit less mean and ill-willed?

          Eh, maybe. If we both do this, will you agree to be less sensitive and thin-skinned when your personal opinions don’t matchup with American reality? That’s fair, yes? 😁

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          • “Well, that is a matter of opinion isn’t it O.F. 😉”
            No. You brought it up as trivial and I agreed with you. And now it’s suddenly a matter of opinion?

            “If we both do this”
            Why both? You are the ahole in this scenario, so I asked you to stop it.

            “will you agree to be less sensitive and thin-skinned”
            Which I’m not. I’m, discussing rather cool and without any intentions here.

            “when your personal opinions don’t matchup with American reality?”
            American reality? Please elaborate on that strange concept for I’ve never known there are multiple realities involved here. But you may be right, I sometimes have this creepy feeling that Americans exist in a different dimension from the rest of us.

            “That’s fair, yes? 😁”
            No. I am as fair as it gets already, while you seem to lose contact with reality with each and every of your posts. You’re turning a political discourse into a trollfest. Incl ad hominems and all that nonsensical shit. Spare yourself the embarrassment and try to find your way back into the realm of human logic.


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  8. Any MAGAt Repughs who read this will not have the intelligence to understand the meaning of “double standard.” Nothing Trump does is illegal. EVERYTHING OBAMA DID WAS II.LEGAL. what’s the problem? Obama was villified not only for being Black, but mainly for being a Democrat. And for being a decent man!
    If only Repughs could read critically!

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    • “a decent man!”

      The amount of bombs he’s thrown on other countries shows us a totally different image. It hurts me to say but compared to Obama the yellow man appears like a saint, an angel of peace.

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        • Why believe? I know the facts and cold numbers, that’s all. I stopped believing in anything American looong time ago.
          BTW, what’s a narc? The drug police or sumfink? And who’s you all?


          • Facts, Orca??? Y’know … I often say that those who don’t live in this country have a better understanding of what goes on here, for we are sometimes too close to the situation to see clearly. But in your case? I think perhaps your source of ‘facts’ may not be reliable.

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            • Oh, my sources are plenty, and indeed of varying reliabaility. So I mostly use them for some of my twitter bombs, not so much in serious discussions. However, in general I can substantiate my posts, while I asked you repeatedly to come up with facts to the contrary and you didn’t deliver at all.

              Just read Putin’s 2007 speech at the Munich security conference and the case should be clear for everybody with a brain.

              And then his 2009 speech at Davos.

              That’s a good starting point for your path to enlightenment.

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          • Jill’s readers. Understand “narc” however you choose. I’ve read your “facts,” they seem twisted to me. I am not American, I have no great love for America, just for those Americans who want to build better lives for everyone. You choose the negative. I live for the positive.

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            • However I choose? What useless gibberish is that? I didn’t choose to understand narc at all and you’re obviously not willing to substantiate on its meaning, so can we agree to leave out that unfortunate part of the convo?

              My fac ts are twisted? Don’t you read the news, weren’t you alive in 2009, didn’t you follow all the shit America did since 1918, or at least since 1941? Yes, the facts are twisted, created by a twisted nation, and yet we have to live with them.

              You think the Russians choose lightly to leave the West behind? You think they invested billions into Nordstream 1 and 2 because they didn’t like to do business with the West?

              Anyway, I guess there’s no talking sense into you, we just gotta wait it out until history shows how wrong the west was. In the end there will be 3 winners: Russia, China and the American military industrial complex. Not America, not the American people, just the WH and the industrialists.

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              • And I didn’t choose the negative side, just the realistic side, the necessary side, the side that will ultimately win. And that side is the Global East. I find that positively enough.

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                • Won’t we? Ya, I know my English is low standard and too straightforward and I can’t compete with your eloquence but all in all aren’t we conversing in the same basic language? So my conclusion is that you just shut down in order to protect yourself and so you don’t have to face opposition and different opinions.
                  Where I come from that’s considered poor form. 😦

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    • Don’t you sometimes wonder just how much crazier they would be if something were to happen to President Biden that left Kamala Harris as President? They would be stuck with a BLACK WOMAN … their very worst nightmare!!! Perhaps if they thought about that for a minute, they would treat the Prez with a bit more respect? Nah, what am I thinking???

