Jolly Monday — Some Fun For Everyone!

Monday again, eh?

Well, at least there’s a bright spot in that we get to spend time with you, our friends, and share a few laughs to start out yet another week.  How was your weekend?  Do anything special and fun?  Me?  Not really … I did have a rare outing to our local Barnes & Noble and Fresh Market on Saturday, but after 3 hours out, I was exhausted … which is why outings for me are rare these days.  Still, it was nice and I got a new book that I’ve nearly finished already!  Well, Joyful wouldn’t let me in the kitchen, said she was cooking up a surprise, so let’s go see what special treats she has for us and then we’ll find some chuckles …

I twied to be cweative with da food today … I hope you likes it!

We found some cute pictures to start the morning with an “Awwwwww …”

I have this one posted on the front of our refrigerator … just in case we forget (fat chance!!!) …

Are you ready for some cartoon fun?  I think Jolly has a good selection this week …

I do, Gwammie … I found LOTS dis week!

And I always enjoy learning something new, so here are a few fun facts that I found interesting …

Needless to say, we cannot let you leave without sharing a cute critter video, right?  I particularly love this one because in addition to being cute, these critter show us just how little our differences really matter …

Well, my friends, I’m sad to say it’s that time again … time to head out into the world and do our thing, so to speak.  I hope you all have a very wonderful week … remember that autumn officially begins this week and that Hallowe’en is only about 6 weeks away!  Ghosts and goblins and witches … OH NO!!!  😱  Keep safe, have a good week, and remember to share those beautiful smiles I see peeking out!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!

56 thoughts on “Jolly Monday — Some Fun For Everyone!

    • Heh heh … I always try to start the week out with fun and smiles, for the rest of the week I seem to bring about nothing but angst! 😉 Having spent part of my youth in San Francisco, I was aware of the Alcatraz escape, for it was the stuff legends are made of! Alcatraz shut down the next year (1963) and many believed it was because of this escape, though authorities denied it, saying the decision had been made ‘long before’ due to cost issues.


  1. I salute that book reading Jill, usually takes me a month…or so.
    That Hitman business…y’see that’s an example of Capitalism gone mad, too much sub-contracting.
    Loved the polar bear cartoon, somehow it all tied in with the 47 slices of pizza.
    And finally..

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    • I used to be such an avid reader that I would finish 2 or 3 books in a week, but now ??? I blog. I also used to knit, crochet, sew, create new recipes … but now, I blog. Ah well … I do enjoy what I do, but I’m gonna make a concerted effort to spend more time reading!

      You’re so right about the hitman thing … I hadn’t thought about it in terms of capitalism run amok, but you’re exactly right! I’m so glad you found something to smile about here this morning! That’s always my only goal on Monday morning … to bring smiles! 😊

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