LET’S ALL MAKE SURE WE PROTECT DEMOCRACY ON NOVEMBER 8TH (My attempt to create a helpful candidates guide)

Our friend Annie over at AnnieAsksYou has gone way above and beyond in her latest post that summarizes the mid-term election candidates for the most relevant and/or contentious races. Bookmark this post, for you may want to refer to it more than once in the next 51 days! Annie — I cannot imagine how many hours you put into the research for this post … I applaud your efforts and THANK YOU for all this valuable information!


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With the completion of the primaries on September 13 and the midterm elections less than two months away, it’s time to zero in on particular candidates who have been targeted by the Republicans, and/or those I feel are especially worthy of your votes, active support, and any dollars you can spare. My goal has been to cover as many of the key races as I can.

Wherever possible, I’ve linked to substantive information about the candidates. If you want to donate–and even a few dollars are helpful–many of them are linked to ActBlue.

This is a companion piece to my previous post, How to Be a Part of the Solution, which contains organizations working to protect democracy that can also use your support.

In view of rising reports of vote suppression campaigns already under way, please check your own situation soon—to make sure…

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35 thoughts on “LET’S ALL MAKE SURE WE PROTECT DEMOCRACY ON NOVEMBER 8TH (My attempt to create a helpful candidates guide)

  1. Message for American who don’t think there’s any need to worry, and why bother to vote it will all sort itself out.
    If you don’t vote on the 8th November, there will be a lot to worry about and it will sort itself out. You will be expected to attend Church, you will be expected to accept your wife, daughter, sister and cousins will lose the right to decide their own futures, you will have to distance yourself from your gay friends and relatives, you have to distance yourself from folk who are not white or go to Church and you will have to be careful what you say at home because your children will be taught to tell someone what you are saying. And you will be expected to donate to those smiling callers at your door, to build churches and support Republican politicians. And in Southern States, learn to understand how The Civil War, really happened
    You don’t get to opt out of the Red Way.
    Vote Blue, if you want your own future.

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  2. Thanks Jill. My daughter usually has all the info about all candidates but this year she won’t even mention a politician or anything about the election! I hate to see her this way. She told me she will definitely vote but the excitement is gone!

    Have to admit I am sick of it all as well. Candidates from every state in the Union fill my inbox with money requests, some sounding almost like threats to the point that most days I don’t even open it. And to top it off, my old friend , MS is hitting me with a vengeance. Forget the lousy politics and search for cures to MS, cancer, and all the other health problems we fight on a daily basis!

    Sorry! Just a really bad day today. Shouldn’t have opened the email this time.

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    • Very understandable, all things considered, but instead of being defeatist, instead of losing the energy and enthusiasm, I wish people in Kentucky would step back, look at what they’ve had, and then look at their other options. How I would LOVE to see Charles Booker beat Rand Paul! Paul is a despicable creature!

      Oh yes … I can relate. I get over 300 spam emails per day (I have an excellent Spam filter) and a number of blocked calls every day as well. I will be so glad when election day has passed. But meanwhile, I’m hoping that people who CAN afford it are giving to the better candidates and helping them. They should be soliciting the wealthy, not people like you and I who need every penny we get just to stay alive! I’m so sorry the MS is worst … do you think perhaps it’s the stress of the recent move and not being fully settled yet?

      Take care, my friend, and always feel free to vent a bit if you need to, or just to talk if you need to. You’ve been through so much and my heart goes out to you. Stay strong! Many people love you!


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