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      • They’d have her assassinated in record time. And this one I am not joking about.
        I feel sorry for America, Jill, and I do hope I am wrong, but I see another civil war coming your way, and it won’t end until the losing side is decimated.
        The war will probably not be fought by armies, but rather by terrorist cells against normal citizens. Something underhanded like that. Repughs won’t give up until they are all dead. Unless, and I hope this happens soon, the head of the snake is thrown in jail for life, or faces a charge of treason — he was the head of the military on Jan. 6th — and he is punished in accordance with military law.

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        • A frightening prospect, but yeah, that’s what I think, too. In fact, I would not be at all surprised to find that they already have that plan drawn up in great detail. And if, as they are hoping, Kevin McCarthy will be Speaker of the House come January, then he would be next in the line of succession after Kamala.

          I wouldn’t call what is likely coming a Civil War, for as you say, it won’t be fought with armies, there will be no geographical lines of demarcation, but with the rise in violence, some days it feels as if there is a war on … a social war, a cultural war, one where the motto of at least one side is to “take no prisoners”. Cutting off the head of the snake is necessary, but I also fear it will lead to an escalation of violence. Sigh.

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          • How about “politico-religious war”? The evangelicals seem to be willing to die to force their beliefs on others. Meanwhile, Repugh politicians will be sitting safe in their fortress mansions, too scared to venture out in public where something nasty could happen to them.They are cowards!

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          • I don’t think anyone knows exactly how it will play out however I do know that Americans are armed to the teeth and not the good ones. The religious-wrong doesn’t have the people or the dedication to incite a violent war, I don’t believe. If they suggested it I think they would lose a lot of their constituency and whatever little moral credibility they have left however the MAGA-inspired white supremacists have plenty of guns and have demonstrated their predilection for violence and their obsession that America “has been taken from them.” these are the goons i worry about.

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            • You are so very right about that. There is a reason that some fight so hard against even the mildest gun laws, and the reason has nothing whatsoever to do with protecting themselves from a home invasion, as they would claim. I’m not so sure I agree, though, about the religious-wrong not having the manpower or dedication to incite a violent war. They seem to be emboldened these days in ways I haven’t ever seen before, and they are convinced that they were meant to be the masters of the universe, that they are only doing “god’s will”. And then yes, there are the white supremacists and neo-Nazi groups who believe in domination and are quite content to go on a murderous spree to accomplish their goals. Sigh.


              • Every time a Dem has been elected to the White House the gun lobby/GOP goes on their “they’re coming to take your guns” BS spree. So far, not one gun has been collected by the nefarious liberals.

                Religion is a declining influence in the US right now, has been for years and many of the religious sector are hardly so dedicated as to collaborate in violence. I think violence would separate the true believers from the faint-hearted doubters. Keep in mind that the Fat Orange Man has already bankrupted one social platform “From the Desk of Donal Trump” and is well on the way to bankrupting another, “Truth Social”. While they are still the mindless minions that cling to his lying BS, many people have already wised up and – I believe – we will see this in the polls in November as long as the left shows up. Many on the right will not since the F.O.M will not be on the ballot and the crazies on the right have demonstrated that they are in much smaller numbers than they originally belived on January 6th. Many have folded like a cheap suit and are looking at jail terms. I don’t see them sticking their heads up again unless they feel really bold and confident of their success. Little chance of that.

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                • You’re right … there has never been any attempt to take people’s guns … merely to ensure that they are in the hands of people who a) know how to use them, and b) will not use them indiscriminately, who do not have a history of violence. But, it makes for good rhetoric for the Republicans, it riles the gun-lovin’ masses.

                  And yes, religious influence is and has long been on the decline … thankfully! But, I think that is in part what drives the evangelical movement … just like the white supremacists, they are afraid … afraid of becoming a minority, of not being “in control” of what happens. Of having a diminished voice. I hope you’re right in your view that we will see them lose their voices and stop rearing their ugly heads, but … I’m not so sure. There are plenty to keep them riled, to keep stoking the fires and pouring more fuel on them. Sigh.


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