Saturday Surprise — Carousel of Happiness!

Last night I was wracking my poor brain trying to come up with something fun & unique for Saturday Surprise.  My mood wasn’t really well-suited for the task at hand, for the news of the past week had left my angry and more than a little grumpy.  Just as I was about to give up, something drew my attention.  It’s a story of healing, of giving, of … well, just take a look for yourself.  It brought a smile to my tired old face and I think it will do the same for you!

Have a fun and happy weekend, dear friends!

15 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — Carousel of Happiness!

    • HAH!!! Almost impossible to stay away from the news, but … I DID go out to the bookstore and the Fresh Market this afternoon with the girls, and even bought a fiction book … a nice mystery by Linwood Barclay … and I took some extra “me-time” this afternoon to read about 100 pages just for pleasure! It was lovely, but that’s why I’m behind tonight 🤭


  1. Jill, just “wow!” I loved the shot of the older couple holding hands, but when I got to the Koala bear story, I was teary eyed. What a beautiful story that was borne from a sister’s gesture to send a music box to her soldier brother. Thanks, Keith

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  2. Love it, Jill. Wish I could change the news for you but —. Take a breath, sit down for awhile, listen to a little bit of Bach, another deep breath and let it out. c’mon now, let it out! You’re turning blue! LET THAT BREATH OUT!!! good! Now, don’t you feel a little bit foolish for following advice from a crazy woman?

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