GOP Cruelty Pleases Their Constituents

“Divide et impera” … Julius Caesar, circa a long time ago. In English, it is “Divide and conquer”. Control. A disunited people are far less likely to rise up and oppose a dictator or other authoritarian. Keep them hatin’. Our friend Jeff is angry and so am I …

On The Fence Voters

I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it. As it is presently constituted, the GOP represents a small minority of people in this country who think being cruel to people is a virtue.

We all know about the disgraced former president. We’ve seen the hatred he spewed as president and now as a private citizen. He is the standard-bearer for this type of behavior. He’s got a group in Congress who continue to support him no matter what. And, if he’s indicted, we know that support would continue. Many of those same GOP politicians mirror the personality of their dear leader, who relishes every chance he gets to insult and lie with impunity.

And they wouldn’t do it were it not for millions of people in this country who love every minute of it. And they do not cross the former president because they know the death threats and intimidation…

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  2. My comment I left over on Brookingslib blog-post…

    As I’ve commented on several WordPress blogs and said in-person to whomever here in central Texas brings up our ‘ southern border and immigrant problem’…

    “Then we might as well tear down Lady Liberty in NY Harbor because NOTHING she stands-for or symbolizes is even remotely accurate of today’s United States!”

    And dear Mary Plumbago, above/below(?), beat me to the punch-bowl regarding PBS’s Ken Burns series airing now, “ The U.S. and the Holocaust,” that even as Americans were finding out the very true horrors happening in Nazi-occupied Poland by advancing Red Army forces, then Allied forces in southern Germany, and reporting it back, up the chain of command, then finally the Western Press was notified… many/most Americans even then did not want Jewish refugees entering our borders! 😧 Appalling then, appalling now! There’s no difference. Period. With today’s extreme polarizing, vitriol politics from the Right and Far-Right, I am currently ashamed to admit to foreigners that I am an American. Never in my 60-yr life did I ever think that I’d feel that way. Never!

    Thanks for mentioning the Ken Burn’s series Mary. I thought of the same thing as I was reading Brookingslib’s post too. It is an outstanding series, as almost ALL of Ken Burn’s productions are.

    Thank you Jill for reblogging it. It’s an excellent post! 👏🏻

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